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The Reunion  Closed 

Lisabetta had been wondering the halls of Hogwarts trying to find a quite place to study. Her dormitory was too cramped and the Gryffindor Common Room always had something crazy and loud going on, making studying almost impossible. Not to mention people in Gryffindor were always so outgoing and in your face. Lisabetta frowned when she realized that "people in Gryffindor" now included her as well. She was definitely not like the typical Gryffindor, being more soft spoken and booky, she probably would have done better in Ravenclaw to be honest, so why was she sorted into her house? She had wanted, desperately, to follow in her families footsteps and Slytherin, but that, obviously, was not the place for her either. 

She had passed by a doorway leading into a small room with the word Study Room engraved in the door. She peaked her head inside to see that it was completely deserted and smiled, exactly what she was looking for. She walked in, choosing one of the random wooden tables to place her books and bag filled with parchment, quill, ink, and other school like supplies. She looked around herself to make sure she was truly alone before sighing heavily and putting her head on the table. Why had this happened? Why hadn't she been placed in the same house as the rest of her family? Why did she have to, always, be so different from them when all they wanted from her was to be just like the rest of them? Lisabetta wanted, nothing more, than to make her family proud of her. Her parents hadn't sent a single owl to her after she had been sorted into Gryffindor, and Lisabetta was hoping that they had just been pulled away to take care of some political issues, but she knew, deep down, that they were probably just trying to come up with an explanation as to why this had happened. 

Lisabetta knew why, because she wasn't like them. She didn't want to just be a pretty face, who married well and gave birth to perfect little royal children, she actually wanted to get out of that bubble and explore this amazing world around her. She opened her copy of The Dark Forces: A Guide to Self-Protection and started to skim through it. For some reason Defense Against the Dark Arts was her most difficult class and she needed that to change. If she was ever to come out from her families shadow and make a name for herself, she needed to excel at all subjects. 

The Reunion  Closed 

It wasn't uncommon for Elvira to wander around after classes and poke her nose into things where it honestly didn't belong and today wasn't an exception to that fact. As she made her way out of her last class, her robe flicked and swayed with each small skip she took down the corridors of the Grand Wizarding School. Just like her close friend, she wasn't quite sure why she was sorted into the House she ended up with - She felt that she suited Gryffindor far more than Ravenclaw, especially with her outgoing and straightforward attitude. She didn't dare question it aloud, however, she wouldn't want to anger her superiors.
Just as she made her way down the halls, she spotted the familiar petite build of her childhood friend and felt a smile pull at her lips. Clasping her hands together behind her back, she hurriedly made her way towards the room she saw her friend disappear into, the Study Room. Feeling her nose slightly scrunch up at the thought of studying, she reluctantly waltzed inside and peered around before her soft, hazel-green eyes landed on the hunched over form of Lisabetta. 

Her face softened into a knowing look as she quietly made her way towards the young girl and took note of the fact that she wasn't studying but was, in fact, resting her head on the table in an exasperated manner. Carefully, Elvira sat down across from the girl and folded her hands in front of her, trying to choose the right words to say. With each passing moment, her mouth fell open and closed repeatedly as if she was a fish out of water. 

"Erm. Hi...Lisa," She started out awkwardly, mentally cringing out how awful the greeting sounded. "Is everything alright?"

She cleared her throat and scratched gently behind her ear - A habit she began doing whenever she felt embarrassed or nervous. She wanted nothing more than to rewind time and start out as she usually did; A loud, cheerful greeting and a slap on the back. Ah, but she knew that wouldn't do her stressed friend any good. So instead of taking her energetic route, she settled for her gentle, yet awkward, one.
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The Reunion  Closed 

Lisabetta's head shot up from the table when she heard someone speak to her. She was sure her face was red with embarrassment and she mentally chastised herself for being caught so off guard. She had sworn she had checked all around her, but apparently, not thorough enough.  She quickly thought of a good excuse to use for her actions before making eye contact with the person sitting across from her. The excuse caught in her throat as she recognized the lovely hazel eyes staring back at her. 

