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Reserved for Lara Luthor
A boy sat at one of the many tables in the study with one of his history books. History books should help him understand the world of magic better, but there was a huge flaw with this plan: he had a short attention span for reading core subjects. He groaned as he slammed his head against the book that laid on the table.

Boring! Why was the wizarding world have to be so old-timey or not have WiFi... OR OUTLETS!

Daeshim had brought multiple devices with him when he came to Hogwarts not expecting the lack of WiFi since it was a modernly used contraption and connection to the outside world. His father failed to mention how far in the millennia the school was once he would be once attending. That man...

Daeshim tried going back to reading his book to understand the existence of beings that are fairy-tales in his world, yet his mind wondered off too quickly for his liking. With a sigh, he knew he would go nowhere with how things were going. Maybe he could do something different. All he's been doing since he got here was learning about what he could with how changing his attention was. He closed his book that wasn't going to serve its purpose anytime soon, or ever. He looked around wondering what would occupy his busy mind. A girl! No, not like that, you duts. He didn't have any friends yet nor had he truly spoken to anyone. He wasn't the shy type so he had no problem walking up to his fellow peer.

"Herro! I am Daeshim, a Hufflepuff."

คภภץє๏ภﻮђครєץ๏- เ ๓-๓єคภ ђเ!

Daeshim Young, 1st Year

Ready for Exploring  Closed 

Lara nearly jumped as a boy sitting near her banged his head on the table. "Must be studying for History," She thought to herself, flicking through another page. She had been there for hours, just flicking through page after page until her eyesight went blurry, and her fingers had tiny paper cuts everywhere. Although meant to be studying, Lara hadn't been paying attention to anything the book had been telling her, and as she reached the last page, she realized she didn't any more than when she had begun. Sighing heavily, Lara looked around the room once more, only to see the boy who had previously been hitting his head walking towards her. Surprised, she cast her eyesight back down at her book, only to hear the boy talking.

"Herro! I am Daeshim Young, a Hufflepuff."

Slowly, she looked up from her book, staring at him. At first glance, he seemed like a nice enough boy, even if a bit messy looking. Then again, Lara couldn't exactly talk about messiness as a flaw. She was a bit excited that someone was finally talking to her after no one had even looked at her throughout her short time at Hogwarts, and did not want to screw up first impressions.

Smiling at him, Lara said, "Lovely to meet you Daeshim! I'm Lara Luthor, first year Gryffindor."

While saying this, she jokingly bowed, giggling a tiny bit. Swooping her head upwards soon after, she knew she couldn't go back to sitting at a desk, especially not when someone actually wanted to talk to her. A few hours before, Lara had spotted an interesting hallway but had no time to look down it. "I wonder if Daeshim likes to go on adventures," She wondered, looking at him. Remembering him banging his head down on the table, she thought he could use a break.

"After seeing you assaulting the table with your head, how would you like to do a little exploring?" Lara asked, raising one eyebrow.

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