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Location: Hogwarts Study Room
Date: February 8th, 2019
Time: 12:51 pm
Of course she liked anime. Of course the weird kid did. That's what she was always known at in her hometown--that good (but odd) looking weird kid who liked and could draw anime. In fact, that was what she had decided to do at this very moment. Draw anime. She had a music staff in treble clef going above it, but she had given up on her small song. She wouldn't sing it. Maybe she could raise the pitch, change the key, and later make some sort of mashup--maybe.

Sadly, there was no instrument in the room. Otherwise the girl, Koko, would have been playing it and singing. But no, and instead of that she would be drawing some anime.

The character had flaming red hair and bright green eyes. It resembled no one in particular, except perhaps Koko's somewhat firey personality. She could either be very cold and rude, or seh could be the sweetest person you could meet. The thing was, it was always a genuine smile if she was in a happy mood. The pencil was moving of its own accord now, forming the clothes over the frame of the character. His eyes were very large and expressive, as with most eyes in this art style, but his eyes were alight with some form of defiance. The very defiance that Koko felt very often.

She somehow knew that someone would come into the room... but she didn't want them to see this very expressive piece of artwork. It showed too much of her. Koko crumpled the paper and tossed it across the room, but with some hesitation. She then leaned back against the wall and tried to fall asleep, yet with no luck. She finally stood up, brushing off her Slytherin robes, and made her way to the door--and then she stopped after seeing a figure standing there...

Comics vs Math? Comics!  closed 

Brushing a few feathers off from the owlery, Bailey made his way to the study room. His open letter grasped between his fingers as he attempted to read and walk at the same time. He went from highly pleased to rather stressed in sheer seconds. His grandmama calling him out for his lack of study. His current grades showing exceeding expectations but that was clearly not good enough for his pureblooded family who was made up of Slytherins while he had been sorted into his deceased mothers' house. He remembered how disappointed they were in the very first letter upon the news of the sorting. Even going as far as contacting the Headmaster about the situation.

Bailey was highly embarrassed with the whole ordeal they made, even knowing that being sorted was permanent and that they're sorted into their respective houses for a reason. He was told that he was too much like his mother... Like it was a bad thing or something...

He knew he needed to study more and get his grades up. It was the school and new things that he was introduced to that began to take up his time. It was all new and fascinating and he had just begun to make friends as well! Now he had to take time away from all that to get his grades up to an outstanding to please them. Just as he neared the room, his social anxiety flared up. The hairs on his arms standing on end as the goosebumps began to form... A chill running up his spine as he noticed the Slytherin girl sitting at the table he normally goes to.

He was tempted to leave and almost had. Turning around to walk away and then last minute changing his mind. Just to go face to face with this Slytherin student he had only moments ago been staring at. His cheeks bronzed a deep red and his eyes immediately fell to look towards the ground. 'No eye contact' he thought as he fidgeted and nibbled on his own lower lip. "S..sorry. I mean. I'm so sorry. Pardon me" he quickly apologized for nearly bumping into her. Just her gaze had him stopped cold. She was the very embodiment of a Slytherin. Striking eyes, confident posture... He didn't understand why he was so intimidated by all the Slytherins.. perhaps because they remind him so much of his family and one thing he knew for sure was to stay out of their way.

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As Ruby brushed through the door frame, she sniffed gingerly at the two people around her. She thought this room was empty for now, but apparently it was not. Her eyes widened at the sight of Koko, her acquaintance, and another boy she was not familiar with. She may (or may not have) blushed a little. A LOT!!!
She saw the boy looking at Koko. She immediately flinched with envy. You see, her mind works differently than others. She thought if she confronted Koko, she would feel good about herself.
"Hey!" she called. Even thought she confidently strode up to them, the still felt queasy. She knew Koko could be mischievous if she needed to be. That was why she tried to be exceptional just like her. As she's said occasionally, she had a goal. She was going to be more intelligent than Koko after hearing she was one of the smartest people in Slytherin. She didn't say it out loud, but she secretly thought that Sapphire Riddle was smarter than her.
She swiftly walked up to the two students, but half way there she tripped.


She fell and hit the floor with a loud Thump!

She groaned and didn't move; she just lay there on her back, eyes closed. The only sign that she was conscious was her eyes blinking wildly.
She had failed to confront Koko. Even if she had, she would have been mortified. She clutched her purple notebook in her grip, and she moaned. This was going to be hard. Very hard.

“When you fight fire with Fire, the world goes up in smoke” -Netflix

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In a fit of sheer vexation, Marla stormed into the study room, seconds away from ripping her hair out. The girl was bloody livid. A steady stream of curses flew out of Marla's mouth as her memory recalled the moment only minutes ago where a fourth year ripped her history of magic essay to shreds. The one, singular paper Marla actually put a little bit of effort into. And just for tripping on his robes! It wasn't her fault that he needed to get his clothing tailored, and maybe while he was there they can trim off a bit of his cockiness, which Marla liked to call absolute bullsh–


A loud yell completely interrupted Marla's vengeful train of thought... which might have been for the best. The Gryffindor stood in place, her face turning as red as the lion emblem on her robes, realizing that other students probably over heard her whirlpool of anger.
After getting over her little moment of humiliation, Marla started towards the source of the yell to investigate the commotion. As she arrived, she saw a pair of feet on the ground that led to a blonde Slytherin on the floor, who's eyes were so wide that you'd think she just stared a Gorgon in the eyes.

