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Meeting of Pure Bloods  Pv   Finished 

Eri just looked at him. He didn't know what wizard born meant? "Wizard born is two muggles that had both had magical education." She said quietly but like it was an obvious answer. Still he scared her and she knew he probably knew that. But she kept her posture straight and looked him in the eyes when she spoke. 

Eri listened to his words. Okay he suspected that both of them weren't fully devoted to his goal. So he was going to test them. How wonderful, tests, not. She didn't want to do a test, but it seemed like she had to.

"Actually yes. What if someone was listening to us? Or someone suspects what we are doing? What do we do then?" That was her main concern. Well one of them. The other main concern was if she couldn't handle this and she left that Charles would be her enemy. And he would be a bad enemy to make. He was powerful and strong, plus he probably had many allies. Or he could persuade people into being allies. None of which she had or could do. And that scared her. So now she was going to have to go along with this.

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Meeting of Pure Bloods  Pv   Finished 

Mia rolled her eyes at Eri. So that's why she was nervous.

"We are sitting at the furthermost table. No one can hear me even if I talk louder. Plus no student is going to try to listen in on us, or place spells on this table. It's against Hogwarts policy."

Mia then turned to York, flipping her hair just a bit.

"I'll try. If not I'll threaten some other muggleborn. Some other...mud blood."

The words rolled uncertainly off her tongue but she paid them no mind, and continued to talk in a low voice.

"And I'll convince Syrah to help. Or at least back me up. I can say that everyone needs to know about something like this."

Mia glanced down at her book and the closed it firmly. She then swept it off of the table and placed it in her bag, preparing to go. She wasn't sure if there was some kind of protocol, as it would look just a bit weird if they all left at the same time. Or maybe not. Everyone had a clear view of them talking, so maybe it would be weird if they all left one after the other, or at staggered times.

Whatever it was, she needed to get to Potions.

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Meeting of Pure Bloods  Pv   Finished 

Charles placed his hands together in a pyramid-like shape as he listened to first the Ravenclaw girl speak and then the Slytherin girl speak. The Ravenclaw girl asked a good question about what they would do to a student that decided to listen in t their conversation. He did not have a good answer to that question because he was not sure what he would do. Nor did he know what he would do to the person that suspects what they might be up to.

“ I would not worry about that Ravenclaw girl as i would handle them personally if someone had decided to listen in to our conversation or if they had suspicions about what we are doing. For all they know we are just talking among ourselves and planning our time here at Hogwarts and that is not a crime to do that” He said as he leaned back on his chair and folded his arms across his chest. What he said was not that far from the truth, for all anyone knew they were just talking about their futures and their day. But if someone had suspicious he would deal with them one way or another, either by intimidation and blackmail or maybe he would get them to join their cause if they were purebloods that were listening in to their conversation. But either way, he did not want the girls to worry about it and just focus on their tasks.

“ Good then it is settled then. You are both dismissed. I will send you an owl for when our next meeting will occur. “ He said as he opened up his book about fantastic beasts and where to find them and turned to the page he was on before the meeting started. He would stay at the table for a few more hours if possible as he planned out his next move.

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Meeting of Pure Bloods  Pv   Finished 

Eri looked at Charles. She was a bit annoyed at him. "I have a name. And it isn't Ravenclaw girl. Its Eri Windstone. So if you call me Ravenclaw girl one more time I'm forever going to call you slytherin boy." She said quietly but in an annoyed tone. It wasn't much of a threat, but still being called slytherin boy would get annoying. Eri took a deep breath and calmed down, her face a bit tinged with red from being a small bit annoyed. Charles was really getting on her nerves and he probably knew it to.

The brunette sighed and looked at her book. He at least thought her question was a good one. Not like what Mia had said about it, but she didn't like that he said he would take care of them personally. He still scared her and she hoped he didn't know that. Fear was a weakness that could be used to manipulate you. And she didn't want him to have that leverage on her.

Eri was glad that they were dismissed she stood up and grabbed her book and looked back at Charles one more. Then she walked away and outside of the library.

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{Dreams stay dreams until you make them reality.'}Eri Windstone. STR:10 AGI:7 CNT:5 STM:4

Meeting of Pure Bloods  Pv   Finished 

Mia watched as Eri left, and then turned to Charles. She gulped and placed a hand on her bag which was slung around her chair. She then picked it up and stood up, brushing her hair out of her eyes.

"I'll drop the letter off soon. For now, I'm going. I'll be alert and wait for your owl."

