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Evianna typically avoided the designated study room on the first floor. It was usually very busy; she preferred the library, the grounds, or the Ravenclaw common room, all of which tended to be quiet at this time of day. However, as they were nearing OWL season, the library and the common room would be crowded with fifth years doing last-minute revision, and judging by the pinging of raindrops outside the window, the thunderstorm still hadn't let up.

With a flourish of her quill, Evianna finished Professor Barclay's constellation indexes. This astronomy homework had taken her the better part of an hour, but Barclay would be hard-pressed to give her anything less than an O for this work. Or at least, she hoped so. She may have mixed up a couple of the constellations, she thought, reading the page for a second time.

Of all the classes so far, Astronomy had, rather surprisingly, become one of her favorites. She loved spending nights atop the Astronomy tower, surrounded by the peaceful sounds of the Scottish highlands at night, the gentle scratching of quills against paper, and the occasional creak of a school telescope. Being somewhat of a night-owl, the lateness of the class hadn't fazed her. Her classmates, however, were another story. Some of them had almost fallen asleep at one of the most recent lectures.

On second thought, she'd definitely done some of the constellations incorrectly. She'd have to redo half of the assignment if she wanted a passing grade. With a huff, she folded her arms on the table and let her head drop. How had she managed to make such a stupid mistake?

Well, there wasn't any use in kicking herself for it, Evianna thought. She had to come up with a practical solution, and quickly. There wouldn't be any use in going up to the astronomy tower this early; plus, with weather like this, she wouldn't even be able to see the stars. She had to get back to the library and find a star chart. Quickly. Standing up, Evianna hurriedly gathered her materials and packed them into her knapsack.

As she clambered over the bench, she lost her balance and fell into the table. Her forearm hit an open inkwell, sending it toppling it over and spilling across a stack of parchment. Evianna hurried to apologize to the unfortunate owner, who was currently staring open-mouthed at the ruined sheets, quill still hovering where the inkwell had been standing just a few moments before.

Had Evianna not caused the accident, she would likely have found the scene rather amusing. However, judging by the expression on the other redhead's face, the paper Evianna had just ruined was very important. Dropping her backpack onto the cold stone floor, Evianna hurriedly opened it and pulled out a package of tissues. "I'm so, so sorry! Here, let me-" Evianna began apologetically.

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She was the heir of ash and fire,
and she would bow to no one.

The whole school was crowded, every meeting spot crammed with older students, either studying or trying to live with their last minute of freedom before the O.W.Ls, N.E.W.T.S, or whatever test they were taking took over their lives for the rest of their time at Hogwarts. It was hard to believe, walking through the halls, bag in hand, that the year was coming to an end. Just a few months ago, Eris had been new to Hogwarts, staring at the Great hall for the first time, dressed in plain back robes. She had been nothing then, just a small girl with red hair and a worried expression on her face.

Yet, here she was at the end of term, past finally having caught up to her in a stunning display of stupid events, robes adorned in red and gold and friends finally at her side, for the first time in her young life. Everything was good, for once in her life. In a morbid twist, the moment she had stopped trying so hard to fit in and the moment she had embraced her family past was the moment she had finally grown, and gained friends. Yet, now her friends were in danger, and everything was bad, just as it had been before Hogwarts.

Mere months ago, all her problems had been condensed down to one thing. The problem of a girl, who's named rhymed with Berry Bindbone. Truthfully, Eris was just waiting for one of the girl's friends to attack her. Everything was going good, too good for her. That was before the attack on Dorian and Eris. Although everything had healed on the outside, and nothing was amiss, the imprint of the mask hit Eris hard, fear rearing its ugly head more often than not. Often she walked the halls, fear making her every move light and shaky, bumping into people in her haste to get out of the crowds, and into a room where she could see around her.

Once she had been fire, but now it was dimmed out. She was counting the days until she was doused out, until the figure found her again. There was nothing left to do, but she had to protect her friends. The dull sparks of her fire flickered, small flames growing at the thoughts of her friends. She would have to get over her fear to protect them, to defend those that had given her friendship, those who had shown her there was more to the world than loneliness. She was wildfire, and if she had to burn to a crisp, she would do so gladly, arms spread out, and head held high. If it meant keeping Dorian, Max, Adam, and everyone else she cared about safe, she would burn.

