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Mariela was eagerly talking with Stella about the spells, not realizing that they had started to get a little bit loud in the process. She looked over at the girl who had talked to them, knowing instantly she was a pureblood since the girl had called her and Stella muggles. She thought the girl seemed familiar but she didn't know exactly if that was one of the people who had bullied her for being a muggle born. 
Mariela didn't know whether it was a good idea to talk to the girl. Maybe it would work ... maybe it would not and they would have to keep on getting bullied ...
But Mariela did not want to get bullied the rest of her years at Hogwarts. Besides, Stella and she had not done anything wrong to the girl. Mariela did not even know the girl. The only reason she knew her was because she was being bullied by the girl for being a muggle born. 
Mariela looked over at Stella and nodded slightly at her, deciding it was worth a shot to talk to the pure blood.
She looked over at the girl. "I'm sorry. We didn't mean to be so loud. We just got excited for something we were talking about," she said. She decided to start the conversation off in a nice way, hoping that would go well and they wouldn't get bullied by the girl.

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Ela started the conversation off nicely. Stella joined in. "Hi! Um, yeah, we were just quietly looking over some spells, if that doesn't bother you, your highness."
Stella yipped. Had she really just said that! Now she had ruined the whole thing!
"I mean, s-s-s-sorry. We really didn't mean to disturb you!" Stella struggled to keep the sarcastic tone out of her voice. This needed to be a sincere apology. Not that it would end the bullying, but it was worth a shot.
Stella groaned, but started over.
"Forget all that I just said. If we're disturbing you, maybe you should just-aaaak! Sorry! Umm, we can leave if? No!"
Stella knew she must look insanely stupid doing this. Then she realized she could start a prank. It was too hard to resist.
"Oh, wait, what's that? I should kill everyone and get out of here?" She smiled at the girl and tapped her temple. "Sorry, the voices." Stella tried to shrug apologetically.
"Ha! I'm joking!" She had them and then...
"That's not really what they said."
It was a straight Harley Quinn quote, but the pureblood wouldn't know. It was a very muggle thing. And Stella was proud of it.
Would the girl fall for believing she was crazy? It would be just the start of the payback...whoops. Had she let Ela down? Had Ela wanted to start off friendly?
This was bad. Too bad she didn't have real voices in her head telling her what to do. That would be so much easier than making the decisions herself.

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Anastasia rolled her eyes when the Ravenclaw said that they were excited about something they were talking about. She could tell that much, and she frankly didn't care. At the moment, she just wanted to finish her homework without being disturbed by a pair of loud ignorant ditzes. "I could tell that much," Anastasia said, smiling tightly at the girl. It wasn't exactly a smile, more of an "I'm pretending to be polite but I think you're an idiot" look. Anastasia had perfected that look over the years. 

Anastasia thought the situation mostly handled when the Hufflepuff burst in. Just lovely... 

Anastasia arched an eyebrow questioningly when the girl said that they'd been quietly discussing spells. If your definition of quiet was disturbing half the Study Room, then they'd absolutely been quiet. If it was anything else, they'd been anything but. She didn't even make a face at the "your highness" bit. She'd already been called princess and spoiled quite a few times so far at Hogwarts, so she didn't much care. "I really don't think that word means what you think it means. Maybe you should check a dictionary. See, the most common definition of quiet is making little or no noise, which is certainly not what you were just doing," Anastasia said, her voice already sounding a bit bored with their moronic-ness. When the Hufflepuff started talking about killing people and voices, she just arched an eyebrow and rolled her eyes again. What complete idiots...

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Mariela thought everything was going well until Stella burst in . She thought it was quite funny how she talked about the voices in her head and when she said the Harley Quinn quote but Mariela knew the pure blood would not care at all about it and she would most likey think they were out of their minds or that they were really weird. 
"Well, sorry again. We'll let you study now ," she said as she started to put her things away and motioned Stella to do the same. 
Mariela didn't think it was a good idea to pull a prank on the pure blood girl now. As she thought about it more, she thought maybe they should not pull any pranks at all. That would only make the pure bloods angrier at them. And that would also not make Mariela or Stella any better than the pure bloods who bullied them. She had no ideas of what they could do to make peace with with the pure bloods. Maybe nothing since the pure bloods did not like them and that is how they were raised.
"Let's go Stella. We're finished with our homework anyways," she said as she put ber things away in her bag and stood up when she finished.

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