The ginger sighed and looked towards the door where Eri had left. She was a spunky one, wasn't she. It was a surprise that she hadn't met her before, but she was glad that she had met her now. And made friends with her. Or at least interacted with her. She was a powerful ally.

She turned back to Charles and gulped. He scared her, still. It was hard not to be scared of him. But she had to make a point. Rolling her eyes, she looked at him pointedly.

"And please try not to piss her off."

Mia then walked out of the library with her satchel, and down the long winding hallway towards Potions, where she was due in 15 minutes. After all, it was quite a trek. And Fain cut out quite an imposing figure.

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Meeting of Pure Bloods  Pv   Finished 

The girl had listened to what they had to say. She had been sitting on a chair nearby, listening. For the whole day, Aurelia had heard Rumours about a meeting, a purebloods meeting if she had remembered. It wasn't easy to find out where the gathering would take place. She had to ask almost a dozen people. Some had said it was in the library, others had said it was at the lake. The brunette finally found them, three students, seated at the back of the study room, whispering with their voice hushed.

Her fingers tapped against the wooden table as she eavesdrops on the conversation. They were plotting to get rid of all muggle-borns. Aurelia couldn't let them happen. She had good friends who were of non-pure bloods and who was this eleven year old boy to chase them away just because he wanted to?

Aurelia waited as the two girls left the room. The gryffindor was not going to the boy get what he wanted. The chair groaned as she stood up. The girl walked across to where the boy was at. She took a seat On the chair beside him. He seemed to be reading a book, it was one that was familiar to her, Fantastic beasts and where to find them.

"I have heard you were having a pureblood meeting. There are Rumours everywhere," The gryffindor girl started.

"Oh, forgive me, where are my manners, Aurelia of Gryffindor." The girl introduced herself. She didn't want to reveal her last name. Bezuidenhout was a family name that had a lot of fake information spread about it like the involvement in the Voldemort cult. But it was true that all were slytherin but Aurelia. The girl had broke the slytherin tradition immediately when she was sorted into Gryffindor. Aurelia didn't want her last name to get in the way of what she planned to do.

Aurelia was nervous, she felt all the hairs on her hand standing up. Apart of her screams for her to run. But she knew that like every other Gryffindor she was brave, fearless indeed.

"I don't think it would be that appealing for many to rid the school of muggle-borns." Aurelia stated with a confident tone.

"They got their Hogwarts letter for a reason, similar to how all the purebloods in this school got theirs. The have magic in their veins and they deserve to be in this Scottish castle to learn magic." Explained Aurelia. She really hoped she would be able to prove her point and change the mind of this boy. He was an eleven year old like her and there was nothing to be afraid. At least that was what she told herself.

Meeting of Pure Bloods  Pv   Finished 

Charles looked up from his book just as a glyffindor girl approached his table. He did not even get a word in when she began to speak, first telling him she had heard rumors of a pureblood meeting and then introducing herself. But she was not done after that, she then proceeded to tell him that she did not think it would be appealing to carry out his plans and then went on to say that they had every right to be here as much as pure-bloods did.

“ Well nice to meet you too Aurelia. Now that we have gotten that out of the way. Let me first address the points you made. For starters the muggle borns have no right to be at this school, They have tainted the school with their presence and have stolen what does not belong to them. My guess is that muggles married a pure blood simply because they wanted access to this school though their children. For what reason well that is simple so they can kill purebloods “ He said as he gestured for the girl to sit at the table. He closed the book that he was reading and leaned back in his chair.

“ Once the other purebloods know what the muggle borns have done. They will see why it is important that the school only accepts pure bloods and that muggle borns should be removed from the school. I suppose you want to know about what they did. Well in time everyone will know.. But in time “ He said softly, Which was true one way or another the others will know what they have done.. Well what the story is about what they have done anyway. But none of that was true but he could explain away why there is no records as that they were destroyed in the suppose war that never happened.

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Meeting of Pure Bloods  Pv   Finished 

The word ‘kill’ rang in her head when the boy had spoken it. Did he boy really had such a dislike for muggle borns? It couldn’t possibly be true that muggles wanted to end the lives of purebloods. She met very nice muggles when in her hometown of Cheshire England. She also had a roommate had told her she was a half-blood without a second thought. They seemed harmless and this boy most likely never had any relations with a muggle nor had step foot on a muggle city.

