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Meeting of Pure Bloods  Pv   Finished 

Aurelia sighed mentally as the boy asked him about her family. She really didn't want to tell him about them. But she wanted to draw every drop of information from this boy. He claimed that he wanted to help Hogwarts, however, what she saw was that he's plans would destroy it. If she knew what the boy was doing, she would write about it in the Gryffpost and possibly warn everyone about it. But to do that, she needed to get more information.

She took a deep breath and began telling him about her ancestry. "Bezuidenhout is my last name, originated from the Netherlands. There been a lot of rumours about the Bezuidenhout line. Some have said they were involved in the voldemort cult, but I do not believe that my ancestors have served such a horrible man. My father denies this too." She explained. It was the truth, or at least everything she had been told. There was still no provenance of wether the Bezuidenhout was involved or not.

"What about your family?" She asked. Maybe his family would be the reason why he wanted to get rid of muggle-borns. She just needed to get all the information she needed then she would leave the room. Right now, it was almost time for the last meal to commence and then it would be past curfew.

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Meeting of Pure Bloods  Pv   Finished 

Charles listened to the girl speak. Took in the information about her family and made mental notes here and there as he listened. The girl mentioned rumors of her family serving voldemort and how they may not be true as they considered him a horrible man. Which was not far off from the truth, The man was horrible for many reasons one of them was that he was not even a pure blood and yet he was fighting for the pure blood cause. The man did more harm than good and the fact he was not even what he was fighting for made it worse. Ever since then the purebloods had to deal with being affiliated with that monster of a man. But then the girl asked about his own family. Would he really reveal anything important about his family to this girl. No because he did not trust her at all.

“ All I will tell you is that my family are all proud Slytherins and that we all got sorted into this noble house in hogwarts. My family can trace its roots to the founding of the school when Salazar slytherin sorted them into his house. “ His voice was in a soft whisper now as he looked around at the students getting ready to leave and either go eat dinner or head back to the dorms. He needed to wrap up this meeting with this girl before the professors came around checking in on the different parts of the castle making sure everyone followed curfew. He did not want to be caught by a professor that was for sure.

“ Voldemort gave the purebloods a bad name with his war. After all he was not even a pure blood himself and yet he claimed to be fighting for them. Most deny they were a part of his cult and for good reason as he went about it all wrong.” He lied to the girl partially. Voldemort's goals were normal but being that he was a half blood they were moot. He truly did give purebloods a bad rep with his war. Although his methods would have been approved by his family, Being that he was not one of them made most turned their back on the man. And those that joined him were considered blood traitors afterwards simply by being allied to him.

“ I think its time we end this meeting Auriella. It is getting late and you know how professors are when people do not go to eat at the great hall or go to their dorms for curfew. Do you have any more questions “ He asked softly as he looked around at the students now getting up and leaving. Some saying they were going to eat others going back to their dorms for the night.

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