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Cel scribbled furiously on her sheet of parchment with her quill, lines upon lines of text appearing beneath the tip. Every so often she would pause to dip the quill in ink, to think, to read a section of text from her textbook, or to cross a section out and write it down again. The History of Magic homework was about the history of the Hogwarts Houses this time, and when the only homework was a single essay, she needed to make the essay good.

The Hogwarts: A History textbook was splayed out in front of her essay, a small inkwell rested to her right, and the other textbook, A History of Magic, lay open to the second chapter to her right. Both books included details that the other didn't mention, so she thought she might be able to use both.
Half of the entire table was taken up by her belongings, a drop of ink already staining the table next to her parchment. When she had first seated herself there, nobody else had been present, but she hadn't looked up since, too engrossed in her homework. Cel wasn't absolutely sure how long she intended to stay there, but she was already nearly through the fourth body paragraph; she wasn't about to stop now.

Her hand had begun to cramp halfway through the first body paragraph about Gryffindor, but she had become numb to the uncomfortable soreness in the arch between her thumb and her index finger. Now Cel was reasonably sure she would regret not taking a break as she progressed through the end of the last Ravenclaw paragraph and through the conclusion.

The girl muttered the last sentences of the essay under her breath, fingers moving rapidly. "...what is in the fu...ture can never be quite un...der...stood... unless one com...prehends the zeitgeist... of the past." As her quill furiously drew the last letter, she tossed the quill on the table, spilling a few drops of black ink onto the pages of her book. She stretched her aching fingers and wrist, running a hand through her tangled mass of hair.

As Cel blinked open her eyes, doing a sweep of the room for the first time in two hours, she froze, seeing another individual at the table.

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History of Magic was a necessary nuisance in Eris's life. A necessity because she needed the class in order to graduate and become a second year, and a nuisance due to the odious nature of the lessons and the copious essays piled up for homework. Eris had no interest in learning about the magical world in detail from an old man who her friend fancied. She rather have read about the history of the wizarding world on her own, picking and choosing what to read and deviate upon.

Of course, although Eris would rather die than admit it, the past lessons had been interesting. The history of Hogwarts was something that Eris had poured over when arriving at school, even forcing Ava Silver to help her check out the book from the library during her, extremely eventful, first week at the Scottish school. Even though the History of Hogwarts was an interesting subject, Eris did not enjoy the drudgery of the daily essays and homework assigned by the Spanish Professor.

Even though he was her head of house, Eris still disliked the amount of homework Sebastian Cazarez continuously handed out, and unfortunately, most of her other classes gave out an atrocious amount of homework, that Eris had just so happened to hold off until last minute in an endevor to focus on the less mundane parts of a magical education--such as flying, talking to friends, and other miscellaneous activities that just a year ago, she would never of thought possible in her monotonous life.

Yet, even so, homework was still something the young girl had to do. Not out of a particular want to, but simply because she needed to pass first year and move up. Grades had never been something to worry about in Eris's life, as being homeschooled, the curriculum her mother presented Eris and her sister was vastly different than the ever-changing Hogwarts curriculum, and the amount of homework Eris was presented with after each lesson.

The common room was too busy for Eris to spend her day doing homework in there, as she would rather talk to her friends than work on a dull assignment. So, with super Herculean effort, the young red head dragged herself out of the warmth of the common room and into the halls of Hogwarts. She walked for a while, patience wearing thin at the children goofing off in the hallways. If only she was a prefect still, and could lecture them. Or, if only Dorian or Max were with her, to prove to the new troublemakers that nobody could top the pranks that Dorian, Max, and Eris were capable of producing. To her mounting chagrin, there was no time to mess around.

Finally, reaching the study room, Eris found it devoid of life. The room was empty, besides for a rather familiar young girl with her head down. Only able to see the top of her brown hair, Eris decided to worry about the identity of her fellow student later.

