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Study Shenanigans!  Private   Closed 

We are all new students at Hogwarts. Character A (Felicity) finds themselves to be an absolute ace when it comes to their defense against the dark arts and charms classes, but can't wrap their mind around transfiguration to save their life. With the help of characters B and C, while dragging the begrudging character D in too, the four of them get into hilarious shenanigans and still fit in time to study together.

This RPG is closed! The members are:

Serena Towers, Ben Eckenrode, Felicity Greenwich & Elizabeth Greenwich.


 Felicity walked into the Study Room with Defense Against the Dark Arts, Charms, and Transfiguration books in hand. She had planned to meet with a few people there to engage in a study session - hopefully the first of many. She had no real expectations as to how it would go, considering it was the first real session the group would have, and most of the time they would probably be introducing themselves and getting to know each other. After all, it was only a few days into the beginning of school.

 So far, the blonde had been able to succeed in most of her classes, but she had been finding Transfiguration particularly difficult. She couldn't even make a feather levitate before most of the class - and that had made her feel particularly awful about her wand skills. Perhaps her dreams of an Auror were too far-fetched after all. Then again, these sessions were supposed to help each other get better at the others' weaker classes. They could all tutor each other. She really hoped that they would be able to become friends, as well, though. She assumed they were, considering they agreed to meet up to study, but you could never be too sure about it.

 She took the first seat at the table, pulling out a chair and sliding her books onto the table, as well as her notebook which she had been carrying in her robe pocket with her wand. She decided to keep Transfiguration notes in it, considering that was where she, personally, struggled. It was a small thing, and had a worn leather cover, with a string of leather tying its pages shut. She had already filled in at least twenty pages with notes on spells and wand movements. She may have to invest in another notebook soon.
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Study Shenanigans!  Private   Closed 

If magic is so great why am I carrying this pile of books without using it?

Ben arrived at the study room with a pile of books in hand, nearly blocking his entire face. It was probably a little entertaining to an outsider as he nearly stumbled over his own feet before setting them on the table next to Felicity. When the offer to study together came up he could not say yes fast enough. It's not that he lacked friends, or struggled in his classes, or liked studying... except it was all of those things. Ben had found himself at a lack for more than one or two friends so far and his muggle life made every tiny detail of the wizarding world new to him.

"History of magic.., Book of Spells.., Fantastic bea..," he stopped at the last one and simply set it on the bottom before he moved ahead.  "I may have bought extra books."

A big grin spread across Ben's face as he revealed he had indeed brought the required books and more. He had no lack of material to read for classes and personal time it seemed. Even though he didn't fully understand it yet, he was most certainly a Ravenclaw. His study habits and ability to quickly learn new things meant he was doing well in a few aspects, but overall still needed a lot of work. Transfiguration class was actually one of his top classes, by an odd twist of fate. Felicity seemed to need help with that the most, and she seemed real good at the other stuff.

A good match. For friends! He argued with himself silently as he took his seat.

Study Shenanigans!  Private   Closed 

 The girl looked up as another person entered the room, and she felt her face light up with a smile as she realized that it was Ben - one of the people she asked to study with her! She clapped her hands together once, holding them there afterwards, standing up to greet the boy after her placed his books down, engulfing him in a friendly hug which lasted all of three seconds, and then stepped back, looking at the books he brought.

 "Did you bring.. all of your books?" She asked, amused. She, herself, had only brought Book of Spells, Magical Theory, and The Dark Forces: A Guide to Self-Protection. Did Ben happen to refer to all of the books when he went to classes? Well, regardless, she knew well enough about what was in these said books - she had read them from front to back from front again. They could be her bedtime stories, in a way.. 

 She was more than excited to begin the session. She had been sure to ask people she knew would have a fun time while studying, as well, and she anticipated to see what was in store for the group that was going to come together. She sat back down in her previous seat, spreading out her books from their small pile as well. 

 "Unfortunately, I lack the amount of books you have here with you. I only brought these." She laughed a little bit, running her fingers through her hair, but stopping halfway through - it was much too long, but it was the way she liked it.

