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A meeting by chance  PV Lennox   Closed 

PV with:@Lennox Knightly

Another day, another batch of homework.

Alexander sat at one of the many tables of the Study Room. His elbows leaning on the dark oak table as his hands held the back of his hand. A slow and frustrated exhale of air leaving his mouth.

Truly, it was frustrating to do homework for herbology with so few accurate sources available. Or at least able to be found by him. He did not entirely understand the sorting system of the library yet.

As he sat there Alexander, in a moment of oblivion, just looked out through the window to his right. Looking outside to a crow that just flew by. Its wings flapping and the dark blur moving towards one of the spires of the castle.

Then Alexander shook his head and attempted to focus once more. Though still not knowing how to proceed. Thus he tipped the edge of the table with the sharp ends of his quill. Which was slowly growing more frustrating as well.
This was a world of magic, wasn't there a better way to write than with ancient quills? Why wasn't there a magical spell that can be used to write your thoughts.
And so Alex stared off into the distance. Trying to gather his thoughts whilst they flew in nearly a hundred directions.

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A meeting by chance  PV Lennox   Closed 

Lennox entered the study room quietly, trying not to disturb anyone that had been previously studying. She let out a sigh as she surveyed the room, realizing that all of the tables that surrounded the room had been filled, never by more than two people. Couldn't people just live with sharing a table?

Those feelings of annoyance soon subsided, realizing that being irritable was most likely not the best mindset for studying. She walked to a table that had a rather nice view of the window, noticing the blonde boy that had already occupied one of the seats. She sat at the opposite end of the table, throwing the boy an apologetic look as she began to unpack her materials. Sitting alone was her preferred study method, and figured the same could be said for him. Beggars aren't exactly able to choose, though.

Lennox pulled out her Herbology notes, having spent the last night in the Library combing books for information that could be beneficial to her assignment. Along with her textbook, she believed she had enough to at least try to start the assignment that had been reeling through her thoughts. She noticed the boy that occupied the other side of the table had what looks to be the same assignment. If they had the same class, she had not noticed him before but wondered if he, too, was struggling with the assignment.

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A meeting by chance  PV Lennox   Closed 

Alexander was stuck in thought, trying to rack his mind for anything that could tell him more about the extinguishing charm. He could find no good source for the spell and the instructions of the professor only consisted of a few lines. And all that for a question that was worth 10 points. How was he supposed to get an answer to that?

As this mess of his mind continued he idly noted that someone had gone to sit opposite to him. A brown-haired Ravenclaw it seemed. Whilst glancing over at her he noted that she was going through herbology notes as well. Though he could not tell if they were from the same lesson as he had.

Then a thought popped up in his mind, taking up all attention. 'Maybe he could ask her !!!'
Alexander was about to say that but then realized that he did not know her. Oh god he did not know her, how was he supposed to talk to her.

Calm down Alexander, it is just a girl, someone to talk to. It is not the end of the world. But even as he realized that Alex could not help what felt like his throat dry up and a pressure push on his Adam's apple as if it had not had water for days. His mouth went open a few times. So Alexander mentally talked to himself.

'Come on Alexander you can do it, it is just a few words. What is the worst you can do, embarrass yourself ? Even if you do so what does it matter if she is not your friend, then it is just someone amongst the crowd who you will always feel awkward around.' As these ominous thoughts started going round his head he knew he had to say something now so he spoke to the girl, almost blurting the words out.

"Hey I see that you are working on Herbology. Do you know a good answer for how to cast the extinguishing charm or where to find a good source? "

Moments after he said that Alexander heart a mental voice shouting out in his head.

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A meeting by chance  PV Lennox   Closed 

Lennox looked up as the young Slytherin spoke to her, asking about the work she was doing. The young girl nodded, flipping through her notes as she responded. "Yes actually! I was in the library all last night trying to find some good resources. I wrote down some notes on them, you can take a look if you want."

She passed her notes across the table, the length of the parchment quite long in comparison to what the assignment actually required. That was her style, to take more notes than needed, and if she didn't need them, at least they would always be there.

"From what I've read, it mainly used by Dragonologists, which makes it tricky to find sources on it if you're not trying to study dragons," She explained, reciting what she had been told by the librarian the night before; who she had turned to when all of her sources were turning out to be dead ends. Lennox was pretty outspoken and had no problem with trying to look for help, as knowledge should be shared, not feared.

As they sat, she realized she had yet to introduce herself, and quickly spoke to correct that.
"I just realized I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Lennox," The young girl put her hand out for a shake, a small smile spread across her lips.