She smiled brightly at seeing her best friend, Elvira, sitting across from her. She was not longer worried about having to explain her actions, honestly, this was not the worst situation Elvira had every found her in. I mean, this girl had been there when Lisabetta was constantly surround by her parents and her family obligations. Lisabetta honestly couldn't remember a time where she was going through something rough and Elvira hadn't been there for her. She was, honestly, the only person here age that she liked that her parents also approved of, in most cases. Elvira came from a respectful pureblood family who lived not far from Lisabetta's home. Their families had spent many dinners, holidays, and birthdays together. Although Elvira was a lot more outgoing and wild than Lisabetta was, they had instantly become close friends. 

Lisabetta smiled thinking back to all the time they had snuck out of their houses and got into some mischief that Lisabetta was sure they would get in trouble for, but Elvira had this way with words. It felt like she honestly could talk her way out of anything, which also helped Lisabetta stay out of trouble with her parents. Lisabetta had honestly always envied her best friend, her personality and her looks. They both stood about the same height, 5 foot 5 inches, being quite tall for their age, but that is where their similarities stopped. While Lisabetta was very pale complected with dull blue eyes and soft brown shoulder length hair, Elvira was that perfect tan, with wild hazel eyes and long, chocolate brown hair. 

Lisabetta honestly wanted to slide across the table and hug her best friend tightly, she was definitely a sight for sore eyes, but she contained herself, sticking with a bright smile instead. 

"Vi, how is it that you always seem to find me when I need you the most, even when I don't know that I need you?" 

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At the sight of her friend smiling just because of her appearance, she felt herself immediately calm down and let her shoulders slump. Resting her hand in a palm, she stared at her best friend with a small smirk playing at her lips. This mischevious look was almost always plastered on her face, whether it be because of a devious plan or the mere fact that she knew something someone else didn't.
She had worn it through her years of friendship with Lisabetta and it was often linked with some rule-breaking game that would surely get them into trouble.

Today, however, it was used to show her amusement towards her friend's red cheeks and wide eyes.

Her feet slightly kicked underneath the table and her eyes were half-lidded, lazily peering at the brunette across from her. She felt pride and affection bubble up inside her chest as Lisabetta softly spoke her words. Memories of the times where she appeared beside the short-haired girl in her times of need without a doubt clouded her mind for just a moment, letting a nostalgic feeling wash over and calm her demeanor.

"Because I know you better than you know yourself, Lisa~" Elvira straightened up with a playful shrug and moved in her spot to rest one of her forearms upon the back of the seat while the other lazily stayed on the table. "I know your secrets, ooo~"

With a giggle, Elvira brought a hand up to cover her smile and muffle the melodic sound before she fell silent once more. She stared at the table for a few moments before suddenly becoming serious, her worried eyes flickering up to stare into Lisabetta's soft blue ones once more.

"But, seriously," She reached out and grasped the Gryffindor's hands into her own. "Are you alright?"
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The Reunion  Closed 

Elvira had this special way to make Lisabetta feel just completely at ease and like there was not a care in the world. It was one of the things that had first drawn Lisabetta to her in the first place. She always loved seeing her mischievous smile, it usually meant they were about to go out and do something that would give Lisabetta's mother a heart attack, which meant it was perfect. 

Lisabetta squeezed Elvira's hand, so grateful to have someone like this in her corner. The main reason Lisabetta has been having a hard time making friends, especially here at Hogwarts, is because most people could not see past her exterior. They couldn't see past the shell she had created around herself, the shell of the perfect little girl, the shell that would make her parents proud. That shell completely shattered and crumbled whenever she was around Elvira. So maybe, just maybe, spending more time with Elvira and not being around her family during the school year would help bring her out to others. 

"My family won't talk to me Vi. They haven't reached out to me since the Sorting Ceremony. I think.....I think that they are disappointed in me." She bit her lip hard, trying her best to not cry, one thing she never did, was cry. No matter who she was around, crying was for solidarity, and only when absolutely necessary. This was not a time that fit that bill, it was not her fault that she was not sorted into Slytherin. She would still be a great student, she would still make a good name for her family, she would just be doing it as a Gryffindor. Why couldn't they see that? 

