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Thea walked into the study room, ready to do her homework and well, study. She didn't really know what her homework was, but - as her mother, who has always been much much better at remembering... well, remembering anything since in the span of three minutes Thea could forget what she just did and would have to go check if she actually did that or no, taught advised her, she wrote it down.

She was sure the forgetfulness ran in the family, as her father, who was, admittedly, a great illustrator, would literally do the same... except his actions had much much more consequences, as he'd forget about deadlines as well, and, well, Thea wasn't paying for the bills or had to raise money for the family.

She sighed, sitting down and taking her assignments out of her school bag, along with some pencils, and a quill, as the teachers professors didn't really permit the students to use pens. Well, they didn't ban them, but they didn't really permit them either. Once one of the professors gave her a nasty look for NOT writing with a quill and a pen instead... terrifying.

She opened her notebook up, seeing the assignments. She liked to start the easier ones at the beginning, it made the Hufflepuff girl feel like she was actually getting something done instead of wasting time, trying to do bigger projects all at once. Another thing her mother taught her.

The girl sighed, looking that the first assignments were charms. She wasn't the worst at them, but she definitely wasn't the best either, especially with the grades system being too complicated for her small brain to comprehend. T sighed and got to work.

After some time has passed the girl, put away her quill, leaning back on the chair. The second to last homework assignment was done and she was happy to know that she will finally be able to relax when she finishes the next one on the list. She wasn't sure which subject it was nor what it even was, she was just happy to finally be done with the stupid homework, so it was reasonable that seeing how the last assignment was a project, the girl started to get angry. Close to the note about the project, it said a name - Theresa Rubel.

The girl leaned back on her chair, sighing. She didn't know who the other girl was, as while she could remember names quite well, she didn't match them to faces well.

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Tessa decided to go up to the Studyroom on the first floor as the Common Room was way too crowded for her and she felt unable to concentrate there. Arriving to a much calmer environment, she threw her shoulder bag down next to an empty chair at the corner and reluctantly plopped down. She didn't feel like doing anything at that moment, she just wanted to take a nap... but it was a project for the night, as it seemed she would be sitting there all day...

After about fourty minutes, she was ready with the easier assignments and small researches, but the most problematic of all was a History of Magic project. She didn't know what was all this between her and the subject, but she simply hated it, and always struggled with it, no matter how creative their professor tried to be during the lessons. Just to make it worse, for this project, she was paired up with a girl named Thea Knott. Even if she spent more than a month among her fellow Puffballs, she didn't know them by name, except for her friends, Stella and Carrie.

She cursed inside as she had to ask several students to know who Thea was... Finally arriving next to the girl, She put her bag down again next to her table: 'You're Thea, right? It's Theresa.... Tessa... you know... History of magic project...?' - she asked, feeling totally awkward.


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Thea looked at the girl who sat next to her. The fellow Hufflepuff was pretty, she had to admit - pale skinned with freckles covering most of her face, a petite build, and blue eyes that Thea would describe as piercing. "On Gargoyle's, wasn't it?" the girl finally spoke out at the mention of History of Magic. She sighed and pulled her books and notes out. "I don't get why it needs to be a project. It could be an essay. Saving people the hassle..." she mumbled, trying to sound as nice as possible. It wasn't she didn't like doing projects, or the people she had to work with. She just preferred to be alone.

Thea looked at the girl again, as an awkward silence fell between the two. "Or it's just the fact that History of Magic isn't... the best subject for me? It seems like too much remembering, not enough doing," she added, trying to sound friendly. "Ok, anyway. What do you think we should put on the project? I'm pretty sure we need to say everything that was in the lecture and then probably add details that we found ourselves."

She looked over the notes. "We definitely need the date and reason..." she started to write things down in a plan version of what they needed. "I can do some graphics as well if you want."

She wouldn't mind doing graphics. They were fun to do, and sometimes she'd be able to get people to do the work while she just sat in the corner drawing, unless she did it with her friends, and well, she didn't have much of those. It was probably how the projects there worked. Although drawing a gargoyle would be something new, preparing title and sub-point graphics wouldn't be too much to pull off for a simple project...

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The first thing that catched Tessa's attention about Thea that she talked a lot - compared to herself of course. She also seemed to be someone much more faster than her: she couldn't even collect her thoughts while Thea was already started planning the project and mentioned graphics... Merlin's beard! How would she be able to catch up? She had to collect herself, and that immediately!
She tried to reply to her comments, as she could surprisingly agree with them: 'You're right. An essay would have been fairly enough for everyone! Learning about the history of certain spells and important events would be much better than this... Gargoyle Rebellion or what the heck it was... - she said in a quite dark tone, rolling her eyes. Working on a project together with anyone around the school wouldn't help her attitude about History of Magic and about the fact that she felt like most of the curriculum was completely unnecessary for her.
Tessa opened her notebook searching for useful data among her messy notes and drawings. 'Yes, the date and reason are important, but let's see if we can find something interesting that we couldn't hear during the lecture... - she said, hitting the table with a huge, dusty book she borrowed from the library. She coughed as the flying dust hit her eyes and nose. Once she could stop it she quickly looked up at Thea again: 'Graphics? Good idea. I can draw, but not very well... But I bet you can!' - she said, hoping her statement was right.