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Soon after Earlia's charm class, she made her way to the study room. Spotting an empty table, she sat down and brought out her books. Sighing heavily, Earlia began to read. It didn't make much sense to her, charms class. All the lessons consisted of waving around a stick of wood and hoping something would happen. Feeling sorry for herself, she continued to read chapter after chapter, but to no avail. It was too much information on one page for her to handle. Spell after spell, wand movement after wand movement, word after word.

"How do people handle this?" She thought to herself, skimming through another page. A moment later, Earlia was back to procrastinating. She began to tap her fingers so to create a harmonious melody, but all it sounded like was morse code. Sighing, she looked around the room at all the other prisoners like her. She noticed a girl with dirty blonde hair sitting a few tables away, reading the same book as her. Upon closer inspection, Earlia realized that the girl was in her Charms class as well. Not wanting to be rude, and in need of some help, she timidly walked up to the girl, reciting what she was going to say in her head.

Stammering a bit, she said, "H-hello there! I was j-just looking around the room and r-realized you and I are in the s-same Charms class." Not waiting for a reply, she hurriedly continued, "M-my name's Earlia Grey by the w-way, if you happened to be wondering.

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Study Buddy  PV Rosalie Rutherford   Closed 

Rosalie sat in an empty study room, quietly reviewing what they had just gone over in Charms class not too long ago. She really was more of a 'explore the castle' sort of girl, rather than one that was prone to studying all the time, but this was her first year at Hogwarts, and she really wanted to make her parents proud! Her mother had always been a pro at Charms, and Rosalie was hoping to follow in her footsteps. She would come here for just a portion of her free period each day, she decided. Just so she could keep up with her work. There will be plenty of time for exploring, I'm sure of it! She thought to herself. She had just started re-reading the chapter on Wingardium Leviosa when a small tapping noise startled her.

She was surprised that she hadn't seen the grey-haired girl enter the room, but she soon noticed that the other girl seemed distressed; rapidly flicking through the pages of her book and tapping her fingers against the desk she was sitting at. Rosalie was just about to go introduce herself when the other girl suddenly noticed that she was there. She smiled warmly at the girl as she began to walk towards her.

"H-hello there! I was j-just looking around the room and r-realized you and I are in the s-same Charms class. M-my name's Earlia Grey by the w-way, if you happened to be wondering.

Poor girl, she seems so nervous! Rosalie thought to herself. Rosalie was always one to want to make a new friend, and this was no exception. Patting the bench next to her, Rosalie smiled at Earlia again.

"Hello Earlia! It's great to meet you. My name is Rosalie." She indicated to the spot next to her on the bench again, really hoping that Earlia would decide to stay.

"Since we are in the same Charms class, I'd love to study together! I always get so distracted, I could use some help staying on track" She said sheepishly. Rosalie looked up at Earlia expectantly.