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Now that Maisy was successfully casting the levitation charm, the task had become much more attainable. Hopefully, she would be able walk down the stairs while keeping the books afloat. With her spell, John thought he could get the spell right on the second attempt.

“How did we do that spell again?” John thought to himself, racking his brain as to the proper wand movement and pronunciation. He knew he did wrong earlier. Perhaps if he mixed in the other spell he knew, the successful casting would rub off on the levitation and get him the desired result. So sure his plan would work, he immediately waved his wand into a wishbone shape and cried out the combination.

“Wing Guardian Lev Incendio!”

The boy’s wide expectant smile quickly turned into abject horror as the spell was cast. Instead of a rising pile of books, John’s wand spewed out flames directly upon the repository of knowledge still on the ground. Fire drenched the covers and pages; it may as well been a glass of water poured upon them. Even if the fire stream only lasted a second, the flames continued to consume the library books.


John was panic stricken as he watched the books slowly turn to ash. In this panic, he proceeded to kick the entire flaming pile of books down the stairs. The boy could only watch in silence, mouth agape, as each book hit every single stair in a cacophony of literary inferno.


John Johns

A Quiet Place to Read  Closed 

The sound of the fire drenched books echoed as they fell, a steady thump, thump, thump that gradually faded into a quiet crackling as they hit the damp stone of the dungeon's floor. It was a horrifying sight. All those books, those library books sprawled in a pile of charred literary remains far below the three students.

Had that- Had that really just happened?

A high pitched giggle fled his lips before it could be stopped and Khris slapped a hand over his mouth before it could happen again, pale eyes widening as he glanced between the two students and the spot the pile had just been. It had happened so fast. And really though? Had John really just set those tales ablaze before kicking them down the still spiraling stairs?

A quick peek over the railing at the now smoldering mess of once great novels was proof enough.

This had truly been the last thing Khris had expected when he offered to help his fellow Slytherin with her task earlier. Maybe a tumble; either the books, Maisy, or them. Perhaps all three in they were especially unlucky but this... He bit his lip and shook his head in still shocked astonishment before turning back towards Maisy and John with a nervous chuckle. Oh, it wasn't that the situation was funny. It wasn't in the least. It's just that... Well he'd never really seen an incident like this before, had he? And here they'd been so worried about the young Slytherin girl they never really gave a thought to the health of the books.

"I-" He choked the word out before another giggle threatened escape. "I can't believe that just happened. You just... And then." Another fit of giggles, another peek over the railing and a slow shake of his head as he fiddled with his sleeves.

And then it dawned on him.

Library books.


"Oh. Oh no no no!!!!" His face blanched. "We have to- We'll get in so much- We need-" The stuttering words were pieced in as he spun towards the railing with such speed his robes billowed behind him, hands clenching the smooth stone till his knuckles paled and popped with the force. "Maisy! John! Library books! LIBRARY!!!!" He swallowed. "What are we going to do?"

"Don't ever mistake my silence for ignorance, my calmness for acceptance, or my kindness for weakness." -Unknown

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Maisy continued to stare at the space where the books had been, long after they were already gone. Her eyes wide with shock, she opened her mouth, but it was closed again a moment later as she shook her head. Her other books hovered for a second or two, before clattering, her concentration gone.

She was dead. She was worse than dead. John, dear, sweet, innocent Hufflepufflian John had murdered the books... And Maisy had been the one to check them out. The only reason she'd even been allowed was because she had already taken and returned so many. But if she came back with an armful of charred, crispy tomes? She'd be barred from the library... Barred from Hogwarts!!

Whose brilliant idea was it to teach them a fire spell at eleven, anyway? It wasn't as if they were going to run into a great deal of Devil's Snare around the school!

The sputter of Khris's nervous laugh drew he from her thoughts, but it was his grim final analysis that nearly drove Maisy to tears. She was dead.

Looking down at the books, all she could draw to mind was the time she'd accidentally torn a page out of Peter Rabbit. She had been so devastated, she'd hid the book for a week before finally confessing the act to her mother. Mum instilled in her the importance of honesty then and there, before she's gotten the tape to repare...