Aurelia was raised in muggle civilisation and was even schooled there. People were wonderful except those bullies she faced in the school, but other than that, the people were no different than those in hogsmaede except that they do not use magic. The girl refused to believe that they want to kill those of the wizarding world.

The school isn’t reserved specifically for anyone. When the founders of the four houses opened it, they had opened it to everyone. They haven’t tainted the school in anyways. It’s only that a few have different ideas that I would say that is quite... selfish. ” The young girl explained as she took her seat across the boy.

Why do you think muggles want to get rid of purebloods?” The brunette asked.

Meeting of Pure Bloods  Pv   Finished 

Charles folded his arms across his chest “Aurelia do you really think the founders wanted this school to be open to all. Surely they have not told you that. Well then I hate to break the news to you. But that story was a lie created by muggle borns “ He said in a dark voice as he looked at the girl across room. What game was she trying to play with him he wondered. Surely others have been told that the origins story of the school were made up and that the founders really wanted to have the school made for pure bloods only. After all only pure bloods should be able to become wizards and witches.. How in the world could anyone accept a muggle born as one when their kind should not be able to use magic to begin with.

“ There is a simple answer to that question Aurelia. They see pure bloods as threats to them because we come from proud families and are wealthy.” He said as he leaned forward and placed his elbows on the table “ I bet you never learned about the war they declared on pure bloods. A war that seeked to kill every last pure blood family. They almost succeeded in doing so, Lucky the remaining pure bloods united and put a stop to it. We had no idea there was a war until we found out about it. “ He said softly although in a bit of a dark voice as he stared at the girl across from him.

He leaned back a bit now. He was never one to stay in one position for long having been taught that one always had to be on guard and to never get comfortable. “ But truth be told the main reason for them wanting to kill purebloods is because they want our magic. Hard to believe they actually fight for that petty cause, but it is true that is what the war was about that “ He trailed off and folded his arms across his chest as he waited for the girl to respond. Everything he said was a true, He had read the documents his father provided to him when he was ten years old to prepare him for his time in Hogwarts and beyond.

His father telling him the importance of making sure to make friends with only pure bloods and never with muggle borns who wanted to kill him. Kill him because they wanted his magic or whatever nonsense they believe he was never sure about how that worked but hoped to one day figure it out.

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Meeting of Pure Bloods  Pv   Finished 

War? She didn’t know that there was a war in the past besides the one between Voldemort and Harry Potter. There were a few wars also taught in a few of the history of magic lesson. She never heard one of muggles against Wizards. She read dozens of history books from her family’s collection and she haven’t heard of that kind of war.

She didn’t want to feel stupid, but she asked anyways. “What war are you talking about, exactly? I haven’t heard of one consisting of muggles against wizards.” The girl had told him.

You don’t think there are wealthy families in the muggle world? ” Aurelia asked. She had seen many wealthy families in London who owned private jets and expensive cars. The wizard currency is nothing to them.

It’s 2018. Muggles have all sorts of weapons that can destroy an entire city with a push of a button. I don’t think they want our magic.” she explained. The boy must have never seen the muggle news on television, perhaps he never even seen a television before.

Who gave you the information about the war?” She asked. It was most likely his parents. Parents who wanted their child to follow in their footsteps and therefore told him stories that were not meant to be true.

Meeting of Pure Bloods  Pv   Finished 

Charles kept his arms across his chest “ I am not surprised you have not heard of it because everyone wishes to forget about it. After all people today want to believe that muggle borns and purebloods could get along but if they only knew the truth, “ He said softly but in a dark voice as he leaned forward “ Ecce emendatio bellum “ He said in latin “ Pure blood war as it was come to know, A war that the muggle born wizards declared against the purebloods in a attempt to wipe us out. They went from pure blood house to pure blood house and they did horrible things using forbidden curses and killing many purebloods in the process . My parents and I got lucky but so many others did not.”He said in a soft voice as he leaned back and looked at the girl. It felt natural for him to lie like this, to tell others about a made up war that nobody believed happened. He only need a good amount of people to believe him to achieve one of his goals.

He heard her next question and frowned. Did he assume that there were no wealthy muggles, No he clearly did not and yet the girl question made it seem that way. He was growing angry with the girl now as he clenched his hand before answering “ Did I say that.. Did I say there were no wealthy muggles. No that is not what i said at all Aurelia. But unlike muggle borns.. Our wealthy is not dirty and not gained by stealing. “ He said darkly as he grew angry and frustrated, What was this girl trying to do. Her next question though made him even more angry. How dare she question him about who told him about the war.