Needless to say, Eris was just a bit paranoid. Already planing her martyrdom, the girl still paid attention to her surroundings as she stepped into the study room and pulled out a quill and a piece of paper from her bag.

Hands shaking slightly, Eris set to writing her monthly letter, handwriting as messy as ever. Even after tragety, some things stayed the same. Eris's childish scroll was one of those things that seemed to never change, even though the contents of her letter became more somber than past letters begging an absent father to come back. In all truth, the writings to her father had become symbolic. Even if he couldn't ever respond, letting words flow through pen to paper felt comforting, calming, and safe. Nobody could hurt her letters, and nobody could expose her through them.


I write to you as I normally do. But this month, my letters are about more than the drama running around school, or my need to see you. Bad things are happening at Hogwarts, and I'm scared. I know I'm a Gryffindor, and I'm supposed to always be brave, but it's so hard. I can't be brave, when I was hurt. This figure beat me and my friend, Dorian. We were supposed to be the strongest, and he threw us around like we were nothing.

I got a concousin, whatever that means and some burns, but the nurses fixed me up. Even though I hate the nurse, she's a nasty lady, she did a good job. I don't know if i can take on this person, although I'm going to try. I don't want to try, but I need to protect my friends. I need to make sure nobody else gets hurt. It's what Bella would of wanted, it's what anybody with sense would do. And I hope I have sense, unlike mum. I just want you to know that I-

The quill was still in her hand, and her mouth was open wide, eyes watching the ink spill over her heartfelt words. The safety of her writing was gone, and Eris felt anger and fear bubble to the surface at the same time, the two emotions that always ran through her brain recently competing for dominance.

Her words were ruined, the childish handwriting fading away to nonexistence, as blank ink spread through the parchment. Eris looked up to see the face of a ravenclaw student, and at once her face reddened. All the stress and anxiety that she had been harboring exploded, assuming the girl was a friend of Eri's, Eris stood up, fists shaking at her sides as the chair she had quickly pushed out of swayed, before falling to the floor with a deafening crash.

"You're here with Eri, aren't you? Tell her I've been through enough, and I don't-" There was a pause as Eris stalked forward, readying herself to do something, "Want-" another pause as she attempted to kick the girl's shin, snarl growing in her throat, "to deal with her right now!" As if something had been triggered in the violence, Eris's expression faded to one of shock, as she looked at the red head in confusion.

What was going on with her? Had she really just kicked someone? No! She was a friend of Eri's, this was a trap. Confusion warring in her head, Eris attempted to look brave still, like her action was justified, yet she felt the unwanted emotion of guilt flaring up, along side the familiar twin forces of fear and anger.

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With her hand hovering inches over the ruined parchment, Evianna froze. With a gasp of surprise, she jumped backwards as the other girl stood up much too quickly, knocking over her chair with a crash. She scanned the stranger's posture quickly; judging by her reddened face and shaking fists, Evianna had just angered the wrong person. Yet she couldn't help but find a little humor in the situation. The girl was, after all, extremely short. Evianna wasn't at all tall for her age, and this girl was at least four inches shorter than she.

However, the comedy of the situation faded away when the girl stepped forward. Evianna backpedaled, frightened. The stranger instantly seemed a foot taller to her. She could feel her face reddening; the room suddenly felt very warm. She wanted nothing more than to bolt, to run far away and not look back. Then again, the redhead would probably follow her. Evianna knew that the next thing would likely be physical violence, and she'd hoped that it wouldn't go this far. Unfortunately, the girl's next actions were exactly what Evianna expected.
"You're here with Eri, aren't you? Tell her I've been through enough, and I don't-" There was a pause as Eris stalked forward, readying herself to do something, "Want-" another pause as she attempted to kick the girl's shin, snarl growing in her throat, "to deal with her right now!" As if something had been triggered in the violence, Eris's expression faded to one of shock, as she looked at the red head in confusion.
With a strangled cry of pain, Evianna hopped up and down, clutching her shin. She could feel her eyes welling up with tears and hoped that none of them would fall (tearstains were not a good look on anyone). Setting her foot down gingerly, she decided to try her best to defuse the situation. "I don't know Eri. I mean, she's in my house and all, but I've never really talked to her," she said in what she hoped was a calm voice. It didn't help that she was still gasping in pain. Based on the power behind that kick to Evianna's shins, the girl could be a star football player despite her diminutive size.

