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Rosalyn corrected the girl with a minor detail, head nodded with acknowledgement, deciding to remember the newly-acquired information. It was now her turn to ask a question, blue vision looked up for a moment, thinking of a suitable question, then switched back down again.
"Briefly describe the Gargoyle strike which happened in 1911."

Ophelia noticed more figures leaving, wondering if they were the only ones still here. With that thought, ears then heard a pair of students whispering behind a giant shelf, possibly the only children here besides Ophelia and Rosalyn. The library was a relaxing place to be in, especially at this hour, candles coloured the wooden furniture with soothing warm tones, more shadows tried creeping their way around the room as time passed by. The light reflected well with Rosalyn's white locks, tinted them with gold, making them appear shinier. She looked at the girl's robe again. Ravenclaw; Ophelia had no judgement of any houses whatsoever but Rosalyn sure did bring up some stereotypes, with her intelligence and her perfectionist nature. But again, Ophelia never cared for such things and decided to stop thinking about houses.

She snapped back out of her thoughts, waiting, as Rosalyn appeared to be ready to answer the given question.

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A relatively easy question that was also on the past homework. It seemed as the best option to pick, staying on the same topic and difficulty. "Briefly, the Gargoyle strike in 1911 happened in Windilow Castle. Strike meaning a riot. The Gargoyles refused to give a warning of any incoming intruders. Their reasoning for going on strike was because the wizards of the castle would destroy any Gargoyles that didn't look intimidating. Eventually, a battle broke out with wizards and Gargoyles killing each other. Soon after, the Ministry had to step in and they destroyed all the Gargoyles." voice still flat and monotone as usual. The answer she gave was about as brief as she could get, while maintaining most of the details.

Looking around, more students seemed to be leaving. It was getting later in the day, they were most likely heading towards their dorms. The room seemed beautiful at this time. Rosalyn never paid much attention to the rooms at night because she was too busy reading, or asleep. Looking down at her hair, it seemed to look a golden blonde. It seemed to suite pretty well. Ophelia's hair seemed to have the same affect as well.

It was now time to ask another question. They would only have time for a few more so Rosalyn decided to go with a much more difficult one. Specifically, one that wasn't on the homework. "What are cauldron cakes, where were they made, when were they made, and who made them? This was a question Rosalyn could only ask based on the books she has read in the library. The information itself isn't really that interesting or useful. Just some useful trivia, but it would be a difficult question.

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Rosalyn summed up the basic rather well, mentioning most of the things Ophelia expected from her, head nodded in approval. This revising was going well so far, gray-haired girl might even say the professor's study idea wasn't bad after all even though the girl felt a little invaded by his forceful planning of social interactions. She decided to let go of that thought, it was all behind them now really, they were both here and they did something productive. Plus, the Ravenclaw didn't turn out as a giant pain in the ass, which is always a bonus right?

Red orbs looked towards the blue as lips placed another question on the table. This wasn't in the homework, Rosalyn clearly decided to level up the difficulty. A moment of silence. One thought about the question, she did indeed read about cauldron cakes before, somewhere, all she had to do was remember it. And as one did, blue reflected stronger, the color appearing slightly vivid one might say as she answered the question calmly.
"Cauldron cakes are a popular variant of wizarding cakes, massively produced by Qizilbash Quality Confectionary from 1854 onward in Pakistan. We can buy the cake at the Honeydukes Express or the Honeydukes Sweetshop. Many homemade batches were baked, most famous of those by Bathilda Bagshot, a magical historian and the author of A History of Magic."

Her answer was quite fulfilling, one tried making it fluent. Because they didn't have much time left, Ophelia had prepared the question onward as she left a brief moment of silence before speaking again:
"What were Golbin Rebellions, why did they happen, how did they begin? Describe the first one."

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"Correct answer." At least, Ophelia's answer seemed correct. Frankly, Rosalyn didn't know the answer herself. She had just read about Cauldron Cakes in the past and figured she would ask to learn information. She was also curious to try one. She was slightly hoping Ophelia would go into detail about the product, but alas. Her stomach would growl slightly but she would cough to cover it up.