“ Clearly you have never done research before if you have to ask me that question. Digging into the records that many have forgotten about because they want to brush it aside and bury it.. Oh it must sound odd that someone my age would do such a thing. But my family are known researchers among other things and my father and mother helped me. “ He said darkly as he now glared at the girl across from him. A glare he kept for some time before looking away and leaning back in his chair once more.

“ Why do you defend the muggle borns so much Aurelia. Why do you go to their defence and not condemned them for their stealing of wealth and magic. That you blindly accept the story about the founders and how they are not out to steal our magic. I can only think of one reason for you defending them . quae sanies deserit “ He said the last part in lain for a reason. A pure blood should be able to understand what he said in the end. He watched Aurelia now and waited to see what she girl will say now.

Ecce emendatio bellum -PureBlood war
quae sanies deserit- Your blood is tainted

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Meeting of Pure Bloods  Pv   Finished 

The boy had explained about a war. He also said muggles wanted to wipe the wizards out. If her parents had been involved at that period, they would have told her. Or maybe they were trying to hide it from her so she wouldn’t be afraid of muggles. She didn’t know if it was true or was the boy trying to put the thoughts into her head. She wasn’t going to let him, she was going to find it out herself. Maybe if she pretended to have interest in what he was saying, she would be able to figure it out.

The boy then told him something in, what sounded like, Latin. She didn’t know the language, it wasn’t one that was commonly used. Then he suddenly said about muggle using forbidden curses. There was only one thing that screamed in Aurelia’s head. Lies. Lies. Lies. Muggles didn’t have the ability to perform magic.

He told her that his parents survived in whatever war he was talking about. If his parents were involved, her parents would have been too. But if what the boy said was true, then why wasn’t her parents afraid of muggles? Why did they chose to work in the muggle society? Why was her Father a doctor who helped muggles? Why was she enrolled into a local muggle school in Cheshire? The girl’s brows creased as the many questions flooded her head.

Then what he told her next the girl knew was indeed one he made up himself. Muggles didn’t steal. They lived in a complete different society from the wizarding one. They had their own currency and they earned it by working. Like how her Father worked for his money as a doctor. Very so often, he explained to her he wanted to help people which ever blood status they were under which was the reason why he became a doctor and saved lives of many muggles.

The Slytherin boy was as witty as a snake, which was probably the reason why he was put in Slytherin. How could intelligent ravenclaws believe him so that they could become his minions that he could control just by pulling a few strings? She didn’t blame them, some 11 year olds were quite gullible. Aurelia was going to find out what he truely planned on doing. The boy thought she didn’t know much and so she would leave it be for now.

There are muggle-borns in Hogwarts who seem fairly nice. Some of them are my friends. That’s why I’m defending them.” The girl explained.

Do you really think they are going to try to secretly wipe us out? I’ve only been to the muggle cities a couple of times but only for family vacations. I think my parents are only showing me what they want me to see just so I behave how they want me to behave. Have you really seen what they do up there?” She asked with a hushed tone that made her seem unsure. Aurelia was acting of course. She was sure he boy had never been to a muggle city before and was only making things up. But she needed to know exactly if he was.

Meeting of Pure Bloods  Pv   Finished 

Charles kept his eyes on Aurellia now and one of his eye brows rose up briefly. He was starting to think this girl was not a pure blood at all going by how she did not seem to react to his latin words which he knew for a fact most pure bloods if not all studied latin and would know what he said. Or maybe she choose not to respond to his latin which could be the reason but a strange reason and one that made him believe she was not a true blood. It would explain why did she still believed that it was right to defend Mudbloods. How in the world does someone defend them when they were out to kill purebloods if they were not one themselfs or a traitor. This girl was making him angry and it took all his restraint not to yell at her, to tell her she was wrong to defend mud bloods. But he did not.. He wanted to let the girl dig herself a deeper hole first.

“ Muggle Borns only pretend to be nice to get what they want. I can tell you stories of how Muggle borns murdered pure bloods by being nice at first. Everyone thinks purebloods hate muggle borns since the start of time. But they are lying.. We did not have this anger towards them until the war. And only then did we see their true colors right before our eyes. “ He said softly as he closed his eyes. How many times did he have to tell this girl that muggle borns could not be trusted and yet the girl would go on about them not being bad about her defending them. It made him sick to his stomach that anyone would defend muggle borns.

