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A curious Meeting  PV   Closed 

'Oh how exciting! I can't believe I'm actually going to this. Oh blasted all why am me so nervous? Come on Queenie we are gonna do absolutely fine! we'll see ya hear!' Quinn had managed to commandeer the study room for sometime. It wasn't too hard to do really, he just hoped that the people who were assigned to his group were punctual. By that he meant they would be here in the next ten minutes or so.

Now Quinn wasn't one to be too formal about anything, but one thing that did irk him was being too late for an event. It just really rubbed something deep inside his soul the wrong way when that occurred. O'course he'd never let anyone know, he'd simply laugh it off. Because that way there was less conflict and everyone was happier. Was it right? Maybe not...but that's not why he was here. Yes he was here to meet the people who would be playing one of his favorite past times. Dungeons and Dragons!

Quinn had gotten the table all setup. He had brought what he needed from his home back near Dublin. He had the necessary books, had managed to get some character sheets, even a few spare ones just in case. He had brought pencils,dice, basically everything one needed to make their character properly. He wondered what kind of characters each of them would make.

Quinn did have a general idea of what type of campaign he would run, but he first needed to get a feel for the players so he could tailor it to them. 'Oh this was gonna be so fun!' That thought, screamed through his head as he took his seat at the head of the table. He waited patiently organizing and straightening his supplies.

On the outside of the door to the study room he had drawn a silly flyer that read as follows:
"To my group of fellow adventures (You know who you are) come on in and join me as we create your adventure. I look forward to meeting you all, now don't be late!" On it after that it was signed at the bottom "Your DM, Queenie" At the very top written in large ornate lettering "Dungeons & Dragons" and around that small little surprisingly detailed drawings of dragons surrounded it. They weren't terrible, but they weren't exactly great either. Still it was impressive with how they looked.
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A curious Meeting  PV   Closed 

Samara whistled when she saw the sign, the dragons were a nice touch. She had brought a backup sheet in case there was no character creation, but when she opened the door she could see that the Dungeon Master was obviously well equipped. There were character sheet, dice, pencils. Samara was happy about the pencils, trying to do this with a quill would have been murder. Not fun at all.

Sam had decided it would be fun, this was her favourite game after all. She used to play it with her parents and their friends. She was the assassin or the bard, so she would probably do the same thing in this game. It would be fun, she told herself again.

Seeing that there was another person in the room she assumed he must be the Dungeon Master, he had red hair and freckles, and was tall and slim with pale skin.

"Hello there, I'm Sam. It's nice to meet you. I'm guessing you're the DM. You've done a really good job setting up. Is there any chance I can be a Bard or a Rogue? I'm usually best at those classes." She held out her hand to shake the boy's.