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Elizabeth looked around anxiously, at least she'd be with people she recognized and learned a little bit about. Smiling to herself, she shook her head and opened the door. Looking around the room, there was Ben and Felicity. Ben stood in place and Felicity sat at the table, books spotted around the table in different places. Smiling, Elizabeth waved to them both. "Nice to see you both again!" Elizabeth said trying her best not to be anxious. 

Walking around the table to a chair, next to Felicity, she sat down. Smiling to her sister she got out her five books and placed them on the table, grabbing a notepad and a pencil decorated by yellow and black. She was really bad with potions, so she was looking to improve... That, while working with this group of people. Every book that she had placed down had to do with something potion-needed. Gripping the pencil in her hand she looked up.

"When will Serena show up?"  She asked while looking over to her sister and then to Ben, she always never knew what was about these people but she felt more less-anxious than when with complete strangers in Hufflepuff. Writing down on her notepad, "Notes about Potions." She then put a couple things down that she wanted to improve, that list went on quite a lot.

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Now let's be brutally clear from the start here.  Serena was not one you would associate with the word study.  In fact, she pretty much did anything but study.  It was a terrible example to be setting her fellow students, especially now that she had suddenly been made Prefect.  That role was a complete shock to her system.  She woke up one day to find that she had been given the unexpected role.  She had no clue what the Deputy Headmaster saw in her but... she didn't question his judgement.  She had accepted the role without question but she had no confidence in her ability to actually fulfill the role.  That was another matter, however.  Let's get back to the studying part, shall we?

Serena never studied.  She was the kind of student that would open her textbook for the first time on the morning of the exam.  Perhaps a day before, if she was lucky.  She was the student at the back of the room, dozing off in classes.  You would never see her outside of class actually studying.  Okay, that's not true.  There's one thing she had suddenly gotten the urge to learn.  That's a topic for another time.  In general, she never wanted to study.  However, she was trying to be a bit more sociable.  Her new Prefect role required her to actually, you know, talk to people - and help people.  Sigh, unfortunately the help required today involved studying.  Talking to strangers made Serena nervous and awkward.  She was quite a shy person.  Outwardly, she would seem confident and outgoing because she had a very bubbly and bouncy personality.  Once you got her started, she would be so enthusiastic about things, talk loudly and be like your best friend after only a few meetings.  However, inwardly, even the thought of talking to strangers made her so nervous.  

Walking down the corridor, Serena could feel her heartbeat racing like crazy. Good job, Serena, it's going well... Why did you agree to this, genius? She thought to herself as she lifted the piece of parchment that she was holding.  It was one that was stuck to the walls of the Hufflepuff Common Room.  A girl by the name of Elizabeth Greenwich had put up a request in the Common Room asking for someone to come help her sister.  The note said something about struggling with some spells, such as the "wingardium leviosa" charm - which was one that Serena could actually do!  It clearly listed a location and time - very organised.  She wasn't sure exactly which other spells but she thought she'd see if she could help.  So she had bumped into Elizabeth earlier, so she told her that she'd join her and see if she could help.  Holding the paper, she read off the room again.  It was on the first floor, which was good because that's where she was.  It should be around here somewhere... Serena thought to herself.  Spotting the room, Serena pushed open the door and walked inside.  Was this even the right room?  Who knew?  Not Serena - because she had never been into the Study Room.

Glancing around, her gaze fell onto a familiar face.  Serena took a deep breathe.  Geez, woman, you want to calm down?  Why am I doing this?  My chest hurts... Arg- Oh shoot, they can probably see me- Serena walked over to the table where the three students sat and smiled, "Elizabeth, hey-" Serena's gaze fell onto the piles of books in front of the students, "Sorry- Am I interrupting?" She held up the parchment to kind of show why she was here, hoping she didn't just interrupt their ... whatever this was.... Uhhh was I meant to bring books for this? She thought, wondering what was actually in her bag.  Hopefully there was still a book in there from when she pretended to read it during class earlier... If Serena could pick an emoji to describe her face right now, it would definitely be the smiling face with the sweat drop.  Because that's literally how awkward she feels right now.