The girl's face went from an expression of anger to one of shock. Evianna's face likely mirrored hers at this point. What reason did her attacker have to be confused? Evianna was fairly sure that

At the sorting ceremony, Eri's name had been called right after Evianna's. The brunette had sat a few seats down at the Ravenclaw table and hadn't been within earshot. Even if the two had sat right next to each other, it probably wouldn't have gotten very far. Tired from the long train ride, many of the first-years had simply eaten, then stumbled to the dorms and collapsed into their four-posters. Evianna wasn't even in Eri's dorm; even if she had been, she would likely have gone straight to sleep instead of staying up all night making conversation.

Of course, there was no way the stranger would know all of this. Evianna had to hope that her sincere words were taken as such.

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These violent delights have violent ends
Mildly Triggering Content; Mentions of worthlessness and unhappiness with life.

Of course it was the wrong girl, an innocent girl with no crime but clumsiness and spilled ink. Even violence, the worst path to take, something that was mindless and came as easy as breathing had back fired. Was there anything she could right in this world, in this school?

She had gotten into a fight with Adam, had ruined things with Kaegen once, had put Dorian in danger, and so much more. It was easy to drown out the good, the friendships that had come back, and the friends that she still had, when the wave of doubt and pity burnt out the ashes of her fire, darkness consuming Eris's thoughts, just as the darkness had came for her when the Masked Man attacked her and Dorian.

She was the villain now. Every single thing she did was wrong. She hurt the wrong girl, didn't hurt the right one, didn't do anything right. A sense of numbness overwhelmed Eris, and she wanted nothing more than to run away from the girl she had hurt, the person who was the living embodiment of her failure, of the way Eris could do nothing right, could think nothing through. She hurt the wrong person. What was she anymore, without her fists and nerve?

They had failed her once before, leading to the fight with the masked figure. The one thing that was a constant in her life had failed her, and now she was alone in the magical world. It hurt that none of her friends had checked on her, but everyone was struggling with their own problems, and nobody wanted to visit a villain. When the villain dies in a story, there was nobody to mourn them. It was like that, but Eris was alive. She should of died, though. The figure would come back for her, and than maybe it would be enough to pay for the mistakes that piled up and controlled her life.

What could she do? She could say sorry to the girl, and go on with her life, waiting for a figure to come out of the shadows and finish her villainous excuse of a life. That's what she would have to do. She'd have to channel the fire that lingered in her as ashes and flakes. She'd have to become the person she had once been.

The person she once was might of punched and kicked at the girl more, violently shoving down her feelings. Or maybe she would stutter out an apology, and try to befriend the other red head. Both of those possibilities seemed like so much work, and she was so tired.

She had messed up again, summoned the last bit of her strength in hurting the wrong person. And she was mad for it. Not mad at the girl, not mad at herself, but she was mad at the school. They had made her do this. Why couldn't the professors help the students and find the villain? Why did they do nothing when Eris got hurt? It boiled at her insides, summoning up the dregs of the anger, and forcing it to the surface.

Clarity returned, pushing back the waves of numbness and causing Eris to sit back down in her chair, guilt bringing tears to her face. Weak again. Why couldn't she just act strong and tough, and pretend she was fine, and that she meant to punch the girl.

She couldn't do anything right, and couldn't even play the villain right. It was just one more thing on the list of reasons why she wasn't good enough, and why the figure was going to kill her. Even though she was worthless at the moment, Eris did not want to die. She had reasons to live, she was 11 for gods sake. She would grow up, and prove herself to be better than this moment. Even if she had to kick and punch everyone in her path to prove herself.

