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A Study Break  PV Ellory & Aurelia 

Emlyn and Ellory were quietly studying at a long table in the study room. It was getting late into the evening and nearing curfew. They had been there for several hours writing essays and reading their assigned sections from their books. “Oh my gosh, this is so long-and-forever-taking!” Emlyn said, a little louder than she should have for a study room. She closed her book and looked around the room. A few people had lifted their heads and looked towards her from their own studying, and then quickly returned to their books.

Emlyn sat there trying to hold in her boredom for a few moments before scooting closer to her sister. The chair squeaked as it moved, which was sure to draw her sister’s attention. Emlyn sat still next to Ellory making a face with her eyebrows raised and jaw half-open looking as if she was ready to say something at a moment’s notice. She slid her arm dramatically across the table, with no inclination to be secretive about her plan for when her hand arrived at it’s destination. Her hand inched slowly and creepily towards Ellory’s textbook that she was nose deep in and propped her fingers under the cover. *Slam* Emlyn slammed her book shut and said “you know what’s better than A history of Magic? Anything. Literally anything. Especially finding out what that boys name is, you know, that cute brown-haired boy who sits in the front of History of Magic? I think I pay more attention to his eyes than any of the lessons so far” she laughed.

A Study Break  PV Ellory & Aurelia 

Aurelia dipped the tip of her quill delicately into her ink well. She had another stack of homework given to her. Most of them were from the potionology lesson. She wrote on the parchment furiously. The sooner she got it done the better. She still had the history reading assignment to do, there was a load she had to memorise before the test.
Oh my gosh, this is so long-and-forever-taking!
Aurelia lifted her head and turned slightly to see a brown haired girl a table away obviously feeling the same about her assignments. She might have seen her in the Gryffindor common room but they never spoke. Aurelia brought her attention back to her homework.

The brunette was almost done with her last question when she heard someone drag their chair noisily across the cobblestone floor. Aurelia heaved a sigh, she knew that not all people were taught to be considerate. The last questions were always the most challenging ones. It would always take most of her time. The girl just wanted to get over with the dreadful study period.

"Slam!" The sudden noise made Aurelia almost jump from her seat. It was the girl again. This time, she was next to another student that looked exactly like her. Twins. There weren't that many in Hogwarts, but Aurelia had seen and unidentical pair around.

The annoying girl began chatting with her sister, they were only a desk away and Aurelia could hear every word that they were saying. They were talking about a boy in the history of magic class. The tall brunette rolled her eyes agitatedly. If they continued, Aurelia would remind them to lower their volume.

A Study Break  PV Ellory & Aurelia 

Ellory had always like studying. She supposed that this was because of her curious nature and long-lasting desire to learn. Emlyn was much better than her at many things, but school was something that Ellory had always excelled at. This is why it wasn’t surprising at all when Emlyn was fed up after it had been no more than a few hours.

“Well surely you didn’t think that we would complete a week’s worth of work in a matter of minutes,” Ellory mumbled without even looking up from the paragraph she had been writing. It was Emlyn that had insisted on waiting to the last minute in the first place, much to Ellory’s dismay. She’d had a feeling that it was going to end up like this.

Not more than a few minutes passed before she heard an odd squeaking and saw her sister scoot closer to her out of the corner of her eye. She chose to ignore the behavior and continued reading her textbook in peace, hoping that Emlyn would catch the hint and leave her be. That is not what actually happened, though.

“Hey!” she complained loudly at the sudden slamming of her book. “I had just gotten to an interesting bit,” she frowned. It didn’t take a genius to see that Emlyn was feeling particularly restless, and if Ellory knew her sister at all, she knew that there was no reasoning with her at this point. Begrudgingly, she folded her arms over the table and looked directly at her twin.

Ellory knew what boy Emlyn was talking about, as she had seen her gawking at him on several occasions. She lowered her voice to a whisper, trying to be respectful of the other students that were still studying, and she hoped that Emlyn would follow her lead. “Yeah, I think that we’ve all seen you drooling at him at this point,” she teased. “I don’t know his name, though.. Why don’t you ask him yourself, little miss outgoing?” Emlyn had never been the shy one, so it was odd she hadn’t already struck up a conversation with him a dozen times already.


A Study Break  PV Ellory & Aurelia 

“OH MY GOODNESS NO!” I WOULD DIE…” Emlyn said dramatically, pretending to faint and nearly falling over in her chair. She laughed. She turned back to her sister…and reality, and saw that there were several people looking over at her. She turned to Ellory “Oops, I think that was a little loud. It’s clear we are unwanted here and we should leave. Immediately. Come on then, right now”. She playfully attempted to hurry and grab her things and saw that her sister did not immediately jump up to join her on a quest to do something more fun.

