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Study group/Spell Practice  Closed 

Darius smiled widely as well as soon as he saw Willie's notebook. He looked like a happy puppy. Darius grabbed the notebook and gasped, looking through the pages with curious and excited eyes. Then he looked at the Ravenclaw again, jumping from joy.
"Yay! Thank you! Thank you so much!" He yelled, running towards Willie and hugging him tenderly.
But after a second he realized and pulled away immediately, afraid he could have put him in discomfort. He just felt so happy he couldn't hold back from hugging him.
He put himself together, chuckling nervously.
"Sorry" He said, blushing from embarrassment.
"I felt so happy... And of course! We are friends!" He finally answered with a giant smile and cute, pink cheeks.
He finally had friends, real friends.

"If you can dream it, you can do it!"

Study group/Spell Practice  Closed 

Sally audibly gasped when Willie presented his notebook. She put her hand out to grab it but Darius took it before she could, and she leaned over Darius's shoulder, peeking around his bush head to look at the thorough point by point notes that Willie had made. He even made diagrams to indicate the wrist movement! This is treasure, Sally's eyes widened.

"Oh wow! This is so cool, Willie! Friends forever," she nods sagely.

I hope I don't sound like I am friends with him because of the notebook. He was nice before but this notebook kind of seals the deal. Now I will pick his mind and learn with him and then I will know everything!

Then Darius ran to hug him. Sally kind of wanted to join them but her shyness came back just when she was stepping forward.

Will it be weird? Probably. Nevermind.

But she smiled the biggest smile she could muster. These people were her friends despite all her clumsiness, and even though she spongified poor Darius, they still wanted to hang out with her. Things couldn't have turned out any better.

Curiouser and curiouser

Study group/Spell Practice  Closed 

Destrian approached the door of the study room. He heard that there were people inside and hesitated for a moment. He didn't want to interrupt, nor enter some place where he wasn't welcome. But instead of leaving again to return another hour or day, he knocked on the door and entered. After all, he too had to study and he couldn't find himself concentrating anywhere else. He was studying for Defense Against the Dark Arts and Muggle Studies. Especially the latter was quite difficult being a pureblood who had never come in touch with a muggle before. His family had always made sure to shield him from them. They called muggles a pest and Destrian had come to believe that as well, because he was raised that way. But most things that were written down in his book for Muggle Studies told otherwise, which was quite confusing to him. It spoke of all kinds of history and inventions, it spoke about the differences between him and them. But all of it was new to him. Or at least, most of it. 

"I hope I'm not interrupting," he said as he pushed open the door and looked at the people inside. Ravenclaw and Gryffindor, but no Slytherin. Would he be welcome to enter? - Oh bloody hells. He stepped inside and showed them their books, trying to force himself to start some sort of smalltalk. But it was quite difficult to do so while there certainly had been something going on. The sight was confusing. There were people hugging for some sort of reason. 

"Uh- I'm trying to get through the first few chapters without a lot of success, so I hoped I could try here." He spoke with a certain hesitation, eyes on them as he tried to figure out what had happened. Then he finally decided to ask, "What are you guys doing?" He sat himself down and dropped the books on the table with a loud thud

Study group/Spell Practice  Closed 

A boy entered the room just when Willie and Darius were busy hugging. That was definitely an awkward time to enter but Sally was past caring. Someone else had joined her in her study session and that was all she could think of.

"Hi! I am Sally. Come in, join us!" She waved him over excitedly.

He said he was having trouble with the first few chapters? It looked like he was pointing at his Muggle Studies book while he said that but Sally asked just to be sure. "What subject did you say you needed help with?"

It seemed strange to Sally that someone would have trouble with Muggle studies. Having spent her entire life as a muggle, those were everyday things for her but she guessed that people from wizard families might not recognize them.

And then the boy asked what they had been doing. Sally didn't want to tell anyone about Darius's spongification fearing that it might not only embarass Darius but would definitely make her look incompetent, so she simply said, "Oh we just had a moment of friendship."

Curiouser and curiouser

Study group/Spell Practice  Closed 

Cameron started to read the first chapter of all of his spellbooks. He took his time and said hello to random students that passed him and said hello. He thought about his next class and what he would learn. He felt as though he was alone in the study room but he knew he wasn't alone. His past visit to Diagon alley was fun though he wished he had more galleons on him so he could spend it. Cameron got bored after reading and decided to walk around a bit and stretch his legs.

Cameron Harper

Study group/Spell Practice  Closed 

Alex was a bit irritated. It seemed that a lot of people were already EXTREMELY advanced when they already started with Hogwarts. Thus creating a HUGE skill disrapancy with some knowing a lot and people like Alex himself knowing almost nothing about magic. It was time that he got a one up and started getting more knowledge to at least try and bridge the gap that for now felt like 100 miles wide. But he knew that with enough determination and practice he would sucseed.

Standing still in the corridor for a moment Alex thought that he had hear something about a possible study group. He then shrugged even if there wasn't any he would at lest get a better feel off the castle and get lost a lot less. Or get lost once more both were likely options. He then made his way towards where he had heard the study room could possibly be. He then searched for a few minutes before finally reaching a room from which he heard people and just saw another slytherin enter. He then stood in front of the door for a moment. Should he knock he could still turn around now, he would not embarras himself. 

Then he ridiculed himself 'if you get that attitude in life you wil never sucseed' he then brought up his courage and determination and knocked two times against the door before entering and standing there for a few seconds silent unable to talk bfore becoming determined again and spoke, though it could be heard in his voice he was still quite nervous "Eh, I heard that there was a study club here, if that is true can I join because I do not know a lot about magic yet though I try to learn a lot But I think it would be better if I learned with more people." He then stood there quite nervously waiting for someone to respond, fearful that he had messed up 

Stamina: 5. Evasion: 9, Strength: 3, Wisdom: 4. Arc Power: 6, Accuracy: 8