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Elena hugged her friend back fiercely, "I'm just happy you're here. Thanks so much for coming Bella. I'm so glad you came."

Elena nodded back at Hugh and frowned slightly, "Okay, don't hesitate to get me if you end up needing it. You may be a knight but you're not invincible."

Elena saw a lot of people, more than she'd ever expected to turn up and slid over to stand near Ruby and Min-seo, knowing that it was sure to be the temporary quiet part of the room.

"I did not expect this many people, at all." Elena's eyes darted around the room before breaking out in a slight smirk, "And I didn't expect anyone to make an entrance as memorable as that. Charming really does know how to introduce himself."

Elena was glad she chose to wear so much of her armour today. Hoodie, an old cloak, torn jeans, freshly dyed blue hair standing proud and tall. All of it made her feel a little bit more at home with this many people around, even if she still preferred to speak from the shadows. It made her feel a little bit more like people cared about her, and a little less like she'd become the person left behind.

I'm weak my love.