Ophelia had given a question soon after. "She must have already thought about this earlier." However, the question didn't seem that difficult. She would look out the window thinking for a moment, not on what the answer was, but mostly why the question was chosen. "Maybe she knows something extra, or maybe she didn't want to raise the difficulty." She snapped out of her thoughts for a moment, realizing a minute had passed with no answer. Moving onto to answer it, Rosalyn let out a deep breath. It would be another long answer that would require more detail than usual. "The Goblin Rebellions were, well, rebellions by goblins; that occurred due to the discrimination and prejudice they received by wizards and witches. Specifically, the goblins lack of representation on the Wizengamot, their enslavement into becoming house-elves, loss of wand privileges, wizard attempts to control Gringotts, and the goblin slayings by Yardley Platt. While there were many small goblin rebellions throughout time, the first major one was the 1612 Goblin Rebellion. The rebellion took place in Hogsmeade village, with one of the inn's being used as the goblin headquarters. The causalities are unknown but it's presumed that both the goblins and the wizards and witches took many losses. The reasoning for this rebellion was most likely due to the Goblin's lack of representation in Wizengamot. Most of the other rebellions that came after the first occurred due to the Goblins being stripped of their wands." Rosalyn's head would plop down on her desk, tired from the long explanation.

As her head laid on the desk, she looked outside one of the windows. Her jaw would drop in awe from what she had seen. A super blood wolf moon. She wasn't sure how she didn't notice it before, it was probably due to the two quizzing each other. Rosalyn got up and walked over towards the window. Her beady red eyes were drawn towards the moon. She looked around the classroom for a moment, everyone else seemed to have left. It was just her and Ophelia. She then turned back towards the window and attempted to open it. She desired to go outside and look at the moon from the grounds.

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Did the girl have lungs of steel because Ophelia could have sworn she didn't see one breathe once through the long detailed answer?
Watching, she sat still for about half a minute as she then nodded, answering:
"Um, correct but a rather unknown fact-"
Voice stopped, interrupted by unexpected movement.
Vision followed white hair as figure moved up towards the clear glass. One's pale fingers were caressing it, apparently trying to open the window. Still sitting at the table, blue gaze switched towards the strange illumination with curiosity as she realized why Rosalyn attempted to get out of the room. The moon. It was tinted in a beautiful shade of red, reflecting the little light the Earth's atmosphere had given to it.

Orbs sparkled with astonishment, crimson soaked in one's eyes, mixing with the gentle blue as legs moved on their own, one's figure stepping next to the Ravenclaw then, carefully, tried opening the window. With a little nudging, it opened, hands tried moving it as quietly as possible. They could get in trouble for this, after all, it was late and Ophelia was quite a sure climbing through windows was not on the good student's list. She didn't care though, when one felt like something needed to be done she did it, rules were sometimes meant to be broken her father would say, caressing his child's silky grey locks as the daughter would rest in his lap.

The wind came crashing its way into the room, stroking long hair, leaving tingles on one's skin as her body moved with ease, climbing over the window's ledge. She then turned around, stretching soft hand towards Rosalyn, observing the ruby orbs which were glowing as if waterfalls of wine were filling each of the glimmering irises.

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Rosalyn was dying to go outside. However, she couldn't focus on opening the window; her eyes were fixed on the moon. She seemed to forget about Ophelia, where she was, and what she was doing before. Her thoughts were erratic. She had read about blood moons; she had even seen pictures, but this was the first time up close. Rosalyn would suddenly snap out of her trance, noticing the Hufflepuff was standing next to her. The girl did something shocking though; she opened the window.

The wind crashed into the room. Snow-white hair flowing behind her. She watched as Ophelia climbed over the window ledge. Her silky-grey hair was flowing as well. Her hand reached out. The light blue eyes reminded Rosalyn of a boat out in the vast ocean. The boat desiring to explore the unexplored. It was similar to their situation. She wasn't sure what dangers would lay ahead of them, but she reached her hand out to meet Opehlia's. It was soft and smooth, it was comfortable.

With her hand in the other's, she would climb over the ledge with a little difficult. She was a bit shorter than the average height, however, she managed to get over. Not knowing where they should go next, Rosalyn would look over at Ophelia. Her grip would tighten just slightly, not from fear, but to signal for Opehlia to lead.

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Wine still dripped with excitement as one stretched pale hand towards Ophelia, squeezing gently as the girl climbed through the window with slight difficulty but still managed to make it over the ledge without major complications, probably the Ravenclaw didn't deal with active hobbies as much as the Hufflepuff did. None the less, they were both outside now as one's hand squeezed tighter. Was she scared? It didn't appear on her expression though, but Ophelia knew mimics can hide feelings quite well. She waited for a second, observing if figure showed any signs of discomfort but all baby blue could see was sparkling red orbs with the moon's reflection shining like the lightest of stars.

Perhaps one wanted to be led by Ophelia, two figures stood there for a few seconds, casting shadows as the red light shone over their physiques. It was such a beautiful sight and Ophelia wondered if the two of them should try getting closer by ascending higher. It sounded like a dangerous idea, plus most likely not allowed, but again, the Hufflepuff didn't care.

Maybe they should find a tall tree and try making their way up there, it sure sounded like another plan but one didn't know how sharp were her companion's climbing skills or if she even wanted to go higher in the first place. With that thought, lips decided to ask the Ravenclaw first:
"Should we go higher?"