Sucking in a sharp breath, she hopping over her fallen books and sprinted, dangerously fast, down the staircase to where the book lay, still smoking at the bottom. Sucking in a breath, she tried to remember what Professor Blackburn had taught in his first lesson... What she'd read about it...

The wand motion was the complex part, but squeezing her eyes shut, Maisy knelt down and practiced a few times, before pointing her wand at one of the books, giving it the proper focus and a wave, "Reparo!"

With a flutter, the ruined book slammed open on it's own and as if a gail of wind had caught it, the pages began to sift back and forth, flapping wildly. Charred corners became crisp and sharp, smudged ink straightening... Holes filled with parchment again and the cover solidified, bright and red with shimmering glossy gold lettering.

Maisy heaved a great breath and yanked another book towards her, "Do you know it?" She called up to the boys, "Er... John. Prolly best you don't try..."

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It had not quite dawned on John how severe the situation was. He was still hoping beyond all hope that the ashes of the books would somehow start floating. At least he could have claimed some success from that. It was only when Kris started reminding them that they were library books that John knew he messed up. Damaging school property was a serious offense. What made it that much worse was that Maisy would be the one at fault. She was the one who rented them out. Her utter silence had cowed John into doing the same.

All of a sudden, Maisy barreled down the stairs to the burnt book. After hearing her horrific experiences with stairs, John thought she was doing the unthinkable and ending it all.

“No, Maisy no!” John cried out. “You have your whole life ahead of you! They’re just library books!”

Naturally, he ran right after her. By the time he made it halfway down, the girl was in the process of repairing the book. His eyes widened as the ashen tome remade itself, as if it was freshly printed. Of course! What was done by magic could surely be undone. Now that his mistake could be corrected, John took out his wand. Childlike glee stretched across his face. He would summon the power of “Reap Arrow” and make the books new!
"Er... John. Prolly best you don't try..."
The boy’s glee disappeared into disappointment. His wand lowered back into his pocket. He couldn’t blame anyone for holding off on magic after the botched attempt at levitation.

“You’re probably right,” John replied, sadly going back up the stairs to retrieve the rest of the books.

John Johns

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Khris could only watch in horror as Maisy practically hurled herself down the stairs, his cry of 'Wait!' and John's terrified shout and the ensuing scramble of students only adding more chaos to the moment. He could see it now; this sweet Slythetin girl and his newly found Hufflepuff friend taking one wrong step and tumbling to their doom. Honestly, spinning stair cases and no guards at the end!? True it added to the dangerously dramatic flair and mystisism Hogwarts was known for but this was a common pathway for young students and accidents were prone to happen.

He just hoped that now was not one of those times.

It made his breath catch and his head spin and he followed a mere moment after, feet and robes thankfully not tangling in his own rush down. It wasn't until he reached the landing where he could see Maisy and John still in one piece that he managed to draw in a shaky breath.

The two students both had their wands out, Maisy's still thrumming with residual magic, the crisp and clean, fresh off the press book sitting before her as proof of what had just been done and John's just being tucked into his pocket once more, his face a morose mixture of disappointed understanding.

The poor lad. Khris knew he hadn't meant any harm, here or in the study room, but the thought of another possibly botched spell was enough for him to nod in agreement at Maisy's gently spoke words.

"It's okay, John." A small smile and a pat on the arm was offered as the Hufflepuff passed him on the trek back up. "Maybe when we're not dealing with library books we can practise that levitation and mending charm together, hm? Outside on..." his brow furrowed as his thoughts searched for something that wasn't too valuable or too dangerous should more flames erupt. "On pinecones! Yeah! Practise levitating them and in the case of a fire we could even practise the mending charm too."

One more quick smile was offered over his shoulder at the good natured Huffle before Khris knelt beside Maisy with a quiet sigh.

Right then.

Magic was something he'd grown up around, sure, but it was still a remarkable thing to see and even more remarkable was to watch a student just like him perform it outside of a class. To be asked to do the same nearly blew his sweet little mind.

