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Elena and Rorie had been put together on the assignment and had rushed down to the study room together to start planning, they had already decided on using Rorie's idea of little slides, so at least that was all dealt with.

It made Elena feel very happy, the idea that she had a friend like Rorie was heartwarming, she was a great band leader. Rorie had lots of good ideas, she was brilliant as far as Elena knew, so Elena knew that the assignment would work out well. Which means that they could have a lot of fun doing it. Elena thought of the box of cookies from her friends back in her dorm, maybe she could duck down and grab it. She would ask, she decided. Who knew maybe Rorie didn't like them.

“I’m really glad I got paired with you, you’re really cool. I have a great time in band with you, it’s really fun.” Elena grinned at Rorie, "I'd be happy to draw some of the slides, me and my friends used to do sketched to make some extra cash. I also have some cookies in my dorm, my friend Maria made them, I could go grab them if you want?"

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Like Sisters  PV Rorie Thompson   Closed 

ack sorry for such a late reply lol

"Yeah, you sketching would be great, i can't draw well for the life of me, really, without making my creation look like a cartoon show," she laughed, remembering the bubble characters she used to draw.

Rorie started to cut out the proper slots in cardstock, decorating the page with some smaller moons and folding it appropriately. She still had quite a lot to do as far as the proper mechanics of the paper slides were concerned, but she had a plan in her mind and it wasn't going to be too difficult.

"Ay, you're cool too. Band is fun, isn't it? You're great, fun to be around, I'm happy we're friends!" she said honestly, her voice peppy and upbeat. As an extrovert, being with people made her feel energetic, especially people she enjoyed.

"I bet we could get up to some trouble, maybe we could plot something and cause some chaos soon," she said slyly, her friend and her exchanging mischievous grins.

"But for now, let's get this project done and impressive. Then we'll have a good grade to compensate for the points we'll lose," she said with a wink as she inserted a tiny card lever into the project.

Like Sisters  PV Rorie Thompson   Closed 

“Trouble you say? I like the sound of that.” Elena flashed Rorie the mischievous grin that had earned her the moniker of Puck, “Chaos is my favourite outcome of any arrangement, and maybe if we do a good enough prank we can get Peeves to take credit for it. No detention for us!”

She pulled out the pencils and art pens she had bought at diagon alley at the start of the year. Elena started sketching the designs, she had three ideas and she was excited to show Rorie her drawing skill. The first design had simple blue background with stars, the second had a silver background with a little gold astrolabe in the top right corner, and the third was gold with a silver moon and a picture of a device called a “nocturnal” in the top right corner.

“So where do you come from? I can’t quite place your accent, it’s quite cool. I’m from London, sort of nowhere though, remind me to find someone to stay with, I don’t want to be on my own this Christmas.” Elena put the finishing touches on the nocturnal and moved the page around, “Which do you like best? I can do any of the three.”

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Like Sisters  PV Rorie Thompson   Closed 

Rorie smiled. "Hey, yeah, as long as we can pull off a prank that's Peeve's level of chaos, we'll be free," she laughed.

"Oh, yeah, I'm British, I just have a weird lispy thing to my voice, not sure why. I'm from London as well, a nowhere too. The ghetto, actually. You could stay with my family this Christmas, we don't have the best place, but it's charming and we make it home. Of course, you'd have to put up with my little brother and sister. But my mother would be fine with it," she smiled, then laughed again realizing that she had been babbling on about it. But the idea of having a friend over for the holidays was an exciting prospect.

"Wow, that's really good. I definitely think we're gonna get an O on this assignment," she said with a cheerful wink. Assembling some of the pieces, she tried out the creation, moving the lever around to watch the different moon phases peek through the slot and give you a description and picture.

"Well, I think the project is done," she cheered as she wrote down their two names on the back. "Let's start planning that prank," she whispered.

Like Sisters  PV Rorie Thompson   Closed 

The finished product sat in front of the duo, the card projector worked perfectly, the sketches looked great and Rorie had once again shown her brilliance in making ideas.

Elena couldn’t help but feel exstatic at the idea of Rorie and her family taking her in over Christmas, she could feel her eyes tearing up, “I’d love to come to your place for Christmas. That, that sounds amazing. Thank you so much.”

Elena wiped the tear off her cheek and hoped that Rorie didn’t see it. Elena had never thought that anyone would be so kind to her, especially somebody as amazing as Rorie. She had remaining trust issues after her friends had so thoroughly betrayed her, she had never expected the people that had helped her all her life to have scammed her. A prank sounded fun, it sounded normal, she was going to have a lot of fun with Rorie, she could tell the girl actually liked her.

“So, maybe we could prank Landon and Ana? They haven’t exactly been the nicest to us.” Elena considered for a second, “Or, we could go and do some sweet vandalisation. A bit of graffiti never hurt anyone. TPing the Trophy Room is always an option though.”

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