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A deep frown overtook Elvira's vibrant expression as she listened to her friend's woes, her shoulders slumping forward at the problem behind the Gryffindor's troubles. It was most unusual to Elvira as to why any family would try to shape and morph their own into a perfect little statue for others to stare at. Since they met, Elvira never quite approved of how the Medici's would control and practically puppeteer her best friend throughout their youth.

Rising from her seat, she quickly rounded the table and rested her arms gently on Lisabetta's shoulders in a comforting manner as she set her cheek atop the fluffy set of brown, chestnut colored hair. A battle was being fought in Elvira's mind as she thought of what to say - She wanted nothing more than to give her friend's family a piece of her mind, yet she knew that would only cause more problems.

"If they're disappointed in you for something that was out of your control, they are even more stupid than I previously thought." She released her friend from her grasp and instead decided to sit upon the table, her head tilted in a sympathetic motion. "You were sorted into Gryffindor, so what? The Sorting Hat sees potential in you and sorted you into a house where you would shine the brightest."

She reached out and ruffled Lisabetta's short hair with a goofy smirk.

"I certainly didn't think I was meant to be in Ravenclaw, but here I am. I'm learning, growing, and finding who I am. Just as you are. It doesn't matter what House you're in, it matters what kind of a person you grow to be. Got it?"

The Reunion  Closed 

Please tell me if this is a PV roleplay for you two! It didn’t say, but it seems like it a bit and I didn’t want to rudely intrude!

Sefton walked down the hallway towards the Study Room. Not to study, of course. He didn’t really study. Just to finally find a quiet place to sit down and read a book. 

As the ash-brown haired boy slipped into the Study Room, his fiery brown eyes fell upon the two girls. His fellow Ravenclaw, Elvira, he recognized instantly. But the other girl he did not know.

He approached them coolly, one hand is his pocket, and the other hand holding onto the book. 

“Hey, Elvira,” he greeted with a smile. “Surprised to see you in a Study Hall.” He gave a short laugh. He had only met Elvira on a few occasions to actually have conversations. Any other meeting was quick “morning”’s and “evening”’s as they passed each other in the hallways.

“So, who’s this? A friend of yours?” He indicated to the first year Gryffindor girl Elvira had been conversing with. Half of his mind told himself to stop being nosy, but the other half was just enthused to meet new people.

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Elvira did a double-take. She had first glanced his way to acknowledge another student arriving, but when he had announced her name, she was surprised to finally recognize him as another Ravenclaw. It only took a heartbeat to remember who the newcomer was; Sefton Ailbrooke. A first year, just like her.

A welcoming smile warmed her features as she lifted a hand to wave a lazy greeting towards him, her eyes twinkling with amusement at his joking little introduction. Though they had only talked a few times since their arrival to the school, Elvira could tell he was a little rule-breaker just like her.

"Well, I can tell you I'm certainly not here to study," She shrugged nonchalantly and gestured towards her friend. "I'm here catching up with my childhood friend, Lisabetta. The real question is, what are you doing here, Sefton? You didn't strike me as the studying type."

A teasing smirk settled on her lips as she gently kicked her legs out, her feet barely brushing against the ground with each swing. She hadn't known much about the ashen-haired boy, but she wanted to learn more - Possibly even make a new friend to help her break the rules.

The Reunion  Closed 

Lisabetta smiled as her best friend spoke to her. She knew Elvira never really liked Lisabetta's family, especially in times like these. Lisabetta didn't like upsetting her friend so she tried to hide some of the times her family's burdens were just too much, but sometimes she couldn't hide it, like now. Lisabetta wasn't going to lie, she was very envious of Elvira's life and family. Yes, her friend came from a powerful pureblood family, but being powerful and pureblood mixed with being royalty as well was a whole different story. It didn't help that Lisabetta was an only child, if she had a brother, or even a sister, things wouldn't fall solely on her shoulders, but that was no the case. She was the only heir to the Medici family, the only who could take over as the next Duchess of Tuscany. She definitely had moments where she wished she could just throw it all away and be a normal person, but that is not what life had dealt her. 

She wondered how her life would have been if she had never met Elvira, she was already a lot more shy and reserved than her outgoing and vibrant best friend, but, believe it or not, she had come out of her shell quite a lot since their friendship began. She knew what Elvira was saying was true, it wasn't her fault that she was sorted into Gryffindor, that as long as she was in the tops of her classes and didn't embarrass her family during her time here, they shouldn't be so hard. She just wished her family felt the same way. 