Without another word, she pulled out her quill and parchment and began to write. The words spilled together, along with drops of ink, as Eris feverishly worked, only stopping to rub the sore spots in her hands. The quiet of the room, normally deafening and crisp with the need to fill the silence, was peaceful, and allowed for unabridged thoughts to flow through Eris's mind. In fact, Eris had never gotten so much work done in an hour and a half, as she had in that moment of silent contemplation.

When she was almost done writing, Eris chanced a glance upwards, expecting for the other girl to have vanished hours ago. But, to Eris's apparent shock, the other girl was still in the room, eyes also searching the room. That had been unexpected. Eris had completely lost track of everything as she sat and worked, so when she spoke, voice raw from lack of use, her cheeks flushed red with embarrassment. How had she not noticed that the other girl was still there?"Hello.."
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The girl blinked slowly, tilting her head at the ginger-haired girl. Extremely short, shorter than herself, a shock of flaming red hair. Hadn't she seen her before?

She had greeted her. Cel's eyes narrowed as she thought, then widened as the realization hit her like a dousing of cold water when a title of a book poking out of her bag at the edge of her vision caught her attention like a net. Oh, she had greeted her.

"Hi," she began, attempting at a smile. The corners of her mouth lifted wearily; she was too tired to try any harder. "I remember you. You're the prefect I met at the library-- right? A Court of Thorns and Roses? Archeron sisters fan?" Her grin showed up fully on her face as she continued to speak, remembering the conversation, the first time she had found someone who shared her love of these books-- muggle books, not the wizarding ones on the lower shelves.

Wait, no. "Former prefect," she added quietly, more of a thoughtful postscript than actual words of communication. She was pretty sure she had heard the Gryffindor prefect... fired, right? And another girl, the Rhea she had met in the library that other day, taking her place... Cel thought, at least. The words were almost inaudible anyway; she wouldn't bring it up again if not provoked to.

What was her name? She could not remember. Usually, Cel was all right with names; this one eluded her. Not a common one, starting with an e...? Eri? No, that was the Ravenclaw girl, the redhead was a Gryffindor... oh! Eris.

The one who had given her that nickname, she was sure; and it had seemed to stick. Already a second friend-- she marveled at the thought, she had a friend!-- had used it and stuck to it, though Cel was less than sure it was because of rational reason. Kaegen was... an oddball.

"I'm Celery, remember," she added quickly with a slight chuckle. Her fingers clasped the edge of the table, but they were clenched less hard as they were before. Noticing this, Cel let go, rubbing them against her leg in an attempt to soothe her already sore hand.

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Eris stared at familiar face, attempting to put a name to the raven haired girl in front of her. Her experiences with ravenclaw females, while numerous, weren't exactly pleasant for the ravenclaws. Eris, on the other hand, as a connoisseur of violence against ravenclaws and hufflepuffs, did not consider her experience with punching ravenclaws to be unpleasant. But the girl in front of her didn't seem like a victim of Eris Fawley's large than life temper. In fact, Eris could barely discern the familiarity she felt when looking at the black haired girl with blue and yellow robes. Where had she seen her before? Eris was exhausted from the long hours of writing, and was hardly able to focus on the girl in front of her. Mind reeling with facts of Hogwarts, she was unable to focus on putting names to faces. Hopefully the girl wasn't one of Eri Windstone's friends out to get Eris. That would be horrendous, fighting while the ink of her homework dried.

Then the girl mentioned the day in the library, spend talking about lovely books and celery sticks. An easy smile slipped onto Eris's face, as she ignored the pang of sadness she felt at the words former prefect. It was crazy that just a few months ago she was a prefect, one of the elite of Hogwarts. Now she was just Eris. A small girl with no particular talents, other than punching people with unladylike vengeance and fury. That fact hurt a bit, causing Eris to look down cast for a moment, thinking about the elite role she had lost, and the consequences of her nature. At least the girl wasn't Eri's friend. That was a good sign, and made the sadness of lost power manageable. The ravenclaw's words had been truthful and kind, not a mocking jeer or retort to an argument. For that, Eris was more grateful than she would ever admit to somebody she barely talked too.

