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Study group/Spell Practice  Closed 

Sally walked into the study room which was empty at the moment with all her books and stationary. She really needed to work hard to catch up with the other students here who were all so smart. She had begun to feel small pangs of envy shoot through her every time someone knew something she did not. How long will this last?

No matter. Sally will extract every bit of knowledge from the books and she will take the help of the same students she had come to envy. It wasn't easy for her but she had swallowed her pride and her reticence and informed a few students she met that she will be in the study room and if anyone wanted to join her, she could use the help.

Back in the library, Willie had offered to study together. He seemed nice. Sally wondered if he would show up.

Meanwhile, Sally set down her material on an empty desk and pulled out her wand. She looked at one of the books that talked about basic first year spells, and started practicing the wand lightening spell.


Nothing happened. Oh well, I will try again.


This time the tip of her wand lit up but there was something wrong with the light. It was scarlet red. Sally looked back at the book and realized that she had over-cast the spell. Her concentration broke and the light extinguished. Try again.


Sally let out an exhilarated noise as she succeeded at her first spell. A warm light illuminated the area around her. She waved her wand around in joy, shining the bright light in the face of an incoming student.

"Oh oops, sorry," she said, her joy still apparent in her voice.

Curiouser and curiouser

Study group/Spell Practice  Closed 

The redhead student opened wide his eyes in amazement, then he closed them because of the light directly in his sensitive, big brown eyes. He covered his face with his small and tapered hand and lowered it when the light died.

The boy looked at Sally with a big smile, he was amazed by her spell so well done. He was holding a big Book of Spells with his arms and onto his skinny chest, a little unsure.
"Can... Can I join?" He asked softly and shyly, smiling slightly at the girl in front of him.

She was a first-year student, just like him, even though the Houses were different. But he didn't really care, in fact, he really admired Ravenclaw students because his older brother was, indeed, a Ravenclaw. He was told to put aside his inferiority complex, so he tried to put as much effort as he could in his study. He wanted to become a great student, and he had to start somewhere.
He thought Charms could have been his favourite subject, so he picked up his book from the trunk and walked to the Study Room, hopeful.
He was relieved when he found another student, that meant he could have studied better!
... Hopefully.

"If you can dream it, you can do it!"

Study group/Spell Practice  Closed 

"Yes, of course you can join. Come in please," Sally declared forgetting her shyness in her moment of triumph. "I am really so sorry about that light just now."

Someone came! Sally felt relieved. She was a little afraid that no one will show up and she will be left struggling on her own.

Looking at the boy, Sally was surprised for a moment by his curly hair extending in all directions. They certainly made him look cute. She put her scattered books in a more arranged pile making room for the boy to sit next to her.

"Hi! I am Sally. What's your name?" she asked. "Do you know any spells yet? All I know is the Lumos I performed just now. I can help you with that spell if you want," she smiled. "I really hope I can do it again though," she said with a nervous chuckle.

"What do you think about how I did it just now? I wonder if the light should have been brighter. I haven't seen anyone perform it before so I am not sure how bright it should be. Do you think we can vary the brightness to what we would like it be?" Sally paused. "I am sorry I am rambling." She put on a small apologetic smile.

Curiouser and curiouser

Study group/Spell Practice  Closed 

If one were to ask Willie what he'd be if he wasn't a wizard he'd say a scientist. For him, each and every spell was something to be pushed to its limit and every side effect, good or bad, was a critical learning experience. He was not above using others for his testing but he had just enough ethics to know that most people would be against the idea of being his guinea pig. This resulted in him often testing spells on handmade training dummies and purposefully misusing the spells in his arsenal. His head and arm were covered with bandage wraps from a few spells that had a particularly negative effect. The nurse would be seeing a lot of him it seems, at least until he learned a few healing spells that is.

When Willie had received an owl from Sally asking to help her study he was genuinely happy to be able to learn with someone other than just himself for once. On the way over to the study hall he had a small grin etched onto his face and his notebook in his arms. Once he was in front of the door to the study room Willie adjusted his bandages to make sure they were secure. He can’t have any falling off in front of others now. He opened the door and saw Sally along with someone he had never met before. Guess it was time to introduce himself.

“Hello there Sally. I got your message. Though I haven’t met your friend yet, the names Willie by the way.”

“Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.”
― Albert Einstein

Study group/Spell Practice  Closed 

Darius' brain stopped working for a second, overrun by all those questions. He wasn't a multi-task person, so he got confused for a moment. Then he heard the girl's apology and smiled softly at her, shaking his head.