Before Lisabetta could respond, another student walked into the study hall. Lisabetta immediately slammed her walls back up, bringing her facial expressions back to the neutral stance that they normally stayed in. Elvira seemed to know the new comer, which wasn't a surprise to her at all, Elvira never had any trouble making friends.

Lisabetta turned to the new comer, nodding her head in the most polite way possible, not wanting to interrupt their conversation, but did not want to appear rude either. She turned back to her book, zoning the others out, he had not come in here to talk to her. 

The Reunion  Closed 

“I simply came in here to escape a Hufflepuff prefect. Apparently, blaming my writing swear words on the Charms chalkboard on Peeved didn’t fool her, so I had to book it,” he smirked. “I think I left her two hallways back.” 

Sefton’s fiery brown eyes read the way Lisabetta seemed to go into a defensive attitude. He narrowed his eyebrows, trying to figure out why she’d done that. Then, he tilted his head and smiled at her in a friendly matter.

“Well, noticing that you didn’t instantly announce ‘le nom de famille comme un Serpentard’, I believe we’ll be getting along just fine,” he said, suddenly switching to French in the middle of the sentence.

When making first impressions, the troublemaking Ravenclaw boy loved to confuse the person by abruptly speaking French when talking. No one in Hogwarts spoke French as a default, so how else was he going to use it? 

Though the boy didn’t have much money to his name or was supposed to be the heir to a long line of Purebloods, he still had family issues. His mother’s family were the only people who would talk to him, as his father’s side disowned the art of what they called ‘witchcraft’. His father had left a couple of weeks before he boarded the elegant Hogwarts’ Express, abandoning the family. At least once a day he worried of his mother. Surely they wouldn’t survive long without another person making money...

But he didn’t let that get him down. He wore a mask of sorts-looking happy and cheerful all the time when really, he was holding it all back. He didn’t really want anyone to see him that way. 

The Reunion  Closed 

Elvira rolled her eyes at the Ravenclaw's language switch-up her head tilting a bit to exaggerate the gesture. She's gone through this before and had overheard him doing the same to countless others while she passed him in the hallways. Curiosity had gotten the best of her, however, and needless to say, she started looking up on French. She only got as far as the basics before she found a sudden disinterest. Maybe she'll study more in the future, maybe she won't. She didn't know.

Though Elvira had been acting as if she was carefree and nonchalant, she realized her friend close up once Sefton had arrived. She didn't exactly blame Sefton for what he did, but she felt saddened that she couldn't help her friend in peace anymore. Hopping off the table, she leaned down and pressed a kiss to Lisabetta's head before nudging her shoulder with an elbow.

"I don't know about you guys, but I am dying to get out and explore a bit. You two wanna join me?" She spoke to both of them, but her hazel-green eyes were intently set onto Lisa's face, watching for any sadness or reluctance. "We could maybe even find some secret passages or something.~"

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Lisabetta had been engrossed in her studying that she almost missed the new Ravenclaw boy speaking to her. The part that stuck out to her the most was when he spoke French. She hadn't heard anyone at Hogwarts speak that language, so it was a nice surprise. Lisabetta had been taught French, along with German, Russian, and of course, Italian, from her private tutor growing up. 

"Veuillez pardonner mon impolitesse. It is a pleasure to meet you, my name is Lisabetta." She nodded to the boy, throwing in a smile this time. It didn't quite reach her eyes, but hey, she was trying. She wasn't well versed in engaging in small talk, but, with the help of Elvira, she had been really working on it. She knew it seemed weird for an 11 year old to act this way, but honestly it is all she knew. 

She studied the new Ravenclaw boy who seemed to be as carefree and outgoing as her good friend beside her, but could tell that there was something else there underneath the surface. Most people wouldn't have noticed it, but, having worn quite a few masks herself, she could recognize it in other people. She didn't mention anything about it though, it was not her business. 

She tried to hide a grin at what her friend suggested, exploring the castle and finding hidden away corridors and rooms is exactly what Lisabetta wanted to be doing right now, but she knew that had to study. 

