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A chance encounter  PV Quinn McGriffin   Finished 

(Specifically for my future rival and I, you know who you are)

Slyvia set the quivering pile of boks down, recently checked out from the library, and took a deep breath. 

"Whew... would it be too much to request a Muggle elevator? These stairs are killing me." She spoke with exhaustion, reaching up to pluck a book off the pile. She walked over to an unoccupied chair, setting the heavy book down.

The stack she brought down itself was an odd one, composed of nonfictions detailing the greatest tricks pulled in history, optical and magical illusions, and one or two on leadership. Even a few basic potion theories and the most recent books of spells, jinxes and charms she could find (which wasn't very recent at all, really, you'd think magic would change a bit over the years).

It was quiet in there, just as she liked it, only the sound of scratching quills on parchment paper and the shuffling of soft footsteps broke the silence. She paused for a moment to admire the dust motes swirling in beams of light.

Distracted she nearly bumped into another student, wearing the green and silver colors of Slytherin. She opened her mouth to apologize, but stopped herself.
Something about this girl gave her bad vibes, but she couldn't quite place it.

She cleared her throat. "Good morning." She said cordially, picking up the book she dropped, titled 'Tricks and Follies of the Past Century: A Study'.
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Pardon me, sir, but it appears the last care I gave has flown away.

A chance encounter  PV Quinn McGriffin   Finished 

With several hand-drawn flyers clutched carefully in her small hands, Quinn counted the number of students milling about, reading and scratching out essays. The study room was probably a good place to put up one of her club advertisements, but she wasn't sure yet. She only had so many, after all, so she needed to advertise at peak traffic areas. Each sheet had a title done in careful calligraphy ("The CROWN: Inauguration"), and a few paragraphs of information below it. Including the mistakes and revisions, it had taken her what felt like forever to make them all, and she was using them now to judge various heights and positions in the room, trying to determine the spot of maximum exposure.

Distracted by this very serious task, she didn't see the Gryffindor girl until it was too late. The Gryffindor's book fell to the floor, and Quinn's flyers went everywhere. Her eyes went wide as saucers, and she stared at the other girl as the latter stooped to pick up her book. What was the protocol for this situation? Did this awkward moment count as an introduction? Was she supposed to introduce herself, take the initiative, or just return the greeting? Panicking a little, she tried to say "Good morning" back, but also tried to say "My name is Quinn, what's yours?" at the same time, and the result was nothing more than a strangled sound and a continued stare. Stupid, stupid, she was forgetting her priorities. Aborting the conversation plan, she instead dropped to her knees and quickly gathered up all of her fallen advertisements.

Cutting her losses still further, she decided that if she ignored the Gryffindor, the other girl would probably just go away and the situation would be resolved.

Non est salvatori salvator / Neque defensori dominus
Nec mater, nec pater / Nihil supernum

A chance encounter  PV Quinn McGriffin   Finished 

With a confused furrow of her brow, Slyvia waited a moment. The girl would probably respond soon.

Wait, she wasn't...ignoring her was she? Impossible, of course. Perhaps she was simply nervous. Well, Slyvia knew she could often be intimidating, but at least for right now, she wasn't trying.

No worries. Perhaps she simply hadn't heard her.

"I said, Good morning."  She plastered on her least-threatening smile she could make. Then she continued to wait for a response.

Nothing. Nada. The girl was pretending she wasn't even there. How inexorably rude! How dare this Slytherin girl think herself too high and mighty to talk to a lowly Gryffindor... She felt her blood begin to boil, but she shut her eyes, counting a few seconds until the rage passed.
Still, nothing to be concerned about. Likely she was shy. Many first-years were, after all.  She set her book down on the table. Well, one way to find out. Slyvia didn't take well to being slighted, but she would rather not start an issue if there wasn't one. Time to settle this peacefully.

"Are you alright? I promise, miss, I don't bite." she smiled again, extending a hand. "My name is Slyvia Wight, no need to be shy. What's yours?"

Pardon me, sir, but it appears the last care I gave has flown away.