Then, snapping out of her thoughts with the typical speed of Eris's changing thoughts, Eris let out a bright smile and a laugh, easy going and calm once more. "Celery, right. You're the one who likes Amren and eats chocolate coated celery!" Eris set a hand down on the table, stretching out her tired fingers before lying her hand flat on the table with a resonating thud. Wincing apologetically at the noise, Eris leaned back in the chair. smile still lingering on her face.

Studying the drying ink with a pensive expression, Eris spoke again. "How are you?! We haven't spoken in some time." The girl spoke in a conversational manner, acting as if the two were old friends catching up, not two girls who had only talked once. Truth of the matter was, now that Eris could remember the girl's name, she was able to remember the conversation. Anyone that liked reading as much as Eris did was a friend in the red head's eyes. Hopefully Celynne would have the same opinion as Eris on friendship and how talking about books made friends.

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Cel's head tilted slightly as she watched the other girl-- Eris-- in her usual unnerving manner, trying to evaluate and analyze, as she tended to do. A little thoughtfulness before her familiarity seemed to register... was that sadness she saw there, just a flash, barely a moment? And then the redhead was back to friendliness she had shown in the library. What an interesting person. ...Oh, she just asked how she was at the moment.

"What a difficult question to answer," the girl giggled, her usual answer to the generic query. "It has been a long time, though. Well, right now, I'm half-dead because of this gigantic essay--" she waved an impassively tired hand at the massive scroll filled with her messy handwriting-- "but other than that, I'm great!" Cel grinned, reaching into her bag to pull out another couple of sticks of celery, shooting a wink at Eris. She didn't have any chocolate on her at the moment, sadly-- it seemed that she had left it all in her dorm, either that or someone stole it-- but she was in need of something refreshing, hydrating and cool.

Something like celery.

"I bet whatever you've been up to is a lot more interesting than me. All I've been doing is read, read, read. And homework. And studying." And jumping out of a tower. And dueling with knives. "Also getting lost, craving for chocolate, and failing at life." She laughed.

The girl took a minute bite, relishing the cool water-filled taste. There was something else she needed, though-- something to keep her energy up, her eyelids from drooping.

Hmm... chocolate.

Pushing the thought away she propped one leg atop the other, grinning at Eris. "And you? How have you been?" A typical question, obviously, asked to be polite, though her interest in what had gone on was relatively genuine. She really hadn't been paying enough attention to the happenings of Hogwarts the past few months.
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Admittedly, it was a bit odd how Celynne stared at Eris, causing the young girl to look down at her feet. She looked like the kind of person who could stare straight through your soul, and read all your thoughts. Evidently, it was terrifying to the Gryffindor, who had grown up on a healthy diet of superhero movies, and had developed a wariness of anyone who looked at her like they were reading her thoughts. Eris didn't want anybody knowing what was going through her head, let alone a ravenclaw that she hardly knew. Ravenclaws were scary, and even more violent than Eris, which was saying something. A proven case of the demonic nature of ravenclaws was Eri Windstone, who like Celynne seemed to have an uncanny talent for reading thoughts. Call it wariness, but Eris was not found of ravenclaws, nor people that studied her with a painful sense of awareness.

Eris laughed at the girl's statement, looking up to meet the other girl's eyes. She wasn't so bad for a ravenclaw. At least she had good taste in books, which was saying something. Most children in the school had horrid taste in reading material, which was quite irritating. But, again, she was ravenclaw. And she had her quirks. Such as eating celery randomly, as a snack.

Raising an eyebrow, Eris choked out a laugh at the girl's antics, before looking down at the ink on her paper. Still wet, Eris realized she would have to wait and talk to Cel, as her ink dried. Not that bad a predicament, if Eris ignored the girl's odd behaviors. Truthfully, she was a pleasant person, minus her odd eating habits.

"Truthfully, I've been quite busy. Not with schoolwork, but with punching ravenc-er, students in the face. And some other fun stuff." Eris laughed, quickly correcting herself before saying she had a perchance for punching ravenclaws, although it was painfully obvious what she had been about to say.

