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Just A Muggle Girl Living in a Wizard World  Clos 

"Come on. don't say that. If you weren't, you wouldn't be here, would you?" Ava said, rolling her eyes and smiling. "Also, you need to go to Madam Malkins. About that robe thing," she added, reminding Ami of the robe problem. "From what I know, not wearing your robes could get you in trouble. But that's only what I know, maybe it's not true and my sister just wants me to wear my robes." she rolled her eyes again and smiled. 

"Talking about family, have you written any letters yet? I actually need to write to Xaver," the girl said, reminding herself of the letters waiting to be sent by her and her friend, waiting for letters back in Durmstrang. The young Silver turned back to Ami, smiling. "I have to say that your hair looks really, really nice," she said, examining the girl's appearance, trying to start a conversation, not really knowing what else to say.

"How do you like Hogwarts so far? Are you happy with being a Hufflepuff? My family would kill me if I had to tell them I didn't end up in Slytherin..." Ava said, shaking her head, smiling to herself and looking back up at Ami. 

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Just A Muggle Girl Living in a Wizard World  Clos 

"I really should," Ami said, agreeing with Ava's comment about going to Madam Malkins. "Hey! Maybe you can come with me, at the end of summer break? Before we come back for the second year? You'd be a much bigger help than my mom." Ami's heart leapt at the prospect of seeing people from Hogwarts outside of the castle. She couldn't imagine a better way to feel like a part of the wizarding world than that.

"Letters..." Ami mused, tapping her chin. "I've written some, haven't gotten any back, yet. I guess the owl stopped to take a vacation, or something," she added with a laugh. Then, Ami blushed as Ava complimented her hair, and smiled. "Thanks! I love your hair, too. Gosh, blonde hair... especially your shade. I wish I had your hair, honest."

"I love Hufflepuff," Ami said excitedly, perking up at the mention of her house. "I mean, I know my mom definitely wasn't expecting it, she was a Slytherin herself... but I love Hufflepuff, I'm so glad the Sorting Hat put me there." And it was true- she couldn't explain why, exactly, she loved her house so much, but she held so much pride in the fact that she was part of the best house at Hogwarts.

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