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This thread is only open for those apart of the Secret Society.

As a reminder, please following the set rules from the Club's original post:
1. Never talk about the Secret Society.
2. Code names stay behind closed doors.
3. This club is not for gossip or actual secrets.
4. Play fair. Cheats and sore losers are not welcomed.
5. Have fun.
6. This club does not give students the ability to break curfew.
Do not dominate the thread; allow others to post between you and a partner, and include everyone. The 200+ word count is required for this thread.
Saturday, December 15, 2018
From 2 PM to about 4:30 PM

There was a simple sign that hung on the wooden door to the study room. The sign was nothing more than a well made piece of cardboard with almost flowy, semi-childish handwriting on it in a deep green, nearly black, paint. The end of the lunch hour was approaching, and the singular student of the club was ready for the club. It was their first meeting since he had established it; he wanted to get more people, but he knew beggars couldn't be choosers. There were too many girls, though. Daniel had to just shuffle that thought and get over with it. At least there were members. He watched as several house elves scurried out of the room and he double checked the sign. The message was passed along, and now all he had to do was hope the other students were going to show up.

Inside, the study room's main table was covered with many items: cardboard (or really heavy stock paper) of various colors similar to Hogwart's own coloring (greens, reds, blues, silvers, yellows, golds). There were dark markers from... he wasn't sure where they had come from, but they smelled bad and he wasn't a fan. Several muggle push pin fasteners were there, too; again, Daniel wasn't quite sure where those had come from, but the young wizard wouldn't complain. They were what he needed, and they worked, so he wasn't going to argue.

Today, they would be making the basic cipher wheel. Daniel had made two versions - the one they would be making today, and a similar one where the inner wheel was in morse code. The Slytherin figured that they'd have to cover morse before they added that one, but that was fine with him. They could eventually learn to stack their decoders and make more complicated ones as their club grew.

His eyes flitted towards the door as it opened, and once some of the other members were settled, he introduced what they were doing, "We're going to make cipher wheels today. So you need two circles and you need to draw lines and write the alphabet in order on both. In the middle, cut out a whole and use a fastener and then I guess you can practice writing sentences with them. Try using other's code names - there are some little stickers you can use to write your name down," Daniel wasn't the greatest at conversation, but at least he was trying. He motioned to the small stack of name stickers, and he even wore one that read one thing:


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Secret Social  PV   Secret Society   Closed 

It was a Saturday. One of the brunette's favorite days. Today she was wearing green leather jacket unzipped to reveal a white tanktop underneath, black ripped jeans, and black high top sneakers. An army green satchel hung from her left shoulder with her sketch book, art supplies, and other random things inside.  Her hair hung loose almost reaching her shoulders. The bottom half was dyed a pure white and her bangs were a maroon an for were swept to the side. The undies portion of her hair was a dark brown. It was dyed this way to hopefully make her silver eyes not stand out as much.

The twelve year old made her way to the designated meeting place in the study room. Recently she had signed up for a secret society club. Secret societies were not a new thing to her. There were many books that she had read about old secret societies. 

Opening the door she walked in. "Can I do one in Morse code?" Indeed she knew Morse code, there were other codes she knew such as: Babbington code, pigpen cipher, semaphore, the polybius square, zigzag writing, and scytale. It was cool that they were going to make cipher wheels. She had made a couple at home. 

Quickly she went and grabbed two circles and drew lines and wrote the alphabet on both. Once that was done she cut a circle in the middle of both then used a fastener.

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The Hogwarts castle was her track. Back at home in London, she’d been interested in her private school’s track team, but she’d gotten her acceptance letter to this school of Witchcraft and Wizadry instead. Her hair was tied up in a ponytail, a green bow contrasting with her caramel hair whilst aiding her in her quest for festivity.

In exchange for a school uniform, she wore a white shirt that had been in the bottom of her rickety trunk for a long time. She hadn’t wanted to wear it because it brought back terrible memories of the day she’d designed it at a craft fair. But here she was, wearing that shirt, a pair of Capri jeans, lime green converse, and a pale purple cardigan. Her outfit went together just as much as it clashed, but it put on a wonderful artsy look and Koko wasn’t about to complain.

She rounded another corner, running at a brisk pace while hoping no teacher would see her. She still didn’t know for sure if running was permitted in the hallways, and she wasn’t about to find out the hard way. She was pretty sure that the meeting was in the study room. Of course, she’d never gotten much confirmation, only a few rumors, so here she was, almost out of breath and jogging up to the door of the Study Room. Her legs ached from her trek around the castle, but she’d needed to get some exercise and what better way to do it than to have an extremely long running track.

Koko watched with slightly stimulated hazel eyes as her slender, pale fingers closed around the brass doorknob and turned it. The door creaked open to reveal two students, each starting a craft that looked like...

