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Muggle School  Closed 

For many of the muggle raised half-bloods and Muggle-borns simply left their muggle education to become a full-time magical student. but a small percentage of them did not. 
One of which was Lilith-Anne otherwise know as Lilly-Anne Dean. If you haven't realised it by now, Lilly-Anne was a very strange and almost invisible first year, if it wasn't for her extremely outrages clothing and band tees from muggle world. she would hardly be picked out of the crowd. 

On any given Tuesday, you could find Lilly -Anne in the quietest section of the study room with her head bent low and hand furiously gliding across the paper with a blue inked pen. 
Which is a site to be held at Hogwarts because there were still using parchment and quills even after the great wars in which Lilly only knew about from history books.

so there was Lilly-Anne sitting tired and recently but still putting pen to paper( a muggle sentence) 
Glance up and back down at her riducaly stack of papers,lilly held a sigh in beacuse she had to complete and owl her father the english essay, her school wanted due  to having a squib as a princabel. 

This is  why  on any given tuesday, you could find lilly-anne sighinh heavly and complaininy in her head about sore cramped hands from writing so many pages of muggle school essay on top of her magical school work. 

Is there anyone else that keeps up with there muggle school work?

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Lilly-anne Dean

Muggle School  Closed 

Mia was just another first-year at Hogwarts, except she thought that it was completely stupid to abandon Muggle subjects that actually help with the world, magical or otherwise. Physics gave a witch a better understanding of how the world worked around her, and basic math helped with calculations in potions and whatnot. Also, the wizarding world seemed to be blind to basic communication between countries, so Mia added World Languages and World History to her homemade curriculum. It seemed best to take the best out of both the wizarding and muggle world so that she could thrive in both, so she did just that. After all, it was her wizard father who encouraged her to see that both the wizarding and muggle world both had values to them, and the sooner we could connect those worlds the better.

Mia grumbled to herself as she scribbled on her notebook with her purple gel pen. Her mom and dad had sent her yet another to-do list of muggle homework, and she was falling a bit behind in her studies. She continued to write a paragraph on the relationship between the US and Puerto Rico. Ugh, if only there was at least one other person who could help me out with this. I want to do this, but I would do better if there was at least someone else doing this with me. Mia stood up and shoved her pen and notebook into her bag, to get up and leave the study room. Then, she caught sight of another first-year, a Slytherin, who seemed to be furiously working on something with . . . A PEN! I NEED TO TALK TO HER, Mia thought. She stood up and walked briskly towards the girl and took a deep breath. H-Hi, my name is Mia, I don't want to come off as creepy, but are you working with a pen instead of a quill? I think that's pretty cool, she stammered, hoping that she wasn't coming off as too weird. Perhaps she's working on something that isn't for Hogwarts, Mia thought hopefully, and focused on what the Slytherin was about to say.

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Muggle School  Closed 

Thomas was still trying to understand what exactly was up with this school, its inhabitants, and their seeming incomparable necessity to to speak in places, rooms, directly allocated for study. Sure, the odd whisper here or two would be fine, or the ruffling of pages, screeching of a chair, the odd phone going off. But a conversation about a pen?! It was enough to drive him mad, only a table away, desperately trying not to look on, feigning disinterest, a skill he was perhaps too well gifted in. He thought maybe, just maybe, of making a scene, pushing his chair back forcefully, gathering his things, books on World History, his quills and ink, and crossing to an adjoining table, making it sure they knew that he had moved due to their incessant commotion.

But his desire, his resolve, grew wane, slim, as each new moment passed, as he realised quickly it would be far too much effort to move all his things, and in the most likely case he would probably only make a fool of himself, ruining his intention to pass off any remedial judgement onto the girls. And so, he stayed seated, trying to concentrate, but half listening to their conversation also.

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Muggle School  Closed 

Lilly sat there promptly stunned by the girl who introduced her self as mia because mia actually could see through the enchantment her father placed on her pens. The enchantment that Lilly father placed on her pens was only those who study subjects from muggle school would be able to see them which you would think would be common for the Muggle-borns, half-bloods but it is not. 
Watching the girl finale take a long deep inhaled breath, Lilly began to formulate an answer to mia.
Why it's nice to meet you mia, I was really stunned that you could see past my father's enchantment of my pens, that would mean you study at least one muggle school subject and no your definitely not being creepy laughed Lilly, her sweet light airy laughter echoed through room causing some sharp shushing sounds from the other people in the room. 
I'm using a pen because that's what my muggle school work requires of me and I don't think quell in would be a good idea for it. 

A light clutter of a quill caught Lilly attention and she turned it into a boy who was apparently half listening to their conversation, this was odd for Lilly because most people ignore what she was talking about thinking her as an ugle site. 

turning back to finish her conversation with Mia, Lilly points the boy out to mia and they decide to ask why he was listening to their conversation not that Lilly really cared that much.

Lilly-anne Dean

Muggle School  Closed 

Katherine Black was a pure-blood that went to Hogwarts, she had heard many stories of Hogwarts but she never knew how elegant and beautiful it was. Katherine was still dazed and got lost whilst walking to Potions class. However, she confessed that she was the one who was exploring the many wonders of this place. She looked at the different rooms at Hogwarts. The class she was the most hyped to learn was Potions and Transfigurations. Katherine loved making Potions in a more creative way, not to get results like other people but to discover new and amazing Potions. The girl was always ambitious and cunning, she ought to get Slytherin but she was happy with Ravenclaw. When she grows up, she wants to be Minister of Magic which she knows she wouldn't achieve that if she doesn't work hard and be successful in school. The girl didn't despise muggle-borns or in another term, mudbloods. Katherine never understood why people hated Muggle-borns or muggles. What's wrong with that? Pfft, she was fascinated by Muggles and would like to learn Muggle Studies but she was afraid she'll get disowned by her family and look like a disgrace to the Pure-blood family of hers. She saw a girl who was scribbling with a pen. Weird, eh? A Pen? What's that word again? Ink. Katherine mumbled that to herself, wondering if she looked like a muggle cartoon character, 'Ariel'


Muggle School  Closed 

After speaking to the boy, Mia invited him over to the table that was shoved in the far back, As we pass the other students, Lilly noticed a girl wondering around the study room.
She picked her out as a pureblood due to her very straight back and proud structure of her body. 
But as the girl came closer taking in the wonder of the study room, neither mia or Lilly was able to move due to the small space between two tables in which stood the pureblood who now close enough for Lilly to identify as a Ravenclaw. 
The girl seemed to mutter to her self about "INK", so Lilly said Excuse me, ms but your blocking the pathway. 
The girl looks up to make eye contact with Lilly and made an apologetic gesture and moved aside. 
Thank you for that said Lilly,
Lilly held her hand for the girl to shake and introduced her self.
Hi, my names lilly-Anne and this is Mia. You seem a bit flustered are you alright? asked Lilly in a caring manner. 

Even thoe lily didn't know the girl, her healer genes kicked in and sensed something was bothering the poor girl relentlessy, so Lilly just wanted to make sure the girl was ok. 

Lilly-anne Dean