"It doesn't matter, don't worry. I ramble too, sometimes. Maybe too often" He replied, chuckling.
Darius bowed his glance. He wasn't used to looking at people in the eyes, that made him feel uncomfortable, especially if a person was pretty like Sally, for example.

"I'm Darius and... Well, I haven't been practising, this is my first time, so I don't know any spells yet" He answered, scratching nervously his head. He lost his hand in his curly hair for a second.
"But I'd like to learn 'Lumos' now since you can do it! And don't worry, if you already did it you can do it again" He said, smiling to encourage her.
The boy approached to put the heavy book on the dusty desk.
"I read that somewhere..." He said as he opened the book, looking through the pages.
"... Here it is!"
Darius highlighted the paragraph with his finger to show it to Sally. That paragraph was all about the spell 'Lumos' and 'Lumos Maxima'.
"According to what it says here, you made an excellent 'Lumos'!" He said, smiling brightly again.

But then, suddenly, another student got into the room.
He was another Ravenclaw, like Sally. And he was a boy! Darius couldn't be more relieved.
Not to be sexist or anything, he just wasn't used to girls.
"Hi there," He said, smiling lightly at the boy. "My name is Darius, I've just arrived here"

"If you can dream it, you can do it!"

Study group/Spell Practice  Closed 

The boy, Darius, showed Sally a paragraph according to which she had performed her spell well. She was so pleased. At last I know a spell, she thought.

"Yes, you should try Lumos. Go ahead, just flick your wand like so, and say 'Lumos'," she encouraged him to try.

Just then, Willie entered the room. "Willie! I am so glad you came." Yes, she was very glad indeed. Willie had seemed so interesting earlier. "Come, join us," Sally said indicating an empty seat.

"I just learned Lumos, see!" Sally cast the spell again, and sure enough, light emitted from the tip of her wand, this time shining right into Willie's eyes.

"Ah! I am so sorry. I seem to be doing that a lot," she quickly dimmed her wand.

'Just like me to be so clumsy. If another student comes, I will shine my wand into their eyes too, and then I will be known all over the school for blinding people,' she thought, shaking her head at herself.

"Are you fine?" she asked Willie. "Do you know any spells yet?"

Curiouser and curiouser

Study group/Spell Practice  Closed 

Darius, then, grabbed firmly his Magical wand and lifted his right arm, pointing the wand out in front of him. He cleared his throat a few times and, after several seconds, he pronounced:
But apparently, nothing happened. Not even a sparkle came out from the top of the wand. Darius' face made a little frown, but he cleared his throat again and pronounced louder:
Something worked, but not completely: some sparkles came out of the wand, just like cinders, but there wasn't any strong light. The spell failed again.
Darius sighed a little, then he watched how Sally blinded Willie with her spell. At least she did it.
"Can you do that again, please? It isn't working that well for me. Maybe I'm missing something" He asked Sally, observing his wand. Maybe he just needed more practice, but he needed to observe as well.
He looked at the other guy. Maybe he could do that spell too.

"If you can dream it, you can do it!"

Study group/Spell Practice  Closed 

"No need to worry about me I've had much worse. I had been practicing quite extensively as you can see...", he said as he pointed at his bandages. "As for your other question, I know most of the spells in our year and a few beyond. Nothing too crazy though." He pulled out his wand and performed a looping motion before speaking.


With a pulse, the light appeared on Willie's wand and grew until it was about as large as his fist. He gave it a quick once over before turning away from them. He normally doesn't show off but he was feeling particularly happy today so why not?

"Lumos Maxima!"

With the flick of his wrist the light exploded, creating a flash bang like effect. The area in front of Willie was filled in blinding light and he made sure to concentrate so that the light didn't end up reaching the others. When he first cast this spell he could've sworn his eyes nearly fell out of their sockets.

"Are there any spells in particular you two wanted to learn?"

He was genuinely curious on what they wanted to learn today. That and it was strangely refreshing helping others. Perhaps he should consider being a professor in the future?


“Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.”
― Albert Einstein

Study group/Spell Practice  Closed 

Sally was flipping through her book, looking for the next spell she wanted to practice. Spongify looked promising.

Then she saw Darius trying the Lumos spell. "Don't worry, I didn't get it right the first few times too," she smiled assuredly.