”Is that a cipher wheel?” Koko asked loudly, as to gain their attention. She’d made a few cipher wheels before, at her old school, but never in a room full of people who didn’t know her; people who didn’t yet hate her. For a second she wondered idiotically if she would be allowed to make one, and then the realization came to her:

Yes, you moron, you will be making a cipher wheel!! she yelled at herself mentally, laughing inside her head. ”Mind if I do one in Greek?” she asked, needing to have more opportunities to use the language that she’d been trying to learn. Well, as always, nothing ever hurt to try.

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I am Phoenix, Tina thought to herself as she made her way to the first Secret Society meeting. She was anxious to start, but stopped at the door to admire the simplicity of the sign that she assumed Da-Mastermind had made. She felt it was amazing privelege to be in this club.

Once she was inside, she chose a seat in the back and carefully listened to Mastermind's instructions. She began wondering what other kinds of code she should use. Numbers, music symbols, Braille? Perhaps she should stick to the example. As she began to write the alphabet in order, she glanced at other people's work to make sure she was doing it right. She'd hate to disappoint them with her lack of spy skills, but she loved watching spy movies and felt it would be fun to be one.

When she was finished, she took a peek at everyone's nametag, so she could memorize their code names. For some of them, she wasn't sure if she pronounced it correctly in her head and for others, she wished she had thought of the code name. 

Unsure of what to do now that she had completed the task, she pulled out her notebook and began to doodle spy ninjas.

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She was running late, which seemed mildly improfessional for such a fun meeting. Eris had never heard of a spy club before, but she had thought of Captain America and Shield in the comics she had adored as a child. She hadn’t read comics in a really long time, because living with her grandparents had robbed Eris of a few pleasures that most children enjoyed, but going to a club for spies would be a great way to relive her days of playing superheroes in the living room. Plus, going to a super secret club was way better than sitting in her room and sulking. So, here Eris was. Entering the room and raising an eyebrow at the appearance of so..many...first years, she groaned. Peeking into the room and seeing a bunch of random people, Eris felt proud she had gotten the room right, but a sense of worry at the prospect of being woefully alone in a crowd of first years.

Taking a deep breath, the short girl stepped into the room. Red hair flashing like a fire, signaling her presence, the Fawley heiress stepped into the room. She was wearing her most conspicuous outfit, of a black skirt and a pillowing black shirt, having opted out on her normal jeans and comfortable shirts to make sure she was wearing something black. It just felt right to be wearing something black, because that was what spies often sported. Spotting Eri Windstone, the corners of Eris’ mouth curled up into a sneer, as she stalked past the ravenclaw with her head held high. She wasn’t really that mad at Eri anymore, but just..didn’t want to bother with saying sorry or talking about past drama. There were more important things to do.

All the girls seemed to know what a cipher wheel was already, and Eris felt herself grow pink as she realized that Dan’s explanation was the only thing she knew about the thing. When someone asked to do a wheel in Greek and Eri asked to write in Morse Code, Eris gaped at them. They were 11 and 12?! How did they know so much? Phae knew Greek, didn’t she? But that was because she was Greek. The other girl didn’t look Greek, and why would Eri be morse? Wait no. Being Morse wasn’t a thing. What was Morse code again? Eris furrowed her brow. Oh, the stuff with dots. Right? Right.

Shrugging, Eris bent down to write her name on a nametag.Pulling up the oversized sleeves of her baggy shirt, Eris grabbed one of the copious dark markers, wrinkling her nose at the pungent smell of sharpie. Writing dragon in a sloping script, she then added a little drawing of a dragon with a slightly beam on her face, before starting to stick the nametag on her shirt. Debating sticking it on her face instead, to avoid ruining her fancy shirt, Eris instantly thought better of it and wedged the name tag onto her shirt. It was halfway slanted, having been jammed onto her shirt extremely quickly, but Eris still seemed extremely excited about the whole thing.

Then, turning towards the construction paper and the boy lingering by the paper, Eris easily picked up the best color at the table. Holding up the red construction paper with an eager smile, Eris turned towards the boy with the Mastermind sticker. She didn’t recognize him from anywhere else, and thus, when she addressed him, it was as Mastermind.

“Hey uh, Mastermind right? It looks really cool in here!” Eris played with the corners of her red construction paper, frowning at the other people. “Were we supposed to know how to make the wheel thingy already? I really don’t know how, but everyone seems...crazy smart.” Eris looked a bit sheepish, rocking back and forth on the tips of her feet, as she admitted to not knowing what was going on, unlike everyone else.