People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care
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A meeting by chance  PV Lennox   Closed 

As the Ravenclaw spoke Alexander paid close attention. Attentively writing down new notes to take this information into account. Then the girl said.
"I just realized I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Lennox,"
and she put out her hand for a shake.
For a moment Alexander hesitated, was he ready for this. To possibly make a friend.

But that was a stupid thought and as such was only considered for a moment.
Alexander grabbed Lennox's hand and shook it. Holding it with a firm grip but not shaking it too much like some people
He then spoke and Lennox saw Alexander previously mostly frustrated and attentive face now transforming into a friendly, though nervous one. A small smile on his lips.
"I'm Alexander. Alexander Varellion."

After shaking her hand Alexander had a small frown for a moment.

What should he ask of her? What were good questions?

Alexander's then stood up a little more straight and looked a little more confident (Though mentally a small voice was still screaming at him.)

"So what do you usually do here around Hogwarts? Any hobby's you like to play. Any favorite subjects ?"
As he said this he scratched the bridge of his nose a little bit. Annoying itch.

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A meeting by chance  PV Lennox   Closed 

As they shook hands, Lennox couldn't help but have a small smile across her face. Alexander was clearly nervous, but she would never point out that she could read his nerves, knowing that it's not exactly something people can help. After all, she, too, could be quite the overthinker.

She tuned back in once he had asked her what her hobbies were around the school, what she did in her free time. It took her a minute to think, racking her brain for something she did that would be interesting, but of course, nothing came to mind. This is why you should do more than study, nerd, Lennox thought to herself.

"Besides study? I kind of keep to myself, if I'm honest. Hanging in the Ravenclaw common room, or walking about the grounds... I'm not quite interesting." Lennox chuckled, her cheeks flushing red with embarrassment. He now probably saw her as lame, and would most likely avoid having her has a friend. Great job, Lennox.

She worked out what to say next, figuring it only right to see what his answer would be. "What about you? What do you do for fun?" She brushed her hair out of her face as she continued to write, finishing up the assignment she had already started the night before.

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A meeting by chance  PV Lennox   Closed 

Alexander took a moment to think, what did he really do as hobbies. Before Hogwarts, he had a few hobby's but as of right now he was mostly studying. Because honestly, he was studying magic, what kind of fool wouldn't learn all he could if learning meant you could do magic.

He then spoke, a little more confident as the conversation continued. "Well before Hogwarts I generally used to play football or, more often I might add, just read fictional books. Quite a few books about magic ironically enough" Alexander said with a nervous smile.

"As for what I do now at Hogwarts. I mostly study. I mean, if you get the opportunity to learn magic why wouldn't you?" He then thought about the magical sport he had heard about, Quidditch, for a moment and said.
"I heard that some people do quidditch but it doesn't seem like the thing for me. Way too many people go unconscious and get beaten up in it for my measure and I am not comfortable enough with heights to fly so high in the air." Alexander said with a nervous laugh.

"I had thought about doing dueling but it seems the dueling club has stopped for now."

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A meeting by chance  PV Lennox   Closed 

Lennox was immediately excited by the mention of Quidditch. Though she never really planned on playing, she loved the sport, having gone to many games before her time at Hogwarts.

"I'm not quite sure if I'd ever play, but I love Quidditch, going to games was my favorite thing to do back home!" She beamed, remembering all the different ones she had gone to. She was quite a fan of the Hollyhead Harpies, and had gone to almost every game they had in the past year.

"Duelling Club seems to be pretty cool, I'm just not sure I'd ever have the confidence to do it. I'm sure you'd kill in it once it resumes!" Lennox remarked, laying her quill down across her parchment, having finished the assignment.

She looked back up to Alexander, leaning back a bit in her chair. "Which classes have you enjoyed the most since being here? I think they're all pretty cool, but there's definitely some I'm not crazy about," Lennox spoke with a slight bit of hesitance, trying not to ramble too much. Though her nerves were not always outwardly visible, she was quite an overthinker. The young girl glanced out the window, noticing that it had begun to drizzle.

People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care
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A meeting by chance  PV Lennox   Closed 

As Lennox talked about quidditch Alexander listened attentively. His fingers drumming against his legs when he heard her talk about her favorite club and such.

