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Isabella flicked through the mounds of pages in a History of Magic. Another book, with mounds of pages, making no sense to her.
Isabella had always been the average student in her Muggle school. Never getting anything above average but just managing to scrape an okay mark. Except for sport. But that was different, Isabella was just lucky enough to be born quick and strong. Unfortunately for her, at Hogwarts, the only sport they played was Quidditch. And there was no way that Isabella was getting into that. When she came here, she thought that maybe, just maybe, she would start getting better marks. Maybe the witch inside of her would turn out to be smart and intelligent. Turns out, she's as ignorant as a witch as she was a child.
Isabella sighed and looked around the room. Right next to her was another first year, probably in Hufflepuff, with long dark hair, muttering spells under her breath as she wrote on a piece of parchment. Not only did she look really smart, but she also looked really kind.
Isabella slid over to the girl and introduced herself.
'Hi, I'm Isabella, but everyone calls me Bella. I'm really struggling with this Charms homework, do you think you could help me?'
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Charo made her way into the Study Room. She didn't come here very often, but there was homework to be done and she was near the room anyway. Charo had never been to the Study Room before and she expected it to be a normal room where people sat and did homework or read through books, that kind of thing. When she entered the room she found that she was right, most people were looking through books and making notes on a piece of parchment.

She sat down next to a brown-haired Gryffindor who seemed to be doing homework of her own, also Charms homework. Charo smiled at the girl, but she hadn't noticed so Charo decided not to introduce herself, she didn't want to interrupt anything that the girl was doing. Charo opened her book and took out a piece of parchment and a quill. She began to read the appropriate chapter of the book, writing some things down on the parchment as she read and muttering spells and other things every now and then.

Her attention was pulled away from the book and the parchment when the Gryffindor girl next to her spoke up, sliding over to join Charo. "Hi, I'm Isabella, but everyone calls me Bella. I'm really struggling with this Charms homework, do you think you could help me?" Charo looked up at Isabella, "I'm Charo and I think I could try," she offered. Charo wasn't sure how much she could help, but she could try.

Charo García

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