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There was something annoying about the fact that his club, the Secret Society, had nothing but girls in it. Equally so, the majority were apparently masters at things that he wanted to do. The young boy of eleven, almost twelve in a handful of months, stood there as he watched several come in, start their wheels, and then ask about things like Greek or Morse Code or whatever. Why couldn't they just use English, in case their wheel got lost and Daniel had to return them? He locked his jaw a little and blew out. Nope. There was no use getting annoyed at people who did things their own way. Whatever their issue was was their own, he told himself. At their endless questions, he shrugged his shoulders stiffly, "You can make your cipher wheels however you want. I'm writing mine in English so I can learn how to use it easily without trying to have to translate it into a third language. If you've finished early, uh - use some extra paper and make sentences and try to translate them between each other using the wheels. We can share off the best sentences before we leave," he said simply towards the majority of the girls.

Most looked done already. They weren't even here for ten minutes. So much for taking their time doing it, Daniel told himself. He rubbed his hand over his face as he tried to not roll his eyes. Daniel wouldn't care if they were here and then left. It'd just show their dedication, he figured.

His mind wandered ever so briefly until his code name was brought up. A girl with bright, almost fire-like hair, was talking to him. His shoulders relaxed and while he didn't like girls they had cooties, he wasn't against willing to help. "No, it's okay if you don't know how to make them. I'm willing to help teach," he said gently. As the founder, and self-decided president of the Society, he would have to assist regardless. He wouldn't have minded. He waved Dragon over to the table. It seemed that she had already chosen paper, so at least it would be easy.

"This one is mine. Basically, a cipher wheel is two circles - one bigger, and one smaller - overlapping. They have the alphabet written on both, and so you can spin the inner wheel to change the meaning of the letters," he held up his own. It wasn't perfect, but it had his same writing that was on the acceptance letters (he hand wrote and signed them all), as well as the sign on the door outside. He spun the inside wheel on his cipher, and showed Dragon how it worked, "My first suggestion would be to cut out two circles, and then write the alphabet on them. You can do symbols like a question mark or period, too, if you want, but it's not necessary. Once you have that finished, you can use one of these things -" he held up a brass fastener; he still wasn't sure where they came from, though, "- to secure it together so you can spin it. I uh - I hope that gave you enough information?" he retorted.

He knew he was probably a little confusing, so he'd clarify anything else should Dragon have more concerns. Daniel, despite his obvious exasperation earlier, was definitely a very, very patient Slytherin.

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Eri decided to just do her cipher wheel in English. One circle was blue the other green. Hopefully it worked right. This would be the first time she had made one since she was nine. Though to make it fancy her letters were written in calligraphy writing. The fastener was a little harder to put on than she thought it would be, but she managed to get in on.

The brunette walked over to the name tags and wrote Little Firecracker onto the sticker and placed it onto her shirt. While she was over there she grabbed a piece of paper to start working on making sentences. The appearance of the fiery red head made Eri a little wary. They hadn't spoken since an early time of this year and Eri is convinced Eris hates her for what happened their first year. Ever since that accident the brunette had been more closed off and not wanting to let people close in fear of losing them. 

Once she had her supplies Eri went to the opposite side of the room where Eris was not and began to play with her cipher wheel. She set the letters where A=d and began to write some sentences.

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Oh yes yes yes! A secret club for secret things, how intriguing. This sort of thing is just right up me ally. Ought to be a good show a good show indeed. They truly have piqued me curiosity to the utmost degree. Ah do hope they don't disappoint or they'll have one unhappy ginger with a knack for clever pranks on their hands.

Now while that was a threat. Never fret because Quinn was mostly joking at least about the implied threat. Quinn had a large satchel strewn across his back. Its contents unknown to all except Quinn himself. Although no one would recognize him as he had completely slicked back his hair amd managed to get it to stick without any hair product. His hair was as weird as him.

He also wore some fake glasses and had his scarf done up nice. To add to his disguise he walked with a different gate then usual and wore a much more serious look. In short he looked like a different person which he was more than going for.

When the Quinnster walked into the study room his disguise suddenly dropped as an inhumanly high pitched squeal escaped his lips. That was abruptly stopped by his hands clamping over his mouth rather quickly. He looked around quickly apologizing for everything.

Ciphers! Ah love ciphers! Oh ah know so many ciphers especially book ciphers! His mind was racing as he recognized the wheel with ease. It was one he used often for his own secret code writing. Wasting no time he snatched up the materials he needed and got to work taking some other contents out of his bag. All the while he was mumbling very quickly to himself about what key he would use, what he would write first, the possibilities of making a hard to crack but simple to use book cipher using the wheel. In short his mind was on full blast and not stopping anytime soon. A feral smirk plastered permanently on his face it seemed.

I apologize for any misspellings I will fix that typing in phone and may miss some things.


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