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The Periculum Predicament  PV   Closed 

A Transfiguration wand? That was pretty neat. I sure could use extra help in that department, Lucy thought, sighing a bit. When Syrah held out her wand for Lucy to inspect, Lucy took it and admired its simple elegance. "Aw man, you got one just like I wanted. It's so slim and elegant. Mine is bulky," Lucy commented as Syrah took her wand back. She tried not to pout, but she didn't succeed very well. She found herself becoming more and more jealous as her first-year went on, and that wasn't something that she enjoyed about herself. She took in a deep breath, trying to clear the uncomfortable feeling out of her chest. 

She was lost in thought when Syrah's panic brought her back to the present. "A meeting? I hope it's not anything bad!" Lucy smiled, sure of the fact that Syrah wouldn't be going to detention or something equally ominous. "It was great meeting you as well!" Lucy called after the quickly retreating figure, waving slightly even though the Slytherin girl couldn't see. She lowered her hand, a smile still on her face. She rather enjoyed meeting Syrah. I hope I get to see her around the castle every so often, she thought, realizing that this girl was the first Slytherin she had actually interacted with. Something she said as she left niggled at her brain, though. 

Wait... she said it was "good meeting you two." Two? She turned, realizing Robyn was still in the room.  Duh, of course! "Oh! Well, I think we're done practising. I'm going to head out too, but it was good to meet you as well!" Lucy smiled at the other Hufflepuff girl and left the room.

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