A chance encounter  PV Quinn McGriffin   Finished 

Conversation: failure. Ignoring: failure. Quinn felt very much like she wasn't in control of this situation. Maybe if she calmed down, she could go back to the conversation plan. It wouldn't do to get on the girl's bad side, she had a feeling Gryffindors were very active about people they disliked. She took a deep breath and tested her voice again. This time, the Gryffin- no, Slyvia's greeting was clearly an introduction and the initial awkwardness of bumping into each other had worn off. Still, she was rather quiet, as she said "Quinn McGriffin. Charmed."

Suddenly seeing an opportunity that could put her back in control, instead of shaking the girl's outstretched hand she extended one of her flyers in exchange. Now more confident, she said "I'm recruiting for a new club, all Houses welcome. I have no doubt it will be the best club in the school in no time!"

The CROWN: Inauguration

To all those with big dreams, and all those who desire aid, no matter the project, you are cordially invited to the inaugural meeting of the Hogwarts Club for the Resolution Of Wants and Needs; the CROWN, for short. I am Quinn Ptolemaeus McGriffin, of the Noble and Most Ancient House of McGriffin, and I do not intend to spend my years at Hogwarts merely studying and attending lessons. To that end, I have decided to found a club for the benefit of my fellow students. If you too wish to go beyond the basic expectations for a Hogwarts student, consider becoming one of our founding members.

The purpose of the CROWN is to pool the many individual talents of Hogwarts' students, and organize the use of those talents to further the goals, ambitions and dreams of all of the club's members. Do you wish to become a mighty magical fighter? A champion Quidditch star? What about becoming a professor at this very school? Or a magical astronaut? No project is outside the purview of the CROWN, and once the member base is secure, detailed plans will be put in place to advance all of our goals, whatever they may be. All members will share the load and the benefits of the CROWN's work, as equal partners in excellence.

What are my ambitions, you may ask? It is my deepest wish that this club becomes the premier organization for personal achievement within our fine school! Students of all Houses are welcome, as are Professors, Staff, Residents and House Elves.

The inaugural meeting will be held in the Hogwarts Ballroom at 3 o'clock in the afternoon on Saturday, the 8th of September. RSVP by writing your name, year and House in the spaces provided below, or by letter.

All letters, questions, concerns and comments may be directed to Quinn P. McGriffin of First Year Slytherin.

Now, instead of the very tense, almost pained expression from before, the young Slytherin had a very small smile. She just considered it the face she made when she was happy, but from the outside it was obviously the beginning stages of an evil grin.

Non est salvatori salvator / Neque defensori dominus
Nec mater, nec pater / Nihil supernum

A chance encounter  PV Quinn McGriffin   Finished 

A bit confused, but at least satisfied that the girl talked to her, Slyvia took the flyer with a cordial smile and began to read over it.

As she did, though, her face morphed into the slightest of frowns. It seemed like an expression of deep thought, though really it was more of a what on earth is this emotion. Slyvia had a knack for cloaking her true feelings about things, it worked well when pulling a good pokerface, a neccesary skill of any troublemaker such as herself.

"Ah... seems... interesting?" She phrased it as a question, finally looking up. "A rather ambitious idea, though to be expected by a Slytherin, of course. Not in a bad way, I mean, I always admired the willpower of you lot." She gave a wan smile, before handing the flyer back.

"Though, unfortunately, I cannot attend, seeing as how I run my own little club. I may be talented, but I can't juggle quite that many responsibilites." She spoke apologetically. Then again, there was something off about that smile to her... she guessed that even if she didn't have her own priorities, she probably wouldn't attend. It seemed too elitist for her tastes. 

Pardon me, sir, but it appears the last care I gave has flown away.

A chance encounter  PV Quinn McGriffin   Finished 

Now they were talking about business, which made Quinn considerably more comfortable. Things could still go in any number of different ways, but she was gaining actionable intelligence. She could use this, as she had known about other clubs in the school on a hypothetical basis, but hadn't met any of their leaders until now. If they were to be her future caste members in the Hogwarts social hierarchy, the movers and shakers, with influence over their fellow students... Well, she would need to assess them for strengths, weaknesses, pressure points, and conflicting end goals. It wouldn't do for unexpected consequences to arise from the CROWN taking its rightful place of prominence within the school.