[OOC: Sorry, Elizabeth! Had to pretend they met briefly / had a parchment up - couldn't think of any other way to get her to agree to this haha.  Though, admittedly, she is expecting to just show Felicity how wingardium leviosa works and a few other spells (if she can) and then RUN AWAY lol]

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 Felicity looked up as her sister entered the room. Instantly, a grin swept across her face, and she resisted the urge to stand up and engulf Elizabeth into a hug as well. Recently, she had been missing her family way more than she thought she ought to. Seeing her twin was a relief. A relief that shook throughout her entire body, because at least she had her sister here in this big castle with her - despite the two being in different houses. She always thought that they would be in Ravenclaw together, but the Sorting Hat apparently saw big opportunities for Elizabeth in the Hufflepuff house. Felicity wasn't complaining all that much, considering the hat is always correct with its' choices.

 She waved at her sister and pulled out the chair next to her, gesturing for her to sit down, which she did end up doing. "Hey, Liz, how's it going?" She asked, giving her a side hug from her own chair. The sisters weren't identical, despite being born on the same day, just twelve minutes apart. While Felicity was basically a mirror image of her mother, Elizabeth ended up with more features from their father. Felicity was once majorly jealous about Elizabeth's blue eyes, compared to her boring brown ones. 

 Looking towards the door again, she noticed Serena walk in, just after Elizabeth questioned when she will be showing up. "I guess now!" She mused, standing up and reaching her hand out towards Serena after smoothing out her black, pleated skirt. "No, not at all! Ben just decided to bring all the books in his trunk," She joked, a grin widely spread across her face now, her happiness multiplied by the chance of making yet another friend during her journey as a young wizard, "My name is Felicity, I'm Elizabeth's twin sister." She introduced herself, waiting for Serena to shake her hand before sitting down once more.

 She looked around the table, then down at her books, suddenly at a loss for words for the first time since she arrived at Hogwarts. She always had been such a social butterfly, she couldn't quite run out of things to say that easily. "So, uh, where should we start?" She asked, unsure, fiddling with her notebook in her lap, "I'm personally not doing too well with Transfiguration.. It doesn't want to work out for me." She sighed, placing her notebook on the table again, leaning her elbow on the surface, then cupping her cheek in her hand. "And you guys?"

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Ben was slowly finding himself surrounded by girls in this study group. It wasn't that he minded it, but he was not exactly a smooth operator around them. He managed to keep it cool and friendly mostly because he was already so overwhelmed that a little more stress didn't change anything. The only one of the group he had spoken with much at all was Felicity due to being in the same house. Others he had met or at least seen in passing through classes or mutual friends. It wasn't a total group of strangers at least.

"Best to be prepared, right? He mused to Felicity after he finally got a seat as everyone was coming into the room. "I brought a wide range just in case..."

His smile never really faded as everyone began to speak. It felt good to have friends even if they were a group of girls. Even before he came to Hogwarts, Ben had a lot of female friends at school. Just seemed a good fit most of the time for him to study with them and hang out as friends. He had guy friends and it was certainly different than how he was here. Most of those friendships focused on sports, jokes, and somehow getting themselves hurt every time they gathered.

"Hello... Liz," he said with a slight hesitation after hearing Felicity say it. "Hello Serena."

Getting the last one correct was a total lie. He only knew because it had been said mere moments before the other girl walked in. Maybe it would impress her that he would remember a name like that, or maybe she would think it was weird. Ben hoped for the first because he wanted to make as many friends as possible here. As much as he loved his family back home, he wanted to make other connections in the world.; especially this new magical version of the world.

After watching everyone get somewhat settled at the table and Felicity turning her focus towards the topic at hand, Ben decided to voice his own needs. He wouldn't quite reveal he was bad at most of his classes, but he would give out his worst as it needed the most help. It was probably obvious to any who knew the Muggle-born lad.

"History of Magic. Just don't know the obvious things those born in a magical family would know..."

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Serena stood there, suddenly being greeted by Elizabeth's sister and the fellow Ravenclaw that sat nearby, "Ahh!  Hi, I'm Serena, Serena Towers," She replied, making the introduction a little more formal. She shook Felicity's hand, "You must be the sister that required some help?" She asked as she lifted up the parchment that was still in her other hand to show her.  It didn't mention a name but said that Elizabeth was looking for some help for her sister.  She glanced over at the boy, who Felicity had mentioned was called Ben in reference to his large amount of books.  Laughing, she nodded as she felt a tiny bit of relief - glad she didn't have to bring tons of books.  