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Well then. Punching people in the face wasn't a usual activity at Hogwarts, was it, but then again, Cel was sure she had heard about the incident somewhere. Oh, yes-- Gryffindor Prefect punching Eri Windstone in the face as a result of some kind of diffindo drama or whatever, but again, she hadn't exactly paid attention. Other peoples' drama could stay other peoples' drama, no matter what they consisted of unless they affected herself.

A tiny sliver of her surprise slipped through her guard as she gave a long, startled blink, lowering her gaze before returning it to the redhead's face. Apparently not just students, either, but hopefully Eris wouldn't wish to punch herself in the face-- what would be the point of that? No drive, no action. That was a basic rule. Most of the time, Cel's drive would be boredom, but she was fairly sure that wasn't often a large enough drive for anyone to try punching someone. In the face, no less.

But Eris seemed like the type who wanted to have fun in her schooling years. And, as quoted by Parker, "Cel, you should really get out more. Live your life, not your books." It was true, though she was quite sure nothing was wrong with her books. How could Cel think that, about any book at all? If she did, it would leave all the other ones out... a bit like choosing a favorite child. Not that she would be particularly suited to motherhood-- she would much rather be the daughter of a family.

What, perchance, might "other fun stuff" entail? Hopefully not punching small Asian bookworms in the face-- that wouldn't be enjoyable. Maybe some of the activities that most students at Hogwarts her age would do: making friends, dueling, perhaps, socializing with existing friends... Not her, of course. She far preferred to simply go and hide in a corner with a stack of books to read than to go to some event or party... or even simply a meal, sometimes.

"You really have been up to some interesting stuff," Cel sighed, her tone a little rueful. "Someday I should probably do something other than taking classes, read, read in classes, and sleep. Haven't done much recently, to be honest." HAHAHAHA. Well, nothing unless you counted jumping off the side of the West Tower from the Ravenclaw Common Room. That was an incident that she had, of course, neglected to include in the letter she had just sent to Parker a few days ago, but it had been a refreshingly intrepid adventure, quite opposite from the usual flat reading of her life.

Of course, reading had not an ounce of insipidity in its complexion. Every book was different in its own way, as any reader would know-- roller coasters of ups and downs and adventure and fascination-- and they had the ability that she treasured so fondly of taking her out of her own melodramatic life and into their own beautiful storylines.

...Maybe if she got out more, she wouldn't have to be taken out of her surroundings.

Well, this right here is a start, a little voice whispered to herself in her mind. Cel normally didn't even greet other students, let alone converse with them for so long. It wasn't unpleasant, at least with Eris-- she was short, even shorter than herself, and seemed like the kind of student who, quoting Parker, "had some fun in life." He never upbraided those who did, merely reminded them to be careful.

"Punching students, huh? Don't punch me," she giggled jocosely. "Eri, right? She must have been some Ravenclaw." Hmm... perhaps now would be a good time to get caught up in the happenings of the school. Of which, of course, she was admittedly rather oblivious of, though this seemed like the kind of event that everyone around the school would be aware of. Better now than never. "What exactly happened, though? I haven't been paying a lot of attention."

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Eris smiled wistfully at Cel's words about the simplicity of reading, studying, and what not, and her innate desire to do more with her life at school. At the start of her school year, Eris imagined that most of her life would be spent dully immersed in the pages of a book, or learning about the new world around her. Never in her wildest dreams could she of predicted just how much she would thrive, or at least, survive in the social world of Hogwarts. Of course, she was woefully new to talking to children, and even for all her best attempts, Eris had made more mistakes than she cared to admit, while struggling to connect with her peers. Socializing was hard, and truthfully, Eris simply had no idea how to talk to other children, having been home schooled and deprived of connection with other children her age. But apparently, she was doing something right in her attempts at conversation with fellow students. Or at least, something right enough to have made some friends and, veraciously, some enemies. (Just one enemy, to tell the truth, but Eris was one for over dramatics)

Settling in her seat, again, making sure not to run a hand over the drying ink of her essay, Eris pondered over how her life had been before Hogwarts. The girl in front of her could of been Eris, if she had been sorted into Ravenclaw and hadn't made the friendships that had changed her life. For the bettering or worsting of Eris's life ,Eris hadn't figured out how exactly her friendships had changed her, but she knew they had. Once Eris might of sat in the study room, day dreaming about going on adventures, and thinking about fantasy worlds. Somehow, in the course of the school year, as life at the castle slowly started to die down, the girl had somehow realized that she was living in a fairy tale of her own.