"Wow, is the floor that comfortable?" Marla asked with a hint of sarcasm. She extended a hand to the Slytherin, and looked up at the other two students present for the situation, giving them a small, equally awkward and friendly smile. She was a bit nervous to be socializing with new people, which was very out of character for the girl. Probably because she hadn't had a legitimate conversation with anyone other than a professor in a week or so– that would explain it. Either way, Marla was crossing her fingers that these students were actually decent people and not completely bloody demonic like the fourth year she encountered earlier in the day.

"it's easy to make a deal with the devil when you're not the one paying the price"
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Her golden eyes flew wide open as a Hufflepuff almost ran straight into her. "Seriously!?!" exclaimed the Slytherin whilst glaring at the boy. "Only a Hufflepuff could be so idiotic," Koko whispered aloud.

A girl ran in, falling on the floor, and Koko squeezed her eyes shut. These idiots! Koko couldn't even... She was literally unable to even. It was Ruby Reyes, also known as the girl who wanted to prank a prefect, and the girl who wanted to destroy the library. The golden-eyed first-year gritted her teeth at the problem she'd gotten herself into.

"Is the floor really that comfortable?"

The voice of a lion echoed throughout the room. For Merlin's sake, can't these people just be quiet for a single moment!? thought the Slytherin, letting her intuitive gaze travel across the room. Koko had heard the Gryffindor cursing as she entered, but she wasn't one to judge. Perhaps Ruby was, or maybe the boy. The boy seemed to be terrified, she noticed, seeing him squirm under her gaze. Maybe it was a bad thing, but Koko felt a small bout of laughter seize her from her diaphragm and pull up, up, and out of her lips. She smiled bitterly at the Hufflepuff.

"I certainly hope it is," Koko said aloud, to both the redhead and Ruby. The lion, with her mane of flaming red hair, seemed angry, but Koko could see her face flushed with embarrassment. Ruby, on the floor. The Hufflepuff, nervous as living hell, and the Gryffindor, as mortified as her face would show. Koko seemed to be above them on so many levels. First, she was pure-blooded, when at least two out of the three others were not. Really, though, Koko thought, I would bet that the Hufflepuff, and perhaps even Ruby, might be Mudbloods.

Victor always said not to use that word. That it was a word which shouldn't be used, unless you were speaking against using it. Did the child care? No, she did not. She did not care whether or not Mudblood was offensive, and she would use it as often as she liked. If she were to be rude to one, using the word would be rather nice.

Still, the Slytherin would hate to have word get back to her adoptive father, her apparent godfather, that she was doing something wrong. Then, perhaps he wouldn't be willing to let her follow him away, away from the horrors of London. The horrors of this side of the world. She had heard that Los Angeles was a city where crime was on the rise, but as long as she stayed hidden, as long as Victor left protective charms on the house, she would be fine. Right?

The concern for what was going through her mind refused to surface in the girl's expression. She seemed rather indifferent, just smiling a close-lipped smile, and holding a sadistic glint in her eyes. Truth be told, it had been a tad cheerful when Ruby fell, or at least that was how Koko's demented mind put it. She liked to see others in pain, at least when it was not serious pain. She would hate to see Ruby have her hilarious soul sucked out by a Dementor.

Perhaps she shouldn't have been thinking that way. What did she care? No one, except for a skilled Legilimence, could hear her thoughts, could see what she never wished for a soul to glimpse. It was her privacy that would stay her own, and none of these children could change it.

Of course, she was only a child herself, but she preferred not to think of herself that way. No, she preferred to think of herself as a prodigy of sorts, a prodigy who had been the only one to slightly slow down Kaegen Deathmote in his quest to destroy all monsters. Now she would be seen forever as an enemy, for she had no intention to kill--and she was fine with that. Really, it was better to have your opponent tear themselves apart from the inside.

Koko brushed a loose strand of caramel-coloured hair out of her ear, her pale cheeks warming. Not with embarrassment, not with anger, but perhaps with joy, with laughter. That was all that the snake would feel. A very cold form of joy.

She produced a sheet of paper on which she would begin to draw. First a circle, then some guidelines, draw two triangle-ish shapes on the sides--it would appear to be a cat, at least at first. As she drew the animal's furry chest, its soft, round paws, it became clear that it was not a cat of any sort--more likely a wolf. She began to shade once she had finished outlining the last element of the canine, its tail. Soon, the wolf's eyes became pools of courage, the paws became strong, sturdy things. And the tail which brushed the snow, that tail would become the point which pointed in the way it came. It came from home.