“ Why do you keep prefering to pure bloods as us. Clearly you are not a pure blood as no pure blood would ever defend a mudblood. And if you are a pure blood then you have to be a blood traitor because only blood traitors would ever considered being friends with mudbloods and half bloods , Are you a blood traitor then Aurelia?. “ He asked in a dark accusing voice. He had a feeling the girls family was a blood traitor and if that was the case it would explain everything, The being friends with muggle bloods and defending them.

“Yes I do think they are trying to wipe out purebloods, But what does it matter to you muggle lover. You are being fooled into believing they are good people, That they did not try to wipe out purebloods, “ He clenched his hand tightly and banged the table hard “ You did not see them kill children and others for no reason at all. But my family has and i have been told stories about what happened during the war. “ He banged his hand hard on the table once more and then proceeded to fold his arms across his chest before answering her last question.

“ Yes I have been to a muggle city. But i do not see why that is important to you. But do enlighten me muggle lover.. Tell me why it is important that if i visited a muggle city or not. Hmm “ He asked in a dark voice his arms folded still as he looked at the girl and waited to see how she would respond. What a curious question to ask him.. What was she getting at he wondered as he kept his eyes on her.

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Meeting of Pure Bloods  Pv   Finished 

What the only thing that spilled from the boy’s mouth were lies. She could admit that he was quite a good liar and a majority of first years would believe him if they were here now. Aurelia knew better than to believe a cunning snake. Others might be fooled but she wasn’t like them. She only believed things she herself had seen. There weren’t actual provenance to what he was saying.

The hand that was on her lap clenched and her nails dug into her palm as he told more of his filthy lies. She wanted to punch him and possibly give him a broken nose. Through her frustration, her face managed to remain calm. The girl was pretty good at keeping her emotions in check whereas the boy wasn’t, constantly slamming the back of his palm on the table. He was trying to intimidate her, Aurelia wasn’t going to let that happen.

Aurelia didn’t believe she was a blood traitor or whatever he said it to be. She was just an ordinary girl having ordinary friends and never looked at a persons blood status before befriending them. They could be throwing stick and stones at her but she would still stand by what she believed in and probably use flipendo on anyone who dared to throw stones at her.

Your blood doesn’t define who you are, but your heart does,” It what her parents would tell her at home.

I don’t know if I’m a blood traitor, but if there’s a way I can make it right, then I would do it. It’s honestly not my fault why I’m a blood traitor, it’s how my parents raised me. ” She made her voice sound desperate as she lied again. Aurelia was surprised she could act so well. She just wanted to draw more information from the boy.

It matters because if muggles has already tried to wipe out wizards using evil methods, then how are they acting towards each other? You had said they steal their wealth. They do sound like barbarians.” the words tasted like vinegar as they left her mouth. She felt her stomach twisting from saying such horrid things about muggles who weren’t a bother to her at all.

So tell me. Tell me the story about how muggles tried to wipe out wizards. A story my parents had hidden away from me for years.” Aurelia said.

Meeting of Pure Bloods  Pv   Finished 

“ How can you not know if your a blood traitor Aurelia. “ He asked in a dark voice “ but if you are than you can not fix your blood traitor status. Your a traitor in the eyes of all true pure bloods and that wont ever change. Do you understand that or have your parents raised you wrong. “ Charles said as he looked at the girl his arms still folded. How can one not know if they are a blood traitor and yet then say it is not their fault if they are one. What game is this girl playing. Was he not suppose to pick up on that little bit of information. He suspected she was a blood traitor now just going by that response. Why else would you even say its not their fault about being a blood traitor and that is how their parents raised them.

“ I already told you a story Aurelia that is more than enough. I told you what the muggle borns did to purebloods, I told you how they killed entire families. As for how they treat each other.. They are animals and kill each other, Well Muggles do anyway.. Muggle borns on the other hand only go after purebloods.” He said in a dark voice, Was the girl getting confused between muggles and muggle borns. He had not said anything at all about muggles only muggle borns who were the spawn of a wizard and a muggle. But the girl assumed he was talking about muggles. Why though he could not figure out.. Why was she trying to tie the two together. He only cared about muggle borns and dealing with them.. He did not care about the affairs of muggles.

“ So tell me about your family Aurelia. I want to know more about.. You and your family. Regardless if they are blood traitors or not. “ He asked mockinly as he really did not care about the girls family but it was fun to see if the person would tell him anyway. Oh he hoped it was a good story but only time will tell what she tells him if anything.

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