She sat back in her chair. In a now quieter tone, she said “Even if I did think he was cute, he wouldn’t stand a chance with me, nor you for that matter. We are just. Too. Beautiful. Not even royalty could amount to our standards.” She knew she was being quite over the top, but she could sense it working. Despite being mostly ignored, as Ellory often will do to her when studying, she was starting to feel like she was pulling her attention away. Any minute now, Ellory would tire of this and want to go do something fun, if anything to escape public embarrassment at the hands of Emlyn.

“C’mon sis? You don’t have any crushes yet? Surely some poor defenseless lad has caught your fancy, no?”.

A Study Break  PV Ellory & Aurelia 

The girls were being to loud and noisy. Other students were most likely having the sane problem with hem. Perhaps they were just to cowardly to inform them about it. If she tried to ignore them, it wouldn't work. For where she was, she could hear every single word they were saying. Every other seat was also occupied when Aurelia looked around to see if she could move a little further away from the girls.

The loud one of the twins stood up as if she was about to leave. Aurelia was waiting for the moment where she could have some peace and quite, but the glimpse of hope darkened as the girl sat back down. Aurelia pursed her lips together, clearly unamused when she began asking her sister about crushes even though she didn't know what that word meant.

Aurelia had heard the word many times along the corridors of Hogwarts, it seemed like a very popular word in fact. She could only guess what it was. The word crush meant "force inwards by compressing forcefully" or "violently subdue" but none of those definitions fit in place within the sentences that rolled from the annoying girls mouth. Aurelia believed she was talking gibberish.

The girl suddenly snapped back to reality, she had spent five minutes eaves dropping on what the two were saying. A full five minutes wasted and assessing the definition of a single word. Aurelia couldn't let this continue.

The brunette stood up and walked towards the two. She took a deep breath in and sighed gently. She hoped her words would be put into consideration. "I'm sorry, could you lower your volumes a little, I can hear you from the seat nearby." the words came out sounding tinge too sarcastically. Without waiting for their response, she turned and walked back to her seat.

A Study Break  PV Ellory & Aurelia 

Much to Ellory’s dismay, Emlyn was starting to cause quite a scene. Of course there was a part of her that found her sister’s antics hilarious and she even let out a small giggle as she pretended to fall over in her chair. Other students were starting to take notice, and Ellory’s face continued to grow red. ”Em, people are staring,” Ellory whispered through gritted teeth, but her sister just went on as if she hadn’t heard a thing.

Thankfully, Emlyn was at least sitting down and no longer almost shouting, which Ellory considered to be a win. She shook her head at her sister’s conceited comments, but couldn’t help but let out a small smile. Ellory knew full well that she was probably the least desirable girl in school. Although the girls were identical, Ellory had always considered herself to be way more weird and awkward-looking. Maybe it was just how she carried herself, but Emlyn had always been the more popular one.

At this point in her life, Ellory had a lot of experience with being able to tune her sister out. She all but ignored her sister’s actions and focused instead on her homework. She was almost done, and the sooner she got done, the sooner she could get the heck on out of the studying room and do something else. Emlyn might be okay with receiving poor marks, but she wasn’t.

Before she could even write another sentence, Ellory’s worst fear came to fruition. There was another girl who had taken note of how loud and obnoxious Emlyn was being and had approached them and asked them to quiet down. Ellory thought that she was much within her right to do so, as Emlyn really was being much too loud. Her face completely flushed with red and she immediately looked down at the ground, avoiding eye contact with the girl. “I’m really sorry about that. We'll keep it down,” she finished with a meaningful look at her sister.


A Study Break  PV Ellory & Aurelia 

Emlyn wasn’t sure who this girl thought she was, trying to boss them around like that, but she wasn’t having any of it. As far as she was concerned, only ridiculous nerds would care whether the study room was completely silent. She didn’t know a single person who didn’t like to talk at least a little bit while they studied and found it to be unreasonable that someone would try to suggest such a thing.

She felt Ellory tug gently on her arm, but Emlyn did not follow her. A whirlwind of anger stormed inside of her, and she knew that she couldn’t leave without putting this lame, prissy witch back in her place. While Ellory might be worried about rubbing people the wrong way, Emlyn didn’t give a single Flipendo about what this sorry piece of work thought about them.

