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Amadea tried to read into Mia's body language and the way she was acting. Unfortunately, Amadea wasn't good at watching those things and figuring out what people were thinking, so she was left blind. Was Mia angry that Amadea didn't hold a high opinion of the two? She hoped that they could overlook this, unless Mia was like Scarlett and Kate. A shiver went down Amadea's spine. She couldn't imagine what it would be like if she met a carbon copy of them at Hogwarts. She didn't want her time at Hogwarts to be as terrible as it had at Dallington. 

Thankfully, Mia seemed to understand. Amadea listened as she talked about them, putting into words Scarlett's side of the story. Amadea wanted to yell and say there was no excuse for how Scarlett treated Amadea, but at the same time, the more rational side of Amadea was telling her that it was okay. She should listen to this side of the story. Hurt people hurt people, she remembered her mother telling her once. It wasn't as if she deserved the bullying, but Scarlett must be hurting so much that she had to inflict pain on someone else to make herself feel better. To be honest, Amadea kind of felt bad for her. 

"Don't apologize," Amadea said. "It isn't your fault." It wasn't anyone's fault except for Scarlett and Kate's. They were the ones responsible for their own actions and they were the ones who had decided to make Amadea's life miserable. 

Jealous?!" Amadea exclaimed incredulously. "There's not much to be jealous of..." She trailed off in thought. No, Scarlett couldn't be jealous of her. Scarlett had everything she wanted, and if she didn't have it, she could always just ask for it and get it. Why would Scarlett be jealous of her? She was living a strictly middle-class life where she had to work for everything she got, it didn't just get handed to her on a silver platter. 

Amadea wondered where the girls were now. Probably back in London, tormenting some other poor girl that didn't deserve it. Or maybe they were witches too. Amadea didn't know, and frankly, she didn't care. She just wanted them to stay far away from her. "Do you keep in touch at all?" Amadea asked. 

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The Most Studious Scholar  PV   Finished 

Amadea looked like she was lost in thought. Mia would be too, if a strange girl with a powerful surname showed up, friends with the people that made your life miserable.

Do you keep in touch at all?

Mia shook her head and looked at Amadea with her startlingly blue eyes, her long lashed moving for a second, and then taking their resting place at the top of their limited area in which they could move.

No. Scarlett got mad at me for a silly reason-she didn't get into Hogwarts, but Beauxbatons instead. So she basically excommunicated me from her life.

Mia took a moment to laugh dryly, her throat suddenly becoming dry. It was the wort type of hate, the hate from a friend that hurt others. A hate that could've been predicted, but wasn't. It was a sad, accepting hate.

Kate goes there now too. She just followed Scarlett to France. Just...away.

One moment they had been the best of friends, skipping around in London together. After camp they stayed close, it was almost necessary for them to do so. Leigh and Quinn were powerful names, though no where as powerful as Alexander, and their relationship was seen in a good light.

Mia looked at the light streaming in through the large glass window that dominated the room. It was like it lit up for her.

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The Most Studious Scholar  PV   Finished 

Amadea hadn't known about Kate and Scarlett being witches, but it didn't surprise her. They both came from those mysterious types of upper class families that seemed legitimate but it felt as though they were hiding something. She was glad they didn't go to Hogwarts, to be completely honest. While she probably wouldn't have seen them around very often, Amadea still enjoyed knowing that they were far away where they couldn't harm her.

Beauxbatons was a wonderful school anyway, and Amadea was sure they would be put in their place there. Or at least Scarlett would be. She wasn't surprised that Kate had followed where Scarlett went but it still perplexed Amadea. She didn't understand why Kate let Scarlett boss her around and control her. Kate was her own person but acted like a drone who worked for Scarlett and then died and she didn't have any of her own feelings. Amadea didn't understand why Kate didn't just stand up to Scarlett and do her own thing. Kate was wealthy and powerful enough to deal with Scarlett's wrath. Maybe she was just too cowardly to do anything. 

Amadea wondered what they were doing now, or if she would ever see them around in the wizarding world. "I'm not surprised they did that, to be honest," she said, trying not to sound too harsh. "That's the kind of person Scarlett is. And Kate just does whatever Scarlett does." She shook her head, wishing that they were different, but knowing she couldn't change them. She tried to think of another topic to talk about besides Scarlett and Kate, but came up short. She hoped Mia would say something to change the topic. 

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The Most Studious Scholar  PV   Finished 

Mia shook her head and looked off into the distance.

She was glad that Amadea was on the same page as her. Otherwise it would've gotten very awkward, fast. Like it was getting now.

Turning her head to face her, Mia smiled a bright smile and then tilted her head towards the window slightly, letting her auburn hair congregate on one side of her pale face.

What should she say? She had to agree, add something, and then change the topic slightly. Otherwise she was doomed.