The girl will possibly answer with her preference, perhaps choosing to go on the roof or tree, or even give an idea of her own.


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Soft hands grabbing a hold of each other. Rosalyn somewhat realized that she was touching another person's hand, and she blushed slightly. She averted her eyes away from Ophelia, but she listened to her question. She looked around, wondering where they could go to get higher up. There were some tall trees around, but she wasn't sure of Ophelia's climbing skills. The roof would most likely be the best option for them. Her red eyes which were set aflame with passion just a few seconds ago seemed to have calmed down as she looked up towards the other's eyes. "Yes, we should go higher up. The roof would be a good choice."

Rosalyn would avert her eyes away from Ophelia again, still a little embarrassed. However, she still kept a firm grip on her hand, that way they wouldn't get separated from going up. She also wanted to follow behind Ophelia, she wasn't that good when it came to leading. She let go of her hand for a moment and turned to face the building, looking up to where the roof was. She then turned her head back towards Ophelia, nodding that she was ready to start climbing up.

|OOC| I'm so sorry for the late response! School has been hectic lately, I had like 8 tests this week. I'll be pretty busy working on writing a research paper and a speech for the next few weeks as well but I'll try and be as active as possible!

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The roof, a bold choice one could say, head nodded in response as hand felt the grip getting tighter, red vision switched up and then back into the blue orbs after a moment of thought. Baby blue then searched for the easiest ledge, noticing before that the white-haired girl sometimes had difficulties when climbing, gaze found a suitable match as figure stretched towards it, ascending slowly and helping Rosalyn by pulling one's hand with her.

And that is how the process was repeating, ledge over the ledge, some sneaky obstacles and steep paths, her companion slipped then slipped in the middle as body shivered in shock, making Ophelia's eyes pierce the Ravenclaw with focus as she spoke slightly confused.
" alright?"
A loud breath followed as then the girl nodded panickily, figures stood for a few seconds or so, the Hufflepuff thinking if there is a slight problem hiding in the depths, a problem she might've missed.

It appeared something was bothering Rosalyn but she didn't say anything and her legs were still shaking a little but managed to keep the frail figure standing. Ophelia realized it all when looking into the sparkled wine which was focused on the view below them.
"Are you afraid of heights?"

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The climb to the roof began, ascending upwards with the help of a hand. While climbing, one wondered why this route was chosen. It did seem easier, but it would take longer to climb. Maybe the other wanted to feel more safe during the climb.

During the climb, one kept slipping due to being pulled too harshly. In the midst of taking a step, the other would have taken two. It wasn't the other's fault, just that Rosalyn wanted to move slower due to her shoes not being suited towards climbing roofs. At one point, one slipped while climbing up a steep path. The hufflepuff turned to check on Rosalyn, in which she answered that she was okay.

At this point, one had assumed it was probably best to let go of the other's hand. She didn't want to risk slipping again. The thought of falling msde her shiver, well, more like the thought of hitting the ground and dying. The other seemed to have noticed one's shivering, asking a strange question. Heights never really bothered Rosalyn, it was what would come at the botton of tall heights. Rosalyn opened her lips to speak, her breath could be soon in the cold air. "I do not believe I am scared of heights. I am however, scared of deaths, so it is probably safer if we traveled together but seperately."

Once again, I am terrible sorry for the late response. Also, this is posted from my phone so please excuse any errors in spelling and grammar.

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Rosalyn's thinking was rather logical one could say as head nodded in answer of the the girl's suggestion. Figures moved with a moderate pace as gaze always switched back ever so often, checking if the other was still behind her.
Climbing for a few minutes they reached a rather suitable spot where the beautiful red was visible from the dark-tainted sky. Ophelia sat down at the side slowly, giving some space for the girl next to her as they both then looked up, gazing at the beautiful view.

Looking at the Ravenclaw's eyes, one noticed how the blood red reflected in the wine, mixing rather evenly as the orbs then switched towards the baby blue, making one's gaze switch back to the night sky. Leaning back, letting her figure be supported with her arms, she let out a calm sigh knowing they would soon have to leave.

She ended up having quite a good time, lettiny a tiny, tiny smile paint on pale face. A gentle breeze caressed soft skin as it let one's silky locks dance lightly, gray strands waving with rather of a graceful touch.
Rosalyn had a unique personality indeed, it intrigued the Hufflepuff, she was different herself which was a fact she didn't take negatively. Lips moved slowly, a rather calm voice mumbled through the relaxed expression:
"You're pretty cool."

Complimenting people wasn't on her daily schedule but she did try stating the truth, trying to admit the teacher perhaps wasn't wrong after all.