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Lately, Remy felt like his grades were about to make a steep curve. Steep curve down, that is. Unhappy with that kind of a result, he had hurried to the study room to do what was his responsibility. As a responsible, or not so responsible student who attended Hogwarts, he was supposed to study and earn respectable grades. He had momentarily forgotten this and mostly played around during the first months. There was so much to explore and so many things to find and so many things to learn about other people! He had dropped his perfectionism and tendency to overachieve behind for the sake of fun.

Back to square one. Grabbing the quill, ink, and piece of parchment, he stared at that aforementioned, empty parchment. Intensely shooting daggers and chewing on his lips, hovering his arm over the table, he was trying to figure out what was there to write. Furrowing his brows, he placed the tip of the quill and started scribbling something down. Words poorly strung together as his hand wavered unsteadily. Essays were always a pain in the backside. Remy had made an intricate plan of what to write before actually writing it on the parchment. The moment he actually had started, every piece of information he had ever learned seemed to erase itself from his brain.

After a few painful minutes, he had managed to produce a few paragraphs of text. Happy with what he had achieved for now, Remy pressed his palm on his cheek and closed his eyes. He wasn't going to doze off just yet, but his eyes had surely started feeling heavy the moment he had opened the book...

Strength - 4 - Agility - 9 - Control - 9 - Stamina - 8

Spill The Ink  PV   Closed 

Vales's quill moved along the paper with ease, more and more words printing across the paper. Essays came easy for the bookish girl, and she could finish one rather quickly. But Vales was bored. The essay was on the boringest of boring topics, and after about an hour, she was done. Lightly putting her quill down, Vales looked around the room.

It was loosely populated, a few kids here and there, all looking as bored as her. Vales was tempted to just leave the study room, instead going to the library to read, but she was dead set on finishing the essay. It wouldn't be any easier to do the essay later, and if she didn't finish it today, then it would be late. So she put her head down, and continued, trying her best to finish quickly...

There. She was done. Letting out a deep breath, Vales stood up from her seat, grabbing the essay in on hand as she started walking towards the door. A boy was sitting by himself, obviously bored, just as she was a few minutes ago. Vales could see a tad of his work, and she noticed that he was doing the same essay as she was just a few minutes ago! Maybe he needed some help?

Walking over, Vales clasped her things a little bit tighter to her chest before speaking,
"Hello! Do you need any help?"

“You don't spend your life hanging around books without learning a thing or two.”

Spill The Ink  PV   Closed 

He put his free palm on his other cheek, cupping his face. Boy did his head feel too heavy for him to carry. And oh, his hands were so warm against his cold cheeks. He felt very droopy, like he was going to fall asleep right here right now. It was eerily quiet and the only background noise was one of a few quills being pressed against pieces of parchment. He found it very calming and felt himself drifting into dreamland. He could do the essay tomorrow...right? Remy let out a low hum escape his lips, he was agreeing with his own thoughts.

Just as he was about to drop dead on the table, he heard a voice behind him. He couldn't differentiate if it was a girl or a boy talking to him, nor did the voice sound familiar to him. This was clearly someone new addressing him. Opening his eyes slowly, with much dismay, he looked before himself for a while. Finally turning towards the voice, he saw a figure with long hair standing right next to him.

"Hello! Do you need any help?"

A girl was hugging her things and asking if he needed any help with his work. Cocking his head to the side like a confused puppy would do at first, he furrowed his brows and nudged his cheek with his closed fist, attempting to wake himself up. Her words slowly but surely registered in his brain. Linking the essay and her question together, he tilted his head to the other side now. They didn't even know each other, why'd she offer him help? Nonetheless, he found it a nice gesture, and he would have accepted it if it wasn't for his pride and fragile ego.

"Uhm, I think I'm doing just fine thank you."

He looked again at his teensy tiny bit pathetic essay. Remy gritted his teeth and narrowed his eyes a bit. He did note that based on her clothes she was a Ravenclaw. And what were Ravenclaws known for? Their intelligence. Perhaps he'd let his ego be crushed this time and this time only. He couldn't afford to screw up in his first year! Besides, nice gestures were designed to be taken advantage of. Scratching the back of his head a bit awkwardly, he answered her again.

"Changed my mind, I could use some good advice from a smart gal."

He made sure to flatter her as a way to acknowledge her aforementioned nice gesture. Remy's lips turned into an amiable grin that was plastered across his face. He'd make sure to squeeze every bit of information out of this girl until she'd detest him and run away the next time she saw his twinkling eyes scanning the room for his next prey.

Strength - 4 - Agility - 9 - Control - 9 - Stamina - 8