“Yeah, Ellory, keep it down. Some people are trying to study, you know!” She laughed and playfully slapped her sister on the wrist, but her words were full of venom. “You were so loud that you made Ms. Bossy-pants over here upset, because you’re distracting her from telling other people what to do.” She stood up from her seat as she spoke so that her gaze was leveled with the other girl’s.

A Study Break  PV Ellory & Aurelia 

Aurelia was about to seat back down when the annoying girl began speaking again. But this time, it annoyed her when one of the girls called her ms bossy pants. It was an insult trying to challenge her. she turned around to see one of the girls meeting her gaze. It was no surprise to Aurelia as like every other Gryffindor, she just wasn't going to seat back down and keep her mouth shut.

"If I'm Ms Bossy-pants, that what are you? Ms annoying-big-mouthed-brat?" Her words came out cold like ice. She tilted her head and a smirk crossed her face. This was going to be fun. She was in fact a Gryffindor too, and she wasn't going down without a fight. She folded her arms, crossing them. Her glare was stone cold and challenging. Even though gifted with a sweet looking face, Aurelia knew how to unleash her inner b**** .
“I’m really sorry about that. We'll keep it down,”
The girl whom she heard was Ellory said as she tugged at the girl's arm as if pleading for her sister to sit down. Apparently, the annoying one of the twin was born much more stubborn than the other.

A Study Break  PV Ellory & Aurelia 

Ellory felt like the situation kept going from bad to worse. It was supposed to be just a quiet night of studying, but now her worst fears were coming to life. Though she had done her best to keep her sister at bay, Emlyn had completely ignored her warning. Ellory couldn’t say she was surprised, since this was a common occurrence. She was just hoping that they wouldn’t immediately make enemies at Hogwarts, but apparently Emlyn had a different idea.

Though she thought Emlyn had been a bit harsh, Ellory couldn’t help but let out a faint chuckle, which she quickly covered with a cough. She shot a serious look at her sister and shook her head disapprovingly. It was too late though, because you can’t unring a bell, and the bell of Emlyn’s insult had not been taken lightly.

Ellory felt a brief moment of shock at the girl’s retaliation. Though she couldn’t say she disagreed, she really didn’t like it when someone insulted her sister. She narrowed her eyes for a moment, trying to think of a clever retort, but her nerves got the best of her and she decided to just ignore it and try to get Emlyn to walk away.

”C’mon, Em,” she looked pleadingly at her sister. ”Let’s just go, it’s not worth it.”


A Study Break  PV Ellory & Aurelia 

Emlyn was shocked but attempted to not look that way. She gritted her back teeth to look neutral at the girl’s comment. Emlyn was not very used to people challenging her. In her first Muggle school, very few did and most of her classmates would often mind their own business or walk away if they didn’t want to be around someone. This was new…and kind of fun.

Emlyn sat for a moment. “Did she really just call me that?”. The look on the girl’s face was cold and determined. It did not appear she was going to back down easily. Emlyn looked at her sister. Ellory suggested they leave. As much as she didn’t want to wrap her sister up in more of it, she could not let this girl have the satisfaction of bossing other people around and getting away with it. Emlyn was curious to see how far this girl would take things with a little noise and a rude comment. Emlyn stood up and stood tall, straitening her posture. She returned the glare and matched her gaze.

“May I see your prefect badge? It must be really shiny with the way you strut about and give orders. You do have one, right? Well, until I see one of those, I think we will just keep doing whatever we would like, thank you”. Emlyn smirked with a fake smile and turned back towards her sister.

A Study Break  PV Ellory & Aurelia 

Her features twisted into a scowl as the girl asked to see her prefect badge. She didn't have one, it was obvious that she wasn't a prefect. Those students who were appointed prefects had clean records and were always diligent in their work. Aurelia could never fall in that 'perfect' category. She often went out past curfew and sometimes skipped classes, her grades were only average. If the only thing that could make this girl stop yapping was a prefect, then Aurelia would never be able to get her to do so. Stubborn girl. She still wouldn't give up her fight that easily.

The other twin was advising her to leave but the stubborn girl wouldn't budge and stood her ground. Aurelia felt remorseful for the other twin, Ellory. How many times did she have to deal with her sister's problems like how she was doing now?

"Alright, keep doing whatever you like. Talking about boys perhaps? Keep dreaming, girl. " She said sharply as she spun on her heel. Walking back to the seat. She took her bag and put her textbook in it. She would probably go to the library where it was much quieter and where there was no annoying people around.