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Something To Take Her Mind Off Things  Closed 

As Aleksi made her way into the study room she had things on her mind. She had home on her mind. Because of this homesickness she wasn't her usual, cheerful and friendly self. She never really had any coping skills to deal with this type of feeling, as she had never been far away from home for long periods of time before. So naturally she turned to books, as any good Ravenclaw student would.

The books she had actually weren't about magic, for once in her time at Hogwarts. Instead, the books were graphic novels. Well, they were the graphic novel edition of a webcomic. A webcomic about four kids and a video game that goes awry. Four kids who create a new universe. Yes, she was reading that filth.

Anyway, Aleksi finds a table to sit at and continues to read. She didn't worry about if she sat next to anybody, or if anybody was going to sit next to her. Even if somebody did sit next to her, she probably wouldn't notice them at this point unless they spoke to her, or unless she just so happened to have looked up. Aleksi becomes consumed by the story, and every so often she giggled at the jokes. It seemed like she felt a bit better.


Something To Take Her Mind Off Things  Closed 

The girl came again calmly with more books to study, wrapping herself on the table and taking a deep breath while taking one of the books and reading

Something To Take Her Mind Off Things  Closed 

Kaylee stretched and looked at her finished homework. She looked at the clock and realized she had 23 minutes and 48 seconds to spare. She heard a small giggle behind her. That’s like the fifth time. Kaylee opened her mouth and turned around to say something snarky to the girl, about how this was the STUDY center, not the laugh fest, when the book she was reading caught her eye. It had colorful, unmoving pictures with weirdly spaced words and decorations. Kaylee’s curiosity got the best of her and she shuffled beside the girl. Graphic Novel. Kaylee recognized the formatting from her studies of Muggle literature. Not saying this was anything Muggle, of course. There were a few characters on the page, mixed in with a bit of action. Kaylee read the words to herself, getting more anxious by the minute of the girl was going to turn around. She urged the girl to turn the pages faster, for she was trained to be a fast reader. Kaylee cleared her throat.
“What are you reading? I’ve never seen a book like that, and I came over to see, and I have to say it is quite interesting to read”, Kaylee said.

Today is Yesterday’s Tomorrow