As she looked at his tower of books, she suddenly noticed his Prefect badge, "Ahh! You're Ben! Ben... was it Ben Eckenrode?" She asked, just making sure she had the right name.  The young Hufflepuff hadn't met most of the prefects yet but she had read the list so most of the names stuck.  Though she wasn't hundred percent certain that her memory was correct.  Perhaps it was Chapman.  No no, that was James Chapman, I think... Gryffindor, I think? Or was it Slytherin...  Ahh well, she could always check later!  Either way, the girl raised her hand for a handshake with him too. "Nice to meet you both!" 

Well it was...  Until they continued to talk. As they spoke, all of that relief that she had been feeling for those short seconds started to fade.  Quickly.  The two of them started to talk about things they were struggling with - including History of Magic!  Serena's face was starting to get a bit pale... What exactly did she walk into?  What was this?  She had thought that Felicity required some help with a spell or two but... the whole of Transfiguration?  And Ben wanted to study History of Magic? What is this nonsense?  It's almost like it's a... Oh God, it is... It's a study group!!!

Regretting every decision she had made that brought her to this moment, Serena stood there wondering what to do. She hadn't brought anything!! She was not prepared for this moment. Studying was not something she planned to spend her evening doing. The Indian girl had planned to only do one thing - help someone out with a spell or two. She was not sure she made the right choice but... she didn't really have a choice anymore.  "Uhhh well- I didn't really bring anything..." Serena mumbled, wondering how to phrase it, "This said something about the levitating spell, though..." She continued, slowly, as she referred to the parchment note that Elizabeth had pinned up in the Common Rooms.  She was also trying to figure out what she should say, "So uhh, I brought this..." She finished as she opened up her bag, rummaged through it before pulling out a single feather, which she held up.  

Shrugging slightly, she wasn't sure what else to do.  All she had prepared for this was a feather.  To help Felicity to practice and that was about it!  Suddenly a thought occurred to her, "Oh!  But I grew up around magic so I might be able to answer some of your questions?" Serena said abruptly as she looked at Ben, realising that he must have been a muggle born.  She wasn't sure how helpful she was being but she was damn well trying her hardest!

The girl felt so awkward and useless during this entire exchange that she hadn't actually sat down.  She was still standing, wondering if she should just leave or if she could actually help them in some way.  Serena doubted she could do much for Felicity, other than the feather but she might have been able to help Ben a little before she left.  The remained standing for the moment, letting them decide if they wanted her help or not.

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 The blonde girl nodded her head, watching as Elizabeth wordlessly left the room. She furrowed her eyebrows, slightly confused, but then shrugged her shoulders. Studying wasn't ever really a priority of her twin's. She usually complained about it, so it was sort of expected for her to leave. At least, Felicity expected it, considering how well she knows her sister. "Yeah, I'm the sister," She grinned, then nodded her head once in her direction as a signal of acknowledgement, "It's nice to meet you as well, Serena." She responded, then looked over to Ben.

 "Oh, History of Magic? I'm pretty good with that as well! I'm sure Serena and I will be able to help you with that!" She replied, after Serena spoke about her being from a magical family as well. Felicity didn't learn much about the history of magic through her parents, though. More like, she read the books on it that she had purchased from Flourish and Blott's. She had too much time to spare, honestly, and she spent way too much of said time reading. Not even studying, just simply reading. What a life that Felicity Greenwich leaves. Oh so exciting, oh so entertaining, oh so filled with endless books.

 She looked at the feather that Serena pulled out, and giggled a little bit. A feather? 'Wingardium Leviosa' was a charm, the Ravenclaw girl was pretty sure, not a Transfiguration spell. "Is the levitation spell not a charm?" She asked curiously, raising an eyebrow with a teasing grin. She wasn't sounding accusing, not at all, but more of.. inquisitive. 

 "It's alright, I'm sure we'll need it sometime. Please do sit!" She invited Serena to sit in Elizabeth's old spot, patting the chair next to her. She didn't want to be sitting alone, plus it might be better for the three of them to sit closer together. She smiled at Ben, then Serena, before grabbing her Transfiguration notes and opening them up, skimming through the pages as she gnawed on her bottom lip. She had no clue what any of these things meant. The formula was much too confusing to understand, and she couldn't memorize it for the life of her. Not to mention, when she tried to actually transfigure something, it didn't exactly turn out the way she planned. It was safe to say that she brutally sucked at the course as a whole. If it weren't required, she wouldn't have been taking it.

