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Preparing For Classes

Ashley walked into the nearby study room, a large pile of books in her arms. She went towards a desk and sat down near it, laying her books on it. She began to read, her magical earbuds in. They allowed her to hear one of the meadows live. Sometimes the meadow could be loud, if a muggle was to chat or have a picnic or something of the sort, though. Right now the meadow was empty, and it was a bit windy. Ashley loves the sound of wind, it was incredibly calming. She was preparing for classes, which she would be ready to attend in nine days. She was exited, she wanted to do Potions, Defence Against The Dark Arts and Flying mostly. Her eyes followed the words across the page of her books. She was reading them again, thoroughly. She had always loved reading and was top reader in her old school. However, Isabella, Kurt and Georgea, her old friends, but she loved Hogwarts. She'll see her old friends at Christmas and during the holidays, anyway. She was finished with her books in awhile. "Oh, it's nighttime..." She said, then she got up, and left towards her dormitory.

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Ashley M. Wood