Magic, check. Dragons, check. Princesses, check. Well, if you considered pure bloods princesses, which most seemed to do. They did act as regally as princesses in Eris's old story books. And she had accepted that truth with open arms, welcoming the craziness of being a witch, and living in a story book world. For after all, she was lucky. Most children would never know what it felt like to cause a feather to fly across a class room, or the rush of freedom that flying above the turrets of a castle entitled.

Snapped out of her wistful thoughts by Cel opening her mouth again, a smile turning up at the corners of her own mouth, Eris let out a laugh of amazement. So she wanted to know about the gossip of the school. Where exactly to start? There was so much of it, due to the size of the school, and the sheer stupidity of all of the students--including Eris herself, who was perhaps was the world's only 4'2 harbinger of drama and chaos.

"Where should I start? The hallway fight was insane." Eris laughed again, shifting once more in her seat. Normally she would of been uncomfortable to mention the fight, but Adam had forgave her, and Kaegen was back to being his abnormal insane self.

"Well Eri used diffendo on my friend Kaegen, who than went crazy and started fighting my best friend, Adam. So this girl named Clary, or something, told me what was going on. Than Kaegen ran off, and I went after him, cause Adam or somebody told me too. As I was running, Eri came in the way so I socked her in the jaw. It was really nice, and she totally deserved it," Eris paused her strung together story to glare at Cel, daring her to say otherwise, "but Professor Barrows caught me and got me fired from being a prefect. That's it, I think, to keep a long story short."

Of course, more had happened after the fight, but did Cel really want to hear about that? Probably not.

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Holy heck.

Well, that was a lot to take in. Her eyes grew wide in size and piercing in intensity as her interest shifted and grew, a living thing inside of her-- as told to her by Parker, that her inquisition was her twin in the same body. It was how he always reacted whenever he caught her reading some undergraduate's novels-- ones that were far too mature for a young eleven, no, now twelve, as December had passed, year old such as herself to read. Beyond that, he never exactly cared-- only took care in scolding her in words both of them knew were rather empty and 'confiscating' the book in his office, a location which, of course, she had free access to. He did, of course, disprove of her thievery and attempt to drive it in another direction, but if she returned it within twenty-four hours, what was the problem?

"Kaegen?" the girl asked as the familiar name dragged her mind, kicking and screaming as always, back into reality before it ran away and got married with her fantasies to settle down in Paris with three children. But Kaegen-- he was that strange, black-haired Ravenclaw she had met in the Common Room... also the cause of a certain arm dislocation, but it wasn't really his fault. Not exactly. Cel giggled slightly, remembering the meeting, now an event of old implanted like a photo in her memory. So strange it had been; her only taste of adventure-- well, not her only taste, but one of the few-- in her time at Hogwarts. "I know him-- we both fell out of and broke the window of the Ravencl--" she clamped a hand over her mouth, surprised that the words had made it past her guard, but the harm was done. Cursing at herself mentally, she could only hope: after all, Eris spoke as if she disdained Professor Barrows's discovery of her fisticuffs; perhaps the redhead would neglect to report her. Besides, the remark was rather blunt and not detailed, not offering much information... but that could prompt questioning.

"One heck of a student that Eri must be," she muttered as her acquaintance spoke on, appalled that one might diffindo a student. Perhaps a shove, perhaps even a knockback jinx, but diffindo? Outright blasphemy. And... how was she not expelled for such a deed? But of course, this world was strange-- in more ways than one; though every world she had ever known and would likely come to know had been and would likely be strange to her, one who felt she belonged in no world at all. "I've seen her in the hallways and heard of her, but never actually... met her."