So far Slyvia Wight had been quite personable (more so indeed than Quinn, she forbade herself from thinking). Perhaps this Gryffindor and her club could be allies to the CROWN, or clients, depending on the nature of their own interests. Openly wearing her best shrewd expression, the young Slytherin looked Slyvia up and down for the first time. "I would be quite interested to hear about your club, Miss Wight. After all, it sounds as though we will soon be peers, and now you've learned of the CROWN from my flyer. I would greatly appreciate some quid pro quo."

Non est salvatori salvator / Neque defensori dominus
Nec mater, nec pater / Nihil supernum

A chance encounter  PV Quinn McGriffin   Finished 

"Of course, of course. I mean, of course I would love to discuss it, but, unfortunately, it's a bit... private. Nothing against you, but the anonymity of our members and our goals are crucial for it. I sincerely hope you understand." she responded, talking slowly and carefully. She gave the impression that she was choosing her words with caution.

Looking around at the scant few students in the room, none of which seemed to be concerned with or paying any attention to their conversation, a small glimmer of excitement showed on her face, if only for a half second, before she turned back to the Slytherin girl. With an expression of deviousness, she spoke again.

"Although, one thing I can say is, we are going to turn this school upside down." she said, with heavy emphasis on the last part of the sentence. "Quite literally, if possible."
She laughed at the private joke, hiding her mouth behind her hand.  Then she regained her composure.

"Ah, don't mind my rambling. I am certainly glad that I met another leader of a group, perhaps if we are ever in need of some help, I can come to you, and of course vice versa for you as well. I rather hope we won't prove to... er, get in one another's way. Can't have any competition, now."

Pardon me, sir, but it appears the last care I gave has flown away.

A chance encounter  PV Quinn McGriffin   Finished 

"...indeed. Competition would be most inconvenient. Well, good day to you, Miss Wight. Please don't hesitate to keep in touch." 

This did not bode well. Quinn felt her stomach drop a little. Miss Wight was clearly one of those types of students, who really should have been in Slytherin, but for some reason had been placed elsewhere. She had a theory that the Hat sometimes skirted its own rules to give the four Houses relatively equal populations. Turn the school upside down? In a different context, that is exactly how she herself could describe the goals of the CROWN. Making the school something even greater than it already was. Was Wight's club something similar to her own?

Slyvia Wight: rival. The thought came somewhat unbidden, it wasn't like the two had declared war or anything, but the way the girl talked, it reminded Quinn far too much of herself. If there was another girl like her, with the same sort of goals, very pointedly keeping her business secret... Well, if Miss Wight came to her with a job, she would accept in a heartbeat. Now she needed to know what was going on with Wight's club, what her goals were. The young Slytherin smiled slightly once more. Wight may be a bit devious, but she had made an amateur mistake: the most important part of any secret was knowing there was a secret in the first place.

There was a new sub-goal added to her list.

Non est salvatori salvator / Neque defensori dominus
Nec mater, nec pater / Nihil supernum

A chance encounter  PV Quinn McGriffin   Finished 

"Agreed. You'll be hearing from me eventually, of that I am sure." She gave her most charming smile.  "Until we meet again, Miss Mcgriffin."

With that, she gathered up the books she had stacked, and made her way out of the study room. She decided it would be better to take her studies elsewhere, perhaps the Gryffindor common room. She had much to think about now, and needed a bit of peace and quiet to sort her mind out.

So, Quinn. She was almost unnerved (but of course, not truly unnerved, after all, Slyvia Wight was an unshakable force) by the similarities in their characters. And certainly something about that smug grin, the beginnings of an evil smile bound to happen. She admired the others tactfulness, she had a feeling she would be a formidible opponent.

Hmm... now that she thought about it, the Slytherin girl did seem the perfect candidate for a rival. She was certainly smart, and Slyvia Wight refused to have some dull-witted oponent, after all, she at least needed a challenge. And what would the point of her club be, if there were no targets upon which to unleash clever tricks?

Yes, she could see this wordless and yet seemingly inevitable arrangement working out nicely. It was time to send a message to the group.

Pardon me, sir, but it appears the last care I gave has flown away.