But first, she would say sorry to the girl. Strength returned, Eris flashed the girl a watery attempt of a guilty smile, rubbing at her tired eyes with the sleeves of her over sized robe. (Even the smallest size couldn't fit her, a fact that Eris still found stupid. She really wasn't that small!)

"I'm sorry, I really am. I'm really..on edge lately, after the whole masked figure thing. Do you want me to take you to the hospital wing?"

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"I'm sorry, I really am. I'm really..on edge lately, after the whole masked figure thing. Do you want me to take you to the hospital wing?"
At the other girl's somewhat watery apology, Evianna managed a slight smile. "No, no, it's okay, really it is. My knee will be fine. I mean, it's just a bruise," she said in a rushed attempt to console the redhead. "I don't need to go to the hospital wing, but thank you," she said, more calmly this time. She looked down at her knee. It was already beginning to swell and turn a purplish color.

Now, faced with another girl who was exhausted and seemingly on the verge of tears, Evianna felt completely out of her depth. She wanted to help, of course; this human was hurting more than anyone at the age of twelve should be hurting, but she didn't know what she could do. So she sat down in front of the other redhead quietly, fidgeting with the clasp of her school cloak.

This was uncomfortable, alien, and exactly why Evianna hadn't sought interactions with her classmates. No, that's not it. She was just so busy all semester. Study, meals, and quiet trips to the library had filled up her time and made it impossible to communicate with her peers. With a quiet sigh, she reflected briefly on what could have been before turning her attention to the small figure in the chair before her.

"Are you alright?" she asked in a somewhat shaky voice. "Do you – um – do you want a hug?"

She wasn't sure why she'd asked that question. The words seemed to tumble out of her mouth without a warning. Yet Evianna couldn't help but think that it was the right thing to do.

She fount it slightly ironic that she was offering comfort to her attacker, especially with a bruise blooming on her shin. The physical evidence of damage was obvious; this girl's emotional pain was not.

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The descent into Hell is easy.


Her letter to her father was ruined and so was the spark of fire that fueled Eris's rage and vengeance. She felt little, besides for the repulsion and regret of hurting an innocent. The angry part of Eris wanted to believe that the other red head was really an accomplice of Eri, going deep under cover to illicit pain and revenge against Eris. Of course, the rational side of Eris knew that wasn't true, but she would take any excuse to believe that she had not done the wrong thing, had not hurt the wrong person, but she had. There was no amount of sugar coating that would take that away, and there was no spell that the first year girls knew that could take away the ink staining into Eris's deepest thoughts, erasing the only semblance of family she had left.

Still, Eris pushed onward, shoving down the lies she wished to tell herself. She had beat an innocent girl, and would pay the price for it. This was not an ally of Eri, nor was this girl another team mate of the masked figure. She was just a faceless innocent, dealing with the brutality of Eris.

Did she want a hug? Eris almost laughed at the question, but sensing the honestly of the question, raised an eyebrow. Why would she be offering a hug, especially after Eris had kicked her? Did Eris really look that weak? It would be strange to hug a stranger, so Eris shook her head, signaling that she did not want a hug from a complete stranger.

Eris wasn't really a fan of hugs, unless she knew the person she was hugging. It seemed rather personal to wrap your arms around someone, or have their arms wrapped around you. Eris had done enough damage to the girl, what was declining one hug going to do? Still, she felt a bit guilty for saying no, after seeing the mark on the ravenclaw's knee, which was sure to turn into a bruise.

Even though Eris was not strong, she was able to keep hitting, over and over again, until her attacks left a dent. It was a talent, but not a good talent. Not the kind of thing you could show your parents and friends, or show off at show and tell. It was the kind of talent that one learned after living on the streets, and after months of trying to survive when everything screamed that you shouldn't try.

"I'm alright, you're the one who's hurt. Gosh, I'm so pigheaded sometimes, honestly. I'm so sorry." Eris apologized again, pink blush filling her cheeks, as she looked down at her feet with an expression of deepest embarrassment, and mortification.


sorry not sorry bout' what i said
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