Oh, dear. She couldn't show bias toward professors! No, if the professor-- including Professor Barrows, regardless of the fact that Divination was an elective-- liked her, then the same would be so with her toward her report card. True, never did Parker push her to maintain her O's-- on the contrary, he wished her to be more lenient on herself as long as she learned all she needed-- but Cel urged herself to work hard, harder than most would try, on her assignments. Stereotypical, she supposed, but it was her nature-- it as she herself who prided herself on her report card, neither her parent-- if you could call him that-- nor anyone else. Besides, professors were a much different company to maintain than students. They seemed to regard her differently-- well, they were adults and professors, obviously-- and in a way she tolerated much better than she would the company of other students.

She was living in a dream, she was, but she knew it too well to ever wake up.

The notion saddened and excited her at the same time, as expected but never neglecting to draw her grim surprise right out of her soul. It was true, all true-- and at times she would curl in on herself, wishing she understood everything, just as she was sure all mankind wished to understand the world-- but the yearning to know would take her and wander in her dreams. All in due time.

"It is known that there are an infinite number of worlds, simply because there is an infinite amount of space for them to be in. However, not every one of them is inhabited. Therefore, there must be a finite number of inhabited worlds. Any finite number divided by infinity is as near to nothing as makes no odds, so the average population of all the planets in the Universe can be said to be zero. From this it follows that the population of the whole Universe is also zero, and that any people you may meet from time to time are merely the products of a deranged imagination." -Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

That was a thought, one of the many, that kept her from socialization, even if it had been put in another's words. But now, she was much too fatigued to care about quotes from wondrous classic volumes-- bleary from tiredness, she supposed, but not so bleary that she would use that usually nonexistent vault of courage that sometimes popped into existence when it was needed in earnest-- not very often-- and excuse herself. No, she was too lazy to bother, as always, but a bit of conversation with an interesting person couldn't hurt... right?

"Anything else I should... be updated on?" the girl queried, curious despite her drowsiness-- curious as always, she supposed, just as curious she was when she had climbed over the side of the tower and fell, as much to look for the boy in guilt as to wonder what would happen if she simply did.

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The girl seemed in a state of shock, frozen to the spot, as if Eris’s words had numbed her to the point of exhaustion. Simple minds required simpler words. It was clear, from the girl’s expression. One could see the corgs turning in Cel’s mind, as she tried to process the simple words that Eris had stated. In truth, there wasn’t much to her story. Eris had skimmed over much of the trials and tribulations of the past few months, focusing on the story with Eri. There was no need to mention the fall out with Adam, the pain that tugged at her heart, the way that Kaegen and Adam barely managed to talk to her, and all the drama that ensued and found Eris up late at night, watching the Great Lake with pensive eyes.

The girl’s voice dragged Eris out of her thoughts, a simple name being called through her lips. Kaegen. So he had been busy, making friends with random ravenclaw girls. Good. They suited each other, both socially awkward ravenclaws. Whether or not she was homicidal was to be found out, although jumping out of a window seemed to be a bad idea, even by Eris’s standards. So, thus, she must of been suited for Kaegen, if the notion of jumping out of a window crossed her mind. She must of been the craziest human ever, if jumping out of a window sounded like a good plan. Perhaps a better friend for Kaegen than Eris would ever be able to be.

Letting a sense of glumness overcome her features, Eris somewhat forgot about the girl sitting across from her, hands drumming a pattern faintly on the side of the table, staring adamantly at the still-drying (although more solid) ink of her History of Magic homework, eyes picking out some of the bolded words that caught her eye. Her moods fluctuated faster than the girl would like to admit, and in a few moments, it was clear she would be okay, but for now, she allowed herself the grief of remembrance, tracing the wooden lines on the desk, heart thumping as she considered the friendships that had been destroyed in the course of a few hours, after months of building them up.

