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Unmasked Misery (Ben Attack Squad)  Closed 

Delilah knew about the mask? A smarter girl would have made note of that, but Eris’s heart was thundering in her chest. Loudly enough that she could hardly focus on the moment on hand. Adam, Adam, oh god what had she done to Adam? Eris Fawley was a girl of unwavering loyalty and turning away from Adam made her feel guilty, especially after he had taken her in over the holidays and had came to her home, with no reason even to do so. Hands starting to shake at her sides, which was a long forgotten habit Eris hadn’t picked up since the first few meetings with her friends early last year.

Was she one for vengeance? Eris had never thought it over, but her stubbornness had lead to this terrifying moment in front of her. The two paths to take were murky and faded with fog, but the subconscious of Eris’s mind knew the right thing to do would be to stop this plan. The people in front of her did not understand, and Eris had been worried to not have friends, but there was Adam. Adam trying to stop her, Adam trying to plead with her.

Her friend through so many struggles. Was she willing to fight with him just over a- oh god. Kaegen was here. How must Adam feel? The boy who attacked Adam last year, he was here and looked insane. Slowly, etching backwards into the wall, the words of Aurelia came through her head.

“I’ll...I’ll get him out of the school and make sure he gets the punishment he deserves.” Eris blinked, as Adam left and the twin pathways of choices became even less blurry. She couldn’t fight Ben with these people. Not with Kaegen, who was insane and willing to KILL people. Not with Aurelia, who spread gossip and rumors like a fly. Especially not with Elena, whose very existence was reminding Eris of a pained existence, easily forgotten but far harder to admit to.

Folding her arms across her chest, wand sticking out of the right pocket at a tilt, Eris watched Elena step forward with a knife in her hand. Sharply, Eris took another step back, staring at the knife with distaste. When she turned to see Adam’s blonde hair leaving the room, the child realized that she was in over her head for real.

A knife was for bad guys. Bad guys stabbed people and Eris didn’t want to be a bad guy. No, a superhero wouldn’t have gone to a group full of people who wanted to stab people and kill them! She just wanted to talk to Ben, and maybe she would have to do it alone. These people seemed too bloodthirsty, and Adam was gone. If Adam left, that was never a good sign.

Shoving the knife away, Eris felt a bit breathless, her nativity conflicting with the conversation she could hardly understand. “No thank you, I don’t want to kill him. I think I’m going to go find him, and uh ask him what’s up. I will tell you all when I find out what he really is.”

With that, she hurried out of the room.
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Unmasked Misery (Ben Attack Squad)  Closed 

And just like that, the anger was gone. He wasn’t stupid, he knew what she had just done. What was he, anyway. He was her friend. He had promised. But as the boy watched his friend walk hurriedly away from him, all he really wanted to do was cry. There had been nothing in the girl’s gaze when she looked at him, nothing he wanted to see. Where was the joy, where was the relief when she realized he was there for her, again. It was like she had looked on a stranger and then left without saying a word to him.

A boy raised in the fens, a boy removed from civilization and morality. A boy who had managed to make a friend, and lose her. And somehow get her back. A boy who treasured that friendship more than his own life. And now he didn’t see any of it. He had done something wrong, messed something up. It had been obvious, whatever it had been. If it hadn’t, she would have told him, she would have let him know what he had done wrong unless she thought he knew.

He was twelve, and far too tired. He would have craved a mother but he didn’t know what one of those felt like. So he craved Eris, Eris and her hugs and her warmth and her calm assurances. Eris who he spent hours training for, just so that he could be her equal. He knew he would never be better than someone like her but was equal too much to ask for? Apparently so. She had followed appy out.

His mind travelled back to that day, last year. She had chosen him there, too. But what he didn’t know was why. After all, hadn’t he been there for her? He had been willing to happily kill her enemies, and appy had just made her sad and walked away. How was that fair, how was that justified?

He knew he lost, he knew Eris was mad at him. And he knew there was nothing he could do about it. As he followed the girl out of the room by force of habit, and started to follow her down the halls he stopped. It was pointless. Feeling a tear begin to fall, he slowly turned, and walked away in the opposite direction. He was going to find a corner to cry, and then try to gather his strength tomorrow. He wasn’t going to give up on his friend, even if she didn’t know who he was.

And he was certainly still going to try and kill the boy with the mask. He didn’t know what the mask looked like, but he assumed it had to be obvious. He’d know it when he saw it.
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