"Go on," she encouraged Darius. "Are you nervous? Your hands are shaking a bit and that will interfere with the spell. Try to hold them still when you cast."

Then Willie said he already knew all the first year spells! He performed Lumos, then Lumos Maxima so beautifully. Sally was impressed, quite a bit envious as well but she didn't let it show.

"Wow! Willie, that was great! I am sure Darius will get it now. Your motion was so precise," Sally smiled. "I think I want to learn Spongify next."

Sally looked at her spellbook, trying to find the right page.

How to cast Spongify

Yes, this is what she needed. She read carefully, making sure not to miss anything.

The Softening Charm, it would soften the target area or object and make it rubbery and bouncy. Now only if she had something to soften. she looked around the room. Ah! She picked out one of her spare notebooks and tried to cast the spell.


Nothing happened. She had stopped expecting something would happen in the first try, so that was not a problem. She tried again, and again, and again. Four tries and nothing! The next time, she flicked her wand with even more strength. The back of the chair hit her arm when she was pulling back, her arm jerked and the spell shot out in a completely different direction than she had intended, and it hit... Darius!

Darius began to fluff a little, his edges lost definition and seemed to merge, his hair shout out in separate curly strands and took up even more space than before, and his eyes seemed to get even larger.  He was.. softening!

"OMG! I am so sorry, so sorry," Sally said as she timidly brought herself to poke Darius's arm.

"AHH! It went inside!" she yelled, immediately yanking away her hand, and the skin went back to normal.

Sally flipped through her book in haste. "The anti-spell to Spongify! There has to be something in here."

She looked up at Willie, hoping he knew what to do to correct this fiasco, or maybe they could take Darius to the nurse. But carrying Darius through the corridors in this state? That will be one interesting sight! Sally wanted to avoid that, so she hoped with all her being that Willie knew what to do, and cursing herself for creating trouble again.

Curiouser and curiouser

Study group/Spell Practice  Closed 

Darius was actually shocked. He didn't close his eyes to hide them from the excessive amount of light, he was too amazed to do so. The boy bit his lower lip, observing how good that student was.
'Damn, that's not fair' He thought for a moment, feeling his envy raising inside him. Then he realized that guy exercised for so long he even hurt himself. He realized that Willie put so much effort in what he did, unlike him.
Darius closed tight his fist. All that skill made his will raise even more. He wanted to be as good as him. No, even better.
"Please, teach me everything you know!" He exclaimed with enthusiasm.
He wanted to get rid of his sloth once and for all, he wanted to put all of his efforts into magic.
He would have started that day.

But something went wrong, of course.
"W-what the...?!"
What happened to his body?! He felt so light, soft and bouncy, his bones lost hardness. He felt so strange when Sally poked his arm.
Darius panicked a little, he didn't know what to do. He felt his organs moving inside his flesh, he couldn't even walk anymore! He fell onto the ground like a sack of potatoes, starting to cry.
"H-help!" He couldn't even speak well, his vocal cords softened too.

"If you can dream it, you can do it!"

Study group/Spell Practice  Closed 

Willie was generally not a person who had pride in himself. His mother always said,"A prideful wizard is a complacent one Willie. Never let any form of pride make you think that you, or others, can't possibly get better. Perfection is a lie that encourages standing still and I want my son to always be moving forward." He took those words to heart and ever since he has put, at the very least, 300% into his craft. Even so, he would not deny that the words sent his way by Sally were feeding into his ego just a tad, however small it may be. 

Then, he heard Darius's plea and he almost felt sorry for the boy. Not because he was further ahead than him, he was definitely not some slitheryn who thought himself better than others, but because Willie knew that his methods were less than ideal. He often tested spells on himself so that he could learn exactly of their possible applications. The only reason he wasn't dead was because he took extreme precautions and he made sure to learn a counter-spell before anything else.

Just as he was about to say something he saw a bolt of magic strike Darius, causing him to begin swelling. Willie had used that on himself once before and he knew that it wasn't going to be a fun experience for the poor boy. A small part, a dark part, of his mind suggested simply watching. "This could be amazing research material! Look at him! If we just use-" He forcefully shook the thoughts from his head. These moments of sudden lack of care for other's well being were getting more and more frequent and he didn't know why. For now though, he would help a friend in need.


The bolt flew from his wand and the effects were immediate. His face reformed first, then his body, then his hair. It wasn't as quick as he liked but it was something. Another minute and he'd be fine other than a bit of dizziness.

“Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.”
― Albert Einstein

Study group/Spell Practice  Closed 

Darius' body began to feel normal again. He could feel his bones getting harder, his organs were putting themselves together, so were his hair and everything else. Yes, that process was slow, but he felt extremely relieved by that feeling.
He was still crying though, still a bit shocked. The boy tried to stand up, but it was still difficult, his legs were all shaky.
"T-thanks, Willie..." He murmured, leaning against the ground to help himself stand up.
His brother warned him that he could have been experiencing some weird 'magical' stuff... Now he truly understood what he meant. It felt really odd and scary, but not very painful, so he was okay with it.
Darius immediately fixed his sleeves to make sure they still covered his arms, then he sat down on the floor, waiting for his legs to harden.
"Woah, that was cool..." He said, chuckling nervously. "Don't worry Sally, I'm okay but... Please, be careful the next time" He said to her with a smile to show her he wasn't angry.

"If you can dream it, you can do it!"

Study group/Spell Practice  Closed 

When Darius fell down and begun crying, Sally felt like her heart shattered. Oh no, what have I done? She leaned down to see if she could help him, but it was no use. If she touched him, his skin would go inside like the last time and who knows how that feels like, so she just watched transfixed.

His voice sounded all wrong too, muffled and like how a teddy bear would speak if he could. Do we need to take him to the nurse? she was wondering.

"Finite!" came Willie's voice and then Darius begun to harden. Sally let out a sigh of relief. Thankfully Willie was here and knew just what to do, otherwise she wouldn't have had the least idea how to manage the situation.

"Thank you Willie! That was great. You know so much!" That pang of envy again. Sally told herself not to feel so. Willie was her friend, at least that's what she thought, and friends are proud of each other's accomplishments, not envious, but she couldn't help the feeling.

Then she looked at Darius and began a stream of apologies, hoping that would make the situation better. She couldn't see him crying and a few tears appeared in her own eyes. She hadn't meant to hurt someone.

Then Darius said he was okay and smiled, and Sally felt better. "Yes, I will be very careful from now on."

She extended her hand to help Darius up when his feet seemed to solidified.

"Can you teach me that spell, Willie? The Finite spell, I mean. And I better practice Spongify again too, on some thing, not some person." she said.

Curiouser and curiouser

Study group/Spell Practice  Closed 

As soon as Darius started walking well again, he began to jump from excitement, feeling his feet hard again. Then he looked at Willie with shiny eyes.
"Sally's right! You're so cool! Please teach us! Please please please!" He begged with big and cute puppy eyes. His behaviour could look childish, but he was just so excited and ready to learn all those things he couldn't help but be joyful.
Yes, Darius felt a little bit of envy too at first, but he understood that Willie's skill was caused by his big effort. And he wanted to put a lot of effort in it too!
He wanted to learn as much as he could, so he always looked up at expert people, dreaming of being as great as them.
Not for nothing he was a Gryffindor: determination was the fire that stoked him.
He was just a little naive and insecure, but he could have done a lot of things with his determination.
"Where did you learn that? Did you hurt yourself while training? Don't worry, I can handle that!" He said, starting to rumble.

"If you can dream it, you can do it!"

Study group/Spell Practice  Closed 

Willie honestly didn't know what to do in this situation. All of this praise was new for him. Despite all of his efforts he rarely received praise from others. Not even his mother would praise him all that much and on the rare occasions that she did there was always an undertone of, "you can still do better." For just a moment poor Willie's mind shut down until he came back to earth. His eyes felt watery for a moment before he blinked them back. Now's not the time or the place. He had never been so happy in the presence of others before now.

"S-sure! I'll gladly help you guys out with whatever you need. Though I'd rather not have you guys hurting yourself like I have just to catch up."

What Willie did to himself was more or less because he wanted to be an exceptional wizard when he saw his mother again. He knew it was a self-destructive way of doing things but his childish mind saw it as the only option of making her smile. Now though, he was beginning to question why such ideas came about in the first place. He pulled out his notebook full of all of his findings and techniques for learning spells and held it out to them. 

"That's everything I know so far from first-year to second, and a few in third. Take this and we can practice together. Wherever and whenever. I want you guys to improve too, but I refuse to have you all hurt while I had something to say about're my friends, you know?"

The smile that crept onto his face was the largest one he had in a long time. It was a strange feeling, caring for other's wellbeing. It wasn't unwelcome though.

“Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.”
― Albert Einstein