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Are You Kidding Me?  PV Aubren Anson   Closed 

Rosie sighed loudly as she trailed into the Study Room, tossing the Herbology book onto the table. She put her hands on her hips and took in a slow breath. "Listen here." She muttered, pointing to the book. "I dunno your grudge against me, Beginning to Herbology Textbook, if that's even your real name." She sneered. "We're gonna study, and you're gonna like it!" She hopped down into her seat and cracked her fingers. "Okay." Rosie opened the book and opened her notebook, setting it aside.

The young girl began to study, taking notes down on her notebook. Ever since her A on Herbology, she had grown... Competitive with herself. She was determined to get her E-O's back. It was the ONLY A she had ever gotten! And Rosie wasn't having it, no, not at all. She was gonna prove to Sorrel that she was a lot more than just an A.

From first glance at Rosie Parker, it wouldn't seem she was so serious about her grades, but she had a secret. The motivator was competition. She argued with herself to get herself up there on the grades. Were there people better than her? Yeah, of course. Dorian was the rage with one of the best grades in the school, whoever THAT was. She didn't wanna be the best, she just knew she could do better. And she wasn't. That was an issue.

Anyways, Rosie's hair was pulled back into a ponytail so her curly locks wouldn't fall into her face. She had taken probably useless notes on different plants for future reference. Hey, it might be useful for other assignments! She sighed, laying her head on her arm. The silence was infuriating. Rosie wish there was someone else in the room, but at the same time, what if it distracted her? God, it was stressful.
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