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Far from the loud chatter of the Great Hall or the packed corridors of student sat the study room area. It wasn't as big as the library, but at least the student didn't have to go all the way to the fourth floor for a place to study. It was an inviting setting, gentle murmurs only emitted by the inhabitants as it echoed the wood walls. Every now and then, voices rose to normal heights to say a spell and then fade once more. T

he window pane let a soft glow in, distorted a little by what could be assumed was either the glass or dew of some sort. Everyone gravitated to a part of the room, huddled in a tight or open circle. There was just one person in the far corner with a book called 'Book of Spells', a wand, a lock, and a glum expression.

Fingertips brush the page over as the boy crouches over it with silent determination, yet he didn't understand what he was doing wrong. The young wizard picks up the lock and points his wand at it, "Alohomora." Nothing happened - it was a simple fizzle. He tugged the lock, it was still closed tight. Reid softly sighed, placing the lock on the small coffee table in front of him as he picked up his reading glasses instead. The boy wipes the smudges on the lens with his cardigan, gently breathing on it before cleaning it one more time.

He slips them on, blinking a few times before leaning over to look at his book. He holds his wand up in one hand, the book in the other. "Is it ... alohomora." he spoke, making the motions detailed in the text. The lock simply twitched a little, so Reid tries again. The next minute was his best attempts at keeping a low voice, all were murmurs of the charms spell 'alohomora'. His hand comes up to rub his eyes, pondering on what he was exactly doing wrong.

"Ah - low - ho - mo -rah. Alohomora."
He stretched his arms over his head, prompting his back to loosen up as a result. It was going to be one of the longest evenings he was going to have.
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