"Vi, my average grade is only an E, I have to raise it up. I really should be studying. You two should go though." Even has she said it, she knew if her friend pushed more she would most likely go with them. This is the hold that Elvira had on her and what made them such good friends, the Ravenclaw girl had a way of pulling Lisabetta out of her shell and indulging it what she, secretly, wanted to do. 

The Reunion  Closed 

Sefton was surprised when he’d heard the girl speak French. He knew he wasn’t the only one that could speak a language other than English, but he hadn’t known anyone else could speak French. Having his little trick countered had thrown him off guard for a second. 

He gave her a coy smile and said, “Je savais qu’il y avait quelque chose que j’aimais chez toi.” Then, he held shook her hand, “Sefton Jaswinder Ailbrooke. Hi.”

As he listened to Elvira, he was all for it. But he took note of the way Lisabetta responded to the proclamation, and smirked in his head. 

Sefton absently put his hands in his pockets, addressing Lisabetta, “You’re considering it. Seriously, even the most stereotypical Ravenclaw wouldn’t want to be studying all the time by themselves. Plus, an E isn’t bad. Having an O isn’t going to get you any recognition other than from teachers, so, y’know, I feel like it would be more exciting if you came with us. Besides, more people makes for a more enjoyable time.” The Ravenclaw boy have her a half-enthused, half-pleading look. He especially knew that doing anything alone was boring. 

When coming face-to-face with people like this, Sefton had the urge to help them, every time. People who shut others out because they weren’t sociable or had problems they were going through.

He was doing it right now. He talked to people, but didn’t for relationships large enough to actually have friends. The departure of his father had left that dreadful scar.

He knew how lonely it made a person, and didn’t want anyone to go through what he was.

The Reunion  Closed 

Elvira felt a pout slowly form on her face as she watched the exchange between the two, upset that she was the only one who didn't speak the language. Finally, after they had finished their small conversation, she rolled her eyes and patted both of Lisabetta's shoulders.
She wanted to go out and have fun, yes, but she didn't want to leave behind the one person who knew her better than she knew herself. 

"Well, if you two are done flirting, how about we go out and explore, yes?" She reached over and closed the book slowly before taking it out of her friend's hands, her smile as innocent as a Death Eater. "I want to find at least ONE secret passage before this day ends. Just one. Shouldn't be too hard, wouldn't you say?"

She knelt down and put Lisabetta's books away, something she honestly didn't mind doing, even when they were much younger. She'd usually clean up anything Lisa was doing just to try and further convince her to cause mischief. She looked up and raised a brow as she waited for the Gryffindor to stand up or stand her ground. She was used to Lisabetta tagging along with her in her adventures, but she knows that some days, she just wants to be alone and study. 
If she wanted to stay, then Elvira would happily set up all of her books and give her the space she needed, or, she'd even stay and study with her if she said the word. But if she wanted to go, well... That was a whole different story.

The Reunion  Closed 

Lisabetta was caught a little off guard by her best friend's comment. She had most definitely not been flirting, she couldn't even fathom having done such a thing. She was about to apologize if she had upset her friends feelings when she saw the all too familiar smirk play across her friends face. She had been joking with her and Lisabetta had almost completely missed it. It had been way too long since she had seen her best friend and had almost forgotten her humor. 

She smiled thinking of all the fun they would have exploring the castle, and she could even, potentially, make a new friend along the way. She eyed the Ravenclaw boy who seemed genuine with his request for her to join them. She looked back to her books, reminding herself that she should really get back to studying but before she could protest, her friend started gathering up her books. Lisabetta almost protested but realized there was really no point in doing so, when Vi wanted something, she tended to get it, and arguing with her was so beyond exhausting. 

She finally decided that after she left Hogwarts and looked back, she wouldn't want to remember all her times just sitting around studying, what would make it amazing is all her stories of being with her friends. She got that same mischievous smirk that her best friend was so famous for having and nodded.

"What are we waiting for? Let's go!" 

She looked to the two Ravenclaws in front of her, grabbing her bag from Vi, and walking out the door, being courageous for one of the first times in her life, maybe the Sorting Hat hadn't put her in the wrong house after all.