Khris' wand was withdrawn from his pocket carefully, his lower lip worried between his teeth as he furrowed his brow. He'd actually not done this outside of classes before, not this spell anyway. He'd practised of course but that was different. This mattered.

His stomach flipped.

"So... just?" He let the sentence hang between Maisy and he, slightly trembling fingers drawing the charred remains of a book closer. A practise gesture was made in the air, his brow popping up in question as he waited for his fellow Slytherin's approval. She was the one who'd just completed the charm properly after all.

"Just..." The gesture again. "And say it? Reparo?"

"Don't ever mistake my silence for ignorance, my calmness for acceptance, or my kindness for weakness." -Unknown

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Maisy looked up as John's face fell, and immediately, a pang of guilty conscience struck. She, of course, had no intention of wounding his spirits... His confidence, afterall, was positively endearing, but she didn't want to cause him any more trouble with the spells... Or the poor books.

"John! Wait... Just... Hm. Khris is absolutely right!" She said, all too grateful the Slytherin boy had thought to interject the idea, "I'd be happy to practice with you! I wasn't very good, at all, to start! First time I tried a spell, I sent my wand flying across Professor Ackerley's classroom! It was horrifying... But once you get the hang of it, it really rather comes naturally. I never thought I'd be able to get the feather in the air.. Forget floating books. But I suppose it's like learning anything in the Muggle world. You just practice and concentrate... Follow the instructions and, well, you've got a bookshelf or microwaved pizza."

Looking to Khris, she studied the gesture and nodded, "A bit more in the flourish at the end... Like a G, but backwards... And just say the word. The spell is really helpful when you're a bit of a mess like me. Though I'm rubbish at it if there's liquids invovled. Apparently only really good wizards are any good at that."

Pulling another book towards her, she bit her lip, her eyes moving up to John, "Why not give it a try a few times... Without the wand? You're really quite good at the enthusiasm of it all, and I'm sure once you get the incantations down, you'll be brilliant! A backwards G... And Re-pah-roh."

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At Maisy and Khris's encouragement, John went back down the stairs to attempt the spell once more. He wouldn't have been much of a wizard if he gave up the moment something caught on fire. For all the ill spoken about Slytherins, John wasn't getting any of it. These two would have been right at home in Hufflepuff. His spirits sufficiently lifted, he proceeded to try again.

He started with Maisy's suggestion: practicing without a wand. Using his finger, he started twirling it around, first as a spiral until it became more of a triangular spiral. His pronunciation got better after a few tries.

"Reap Arrow...Read Pharoah...Real Narrow...Reparo!"

That was it! That incantation sounded more right than any other that he said that day. So confident in his newfound skill, he pulled out his wand. He was ready! With a triangular swirl, he shouted out the phrase.


The ashes sprung to life as the charred remains began reassembling into something that looked like a book. The blackened edges healed themselves and their crumples became smooth. John recognized the book as a copy of "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them." Ready to proclaim his victory, John read the title outloud.

"Cats Faint as Bets and Them Oh Winterfed," he said, his chin held high. It took a moment for him to realize that that sounded far more Shakespearean than he remembered. His mending still needed some fine tuning.

"Well, it's good as long as no one reads too closely," he rationalized. Secretly, he preferred the new title.

John Johns

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Cameron entered the Study Room to study up on spells he learned in class. Not only was the new school year quickly approaching but he was looking forward to a new term. Wanting to brush up on his Charm work he decided to practice on a few Charms he learned the previous years. Not wanting to spoil the fun for this new years of learning. He hoped that the new Charms he would learn would benefit him when he was home over summer break. 

Sadly, to Cameron's surprise, this summer holiday he totally forgot about magic completely. He was so busy with helping out the family and taking trips around the country that he almost forgot himself that he, too, was a wizard. Cameron opened his textbook and started to read he started to wonder if Charms would ever benefit him in the real world when he left Hogwarts. Not too sure about how it will go once he leaves Hogwarts he hoped for the best. Cameron did hear other students in the Study Room and he tried to not tune them out completely. Unless if one of them wanted to strike up a conversation then he would be glad to respond. 

Cameron Harper