I have a heart made of swords,
Bones made of daggers,
Blood made of fire,
But i rather be a lover than a fighter

Of course, it had been all her fault. If Eris hadn’t moved her fist, hadn’t send the punch rocketing towards Eri’s face, none of this would of happened. She should of stayed with Adam, instead of taking off after Kaegen, which had lead to punching Eri. She shouldn’t messed up so badly, but she had. And nothing was going to fix that. Again, as it had before, the voice of the other girl cut through her thoughts, swift and fast as the diffendo spell that had cut through Kaegen and his creatures. They had already established that Cel was no friend of Eri, but even so, the notion that Eri was a ‘heck of a student’ left a sour taste in Eris’ mouth.

Yes, she might of been a student good enough to cast an advanced spell, but the fact she used it on Kaegen was a horrendous crime, and one that made Eris’s hollow shell of sadness fade away to the easier emotion of anger. Anger always bubbled at the surface, shoving away the thoughts and feelings of sadness, or anything else that stood in it’s redhot path of chaos.

Channeling down the fire burning through her veins, the anger tinting her face red at the reminder of the simple blasphemy that Eri had committed with her arcane knowledge. “Stay away from her,” Eris said darkly, in the most somber tone that an 11 year old could manage while sitting in a study hall, making idle threats to another young girl.

Ink almost dried on her paper, it seemed an appropriate time as any to leave and retreat to the comfort of her bed sheets, a world away from the troubles of school children with blue robes and a hunger for dramatics, but as the raven haired, blue clad girl asked if there was something else she should know, Eris’s mind was blissfully blank, but her mouth spoke of it’s own accord, moving along to form sentences of their own accord.

Nothing else is going on.” Was spoken monotonously, eyes averted to the parchment again, nothing else left to say, as the time to leave the study session was approaching.

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Per aspera ad astra.

Through travail, to the stars. From the look that Cel could read on Eris's face, she had certainly gone through her share of hardship-- she could only hope for the young Gryffindor-- could she call her her friend yet?-- that her fingertips might be in reach of the celestial. She gave a sad smile at the anguished expression, an expression that spoke of drama, broken bonds, and grief over what might be lost.

Windstone, a very interesting person. "I wouldn't dream of it," the girl replied primly. "Though I suppose it's a little unavoidable sometimes, seeing as she's in the same house and I do complete homework in the study room sometimes." Perhaps that was not important, but Eris's tone was somber; serious. There exists a word she thought of to describe it. The word is not an adjective, but a noun. Might you know what it means, reader? The word is harbinger. Her tone exemplified a harbinger.

Certainly there were more on the happenings of the school, more particular to the story, Cel knew, but she would not force her to speak of it when it was clearly causing her pain. She could ask someone else, one of the names mentioned in the story-- after all, Cel was reasonably sure she might be the only person in the entire school who wasn't clear on what exactly was going on. At last she wasn't involved... better to stay under the radar, completely unnoticed... safe. Safe and sound.

Pointedly she noticed, in the way that only she could notice something pointedly, that Eris had cast a glance at her parchment. She could catch the signs of one's wish to leave, signs that were really not uncommon around one such as herself, Cel who could convince people fully and completely that she was a maniac if she wanted to. Yes, life was good to her like that.

"I do wish you more luck," she murmured softly, not caring if it might be audible or inaudible. Tomorrow aurora would come early as usual, and there were more things she needed to attend to. Wishing one luck was a way to end a letter. A letter was a side of a conversation, of course, but she could read her exit well enough without words to express it. With a dip of the head, her tangled hair falling like dyed silk over her shoulders, she rose, not meeting her gaze as usual, and clutched at her belongings. Just because it seemed in order, and also just because she wanted to try it out, the girl gave a small mournful inclining of her spine, as if to say, thank you and apologies.

With a sigh and a touch of her heel against her opposing ankle, Cel made her way toward the door of the Study Room, turning her head slightly to look back at Eris as she swung the door open. A proffered smile, tentative and hesitant, and then she was gone.

And then she was gone.