 And to think she entered the year with so much enthusiasm for the class. The professor, Professor Crispe, was not that bad. He entertained her, of course, but she just wasn't able to grasp the information as easily as all the other classes.

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It was too bad no one had to take Muggle Studies yet. He would do great in that class. At least Ben assumed as much. He still considered himself more Muggle than Wizard at this point. The girls were quick to offer help and both seemed very willing. It certainly made Ben feel much better about his chances in the class. This new one seemed to be uncomfortable with the group but she at least was kind about it. Ben had heard that was a Hufflepuff thing though.

"If it isn't a bother," he said, looking between both Felicity and Serena. "Whatever help I can get there... I'll take."

His eyes were then drawn to the feather. It seemed like a neat trick, and Ben had learned it fairly quickly. Most students, maybe all students, were brand new to things like that so he was not at a huge disadvantage. Some had seen family and so forth perform magic, but that didn't mean they knew it themselves. Between studies and practice, Ben felt good about those things. It was the culture and history of the Wizarding World that really perplexed him.

These friends are going to be life savers. I better get good at magic so I can be of use to them!

"Well now we know what we need to work on," Ben said hoping to give them some direction. "What class should we focus on first? Transfiguration seems like a good point to begin if you ask me. We've mostly just learned the very basics so far and I feel I understand it well."

Ben knew how to return something to its natural state. That seemed an important piece so he learned it really well. He could do the basic summoning of flowers, changing a match into a needle, and even managed candle to rabbit fairly well and remembered to never do it while the candle was lit. There was no explanation on why, but he assumed it would be a flaming rabbit. If Felicity was struggling they could start with the basics. What was more basic than summoning flowers? A smile crossed his face as he decided where to start.

"Orchideous!" he said with confidence while making a circle with his wand, watching with pride as a small bundle of flowers appeared on the table. "It's important to visualize it or you'll make something ugly. I just said the spell while imagining a yellow flower. There they are! Start with an image of flowers, could even be the same kind. Once you have the image in your mind, say the spell with it firmly in your head still. Let's all try a few times?"

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Nodding with a little bit more coincidence, Serena agreed to helping out the Ravenclaw boy with whatever History of Magic questions she could answer. Whilst she didn't study enough, she was lucky enough to come from a family that gave her an insight into the magical world around her from a young age - from birth, in fact. "Are there any major questions you had about it or was it just in general?" Serena replied, deciding to get right into it as that was about all she was good for at this point in time.

The Hufflepuff quirked an eyebrow slightly, "Yeah, it's a charm-" She started, wondering why there was any confusion. Of course it's a charm. "Uh- You... don't need help with that one do you?" She asked as she looked at the parchment that was in her hand again. Yup, it clearly said Wingardium Levisoa charm on the piece of paper that Elizabeth. Perhaps she had made a mistake and it was actually another charm that Felicity was struggling with.  Unfortunately, she couldn't actually ask Elizabeth anymore as the girl had left the room a few minutes prior to this moment.  Sighing, she decided she would do her best and just do what she could. If nothing else, she was a Hufflepuff. And a true Hufflepuff was unafraid of a bit of toil! 

Smiling, the girl noticed Felicity indicate to the seat that had just been vacated by her twin sister. Serena nodded - though she was definitely still feeling unsure about this whole thing - and perched onto it. Dropping the feather and the parchment onto the table, just in case they decided they needed it later. 

Ben started to speak about Transfiguration, causing the Hufflepuff to pretty much gulp in her seat. This was a subject that she wasn't going to be able to helpful in. Luckily, her fellow prefect seemed to have this under control and quickly produce a small bouquet of flowers. His spell - and more importantly the results of it - caused Serena's eyes to widen slightly. "Woah- That was great!" She exclaimed, incredibly impressed he had managed to master that spell already. She hadn't even heard of it - probably due to her lack of paying attention in classes but still! It was such a great result and he made it look incredibly easy. Though, in all honesty, she knew she wouldn't be able to do that. She couldn't even grasp the basics of Transfiguration right now. There was no way she was doing that!

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