Exhaling slightly, Mia curled one hand into a fist. Why did conversation not come naturally to her? She could make small talk for only a few minutes, and then excuse herself. But she didn't want to do that with Amadea.

I pity her. Being your own person is hard, yes, but better than being a mindless follower.

Mia shook her head solemnly, and then refocused. Parts 1 and 2 were done. Easy. Now to change the topic slightly. What should she say? She could say something about how nice the Hogwarts community is, but there were mean people-though not that many.

But she could say that. That was OK. Things didn't have to be perfect-in fact they never would be. And everyone had to expect that.

Hogwarts is such a nice place. It teaches people not to be like that. To stand up for themselves and to take initiative. I'm so lucky that I got to go here.

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The Most Studious Scholar  PV   Finished 

Amadea knit her eyebrows, trying to read Mia's expression. She had thought that Mia was friends with Kate and Scarlett, but it seemed as though they had similar feelings about the two girls. It was all very confusing to Amadea. Then again, all conversations were awkward for Amadea. She really needed to work on that. 

She listened as Mia spoke about Kate's personality. Amadea completely agreed. Being yourself was terribly difficult and taxing, especially when others didn't like it, but it was worth it. Being a mindless flower was safer, sure, but it wasn't as rewarding. 

Then, thankfully Mia changed the subject. To anyone else, they would probably be confused at the broad difference between topics, but Amadea couldn't be more thankful for it. While it was still kind of related to the topic they were talking about before (Mia was a good conversationalist) it was also vastly different, which was great for Amadea. She nodded along. Hogwarts was a wonderful place. She loved everything about it, especially the people. 

"I completely agree," she said, nodding along. "Hogwarts is a wonderful place for so many reasons. It teaches great lessons about how to be yourself. It really helps you to grow into who you are." Even though Amadea was only eleven, she felt as though she had already changed a lot, and it was all thanks to Hogwarts. 

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The Most Studious Scholar  PV   Finished 

Mia nodded at Amadea's statement. It couldn't be truer.

Since she was here, she hadn't met one person who she could label an obvious follower. Everyone here, while not always headstrong and bold, didn't hide themselves. They...banded together, making a beautiful and diverse community.

Mia smiled at Amadea. The girl seemed to be one of these people so commonly found at Hogwarts. A person that was loyal, brave, kind, curious, intelligent, ambitious, and most of all, accepting. Accepting of people differences, flaws, what made them who they were.

Flaws. A thing that Mia tried so hard to cover up. But here was this girl. This...hufflepuff. Who she had never met before. She was making Mia realize that it was OK to be who you were, and that hurting others, even if you had a reason, was not OK.

It was there and then Mia decided that she had to be friends with this girl. This miraculous, passionate girl who really was a combination of all of the four houses, accepting all of their strengths and all of their weaknesses.

The light shined in her face and Mia blinked, her eyelashes fluttering softly. Her eyes made their way to her wrist, where her antique watch sat, and she blinked startled.

Amadea, its been so nice, but I must head to Potions!

Mia stood up and started gathering her stuff, shoving everything into a brown leather bag.

Stopping for a second, she slung the bag around her shoulder and turned to Amadea with a half smile. She raised her arm and put it on the chair, letting her robe's sleeve fall down her shoulder.

We simply must meet again some time soon.

And with that she turned, her hair swishing behind her.

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The Most Studious Scholar  PV   Finished 

As the two sat in silence while Amadea waited for Mia to respond, she thought about how lovely the community at Hogwarts was. While she had a few not so nice encounters with different people, the good far outweighed the negative and she loved every bit of it. Hogwarts had really shaped her into the person she was becoming and she couldn't imagine life if she hadn't gone. She couldn't even fathom the fact that she had considered not going only a few months earlier. 

She had definitely made the right decision by coming to Hogwarts. While it was a scary transition with lots of new things being thrown at her all at once, Amadea knew that she was better off being here. Plus, she never would have met Mia if she hadn't come! 

Amadea glanced at the clock on the wall, realizing it had been much longer than she had anticipated this conversation to last. Even though she hadn't gotten any work done, she still considered it to be a productive use of her time. After all, she had made a new acquaintance that hopefully would become her friend, and learned more about her past in the process. 

Smiling at Mia, she began picking up her things as well. "I should get going as well," Amadea said. She watched as Mia piled her things into a brown bag. "Nice bag by the way," she commented, resisting the urge to walk over and examine it closer. There would always be next time, she reminded herself. Plus, she didn't want to be weird. 

She nodded as Mia mentioned meeting up again. "Yes, I would love that!" Amadea exclaimed. "Just send me a message whenever you're available!" she said, deciding to leave the ball in Mia's court. With one last smile, she picked up her bag and headed out of the study room. "See you later!" 

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