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The Alternative  PV ⇉ D. Teague 

Private to Dymphna Teague
Elijah liked to pretend he was smart.

Well, maybe "pretend" wasn't necessarily the right word. He knew he was smart and that he could pass the classes set out for him, but he wasn't anything like his sister. Where she was naturally gifted with her mind and utilizing it, harnessing the raw power she held, Elijah had to knock a little bit harder to tap into his reservoir of brain power. He took copious notes, studied harder than anyone else, but he knew he couldn't even hold a candle to Celestine's brilliance.

Studying so hard, so thoroughly, took up a lot of his time. Perhaps that was why he knew would never be fit to try out for the Quidditch team- when it took so much of him to keep his head above water in the academics area, there was absolutely no way he'd be able to juggle both sports and grades. 

While in the Muggle world, everything was at least manageable, there was an entirely different curriculum in Hogwarts. It was almost like learning another language, one that he had to pick up on the fly, and it was far, far harder to pick up than Chinese, he was sorry to say.

Simply put, learning magic was really fricking hard.

But who could blame him? The kid was so logic-wired, the only difference between him and a computer was the fact that blood ran through his veins. Perhaps what truly was the biggest difference between him and his sister was his absolute lack of creativity. That's what Ravenclaw also stood for, right? Alternative solutions to puzzling problems, and creative outlooks on the ordinary things in life.

Looking up from his homework, he finally took a bit of a break from staring at his notes. It didn't make sense to him whatsoever, and he had already exhausted all of his options- his textbooks, his sister's past notes, and his own notes. None of it could help change his confusion about Transfiguration.

He simply couldn't wrap his head around the fact that you could change one object to another. The rules helped a little bit, but it went against every bone, blood cell, and moral belief in his body. His mother and father performed these spells all of the time, yet he chose to ignore it and learned to stop bombarding Celestine with questions on how it worked.

He worshipped the god that was Science, and Science said you couldn't bend the laws of nature like this. Molecules and atoms were set up in certain ways specifically so things like this couldn't happen- all of this shape-shifting and turning one thing into another. It blew his mind that things like this could and would happen, which currently made Transfiguration his worst subject.

His in-depth analysis and arguments about everything that made up the class had given him a bit of trouble with the professor, and he knew just how disappointed his father would be if he should see his grades. Swallowing his pride, he abruptly stood up, his eyes flickering across the room, in a desperate search for a Ravenclaw.

His gaze settled on a blonde girl with pale skin, sporting the robes of house Ravenclaw. Taking a deep breath, he padded on over to her as quietly as possible, trying not to disturb anyone else in the room, should they actually be attempting to get some work done. This... this was his last resort. She was his alternative solution.

"Pardon me," he said quietly, meekly, hoping that his voice would be enough to get her attention. "Could you spare a bit of time to help me with my Transfiguration homework?" Insert a small, pitiful smile, convincing in every way. It was a move he employed quite often when he required a better grade from the odd teacher who hadn't taken a liking to him in school. "I do believe I don't quite understand it... rather problematic, wouldn't you think? You know, considering it's essentially the basis of our entire society."

Sometimes, you just have to play the role of a fool to fool the fool who thinks they're fooling you.
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