Then she asked him what classes he had enjoyed the most and he had to take a moment to think about that. Leaning back against the chair and putting his hands behind his head. Then he responded and said.
"The subjects that I find most interesting are Transfiguration and Potions. Since they work on a scientific basis. Rather than simply on a purely magical basis." Alexander then was silent for a moment before speaking again. "As for the thing that I am the least enthusiastic about. I'd say flying. Whilst I am not necessarily afraid of height I am not totally comfortable with flying dozens of meters in the air without protection once I fall."

He then shifted in his seat and shot the question back at her.

"And what are your favorite subjects and which do you find less interesting?" His head then shot up for a moment as if hit with a sudden insight. "And what are your favorite professors? Who do you like the most, who do you like the last? That sort of thing."

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A meeting by chance  PV Lennox   Closed 

While the boy spoke, Lennox listened quietly, nodding along to some of his remarks. He's quite smart, to be interested in Transfiguration and Potions as much as he is.

As he asked her about her own favorite classes, it took her a minute to think. She wasn't exactly one to find any classes particularly drab or boring, so it was hard to choose. "I would have to say Charms or Herbology, are my favorites, though I don't think I truly dislike any class."

Her mind then shifted to his second questions, as to who was her favorite professor. "As for my favorite professor, I would have to say, Professor Bercegeay, she's quite funny if I'm honest. I don't think I have a least favorite, they're all quite lovely!"

She thought back to her classes, especially Transfiguration. She had always found that class quite difficult. "I would say that I'm pretty rubbish with Transfiguration. Something about it just doesn't seem to click for me," Lennox paused for a minute, trying to think through her next remark carefully before speaking. However, before she could truly mill over what she wanted to say, it slipped out. "Maybe you can help me with it!"

Why on earth would he want to help you?? Surely he has better things to do!

People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care
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A meeting by chance  PV Lennox   Closed 

Thinking about the professors Alexander spoke again. "Ï thinks my favorite professor is professor Lian. She has a very nice brand of sarcasm and has good commentary about homework. " He then listened to what Lennox herself had to say about transfiguration.

Then he spoke up. "I can understand why it could be hard. It involves a lot of science talk and such. Specifically about atoms and such. " He then seemed to consider Lennox's offer and then responded enthusiastically.

"Sure, of course, I will to that. Though in return if I have questions about other subjects then you will help me with things like Herbology." Alexander then finished writing a few things in his notes and spoke once more.

"Alright so that's herbology dealt with." He then looked at Lennox and said. "Well that's homework for today dealt with. Now to go back to the common room for some rest."

He seemed to think for a moment. "If you want to hang out some other time shall we send an owl to each other? I don't have one for myself but I can use one of the school ones. Is that alright for you?" Alexander said, involuntarily letting out a yawn. His eyes going a little low as well. He looked as if he was quite tired.

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A meeting by chance  PV Lennox   Closed 

The deal was quite fair, Lennox thought with a grin. She was okay with many of her subjects, and Transfiguration wasn't even necessarily horrible, but it wasn't where she'd like to be. "It's a deal," The young girl nodded, closing up her Herbology book.

"Yeah, I always get confused by the atoms, or how realistically the science fits in. But it will come in time, I guess," She shrugged, putting her belongings back into her bag, nodding in agreement. Rest was definitely on her mind, as she knew that she had much more work to do for other subjects as well, but wanted a break before she dove back in.

After seemingly contemplating Alexander's remark about them owling to meet again, Lennox spoke with a light excitement, "Definitely! I'd have to use a school owl as well, but that sounds like a good plan." The girl then rose from her seat, slinging her bag across her shoulder as she looked towards the door, then back at Alexander. "It was nice meeting you, I guess I'll see you around then?" The young girl let her words trail off into a question, making sure he did, in fact, want to meet once more.

People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care
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A meeting by chance  PV Lennox   Closed 

Alexander slowly nodded as he heard Lennox speak about transfiguration. "Yeah I understand, it can get quite complicated." He then attentively listened to Lennox and felt a small smile creep up his face.

As he felt the Ravenclaw's girl question trail off he quickly responded in a satisfied and helpful voice. "It was nice meeting you. And we'll certainly see each other again. I'll just send an owl sometimes and then we can hang out. Help each other with homework, just talk in general. All that kind of stuff." Alexander said with a smile. Then involuntarily he let out a yawn and said now with a sleepy voice."I guess I should get back to my dorm. It's getting pretty late. Till next time !"
He finished with a wave and an enthusiastic tone.

Then Alexander walked off, books and notes in hand.

After he walked further down and was sure no one could see him Alexander leaned against the wall and thought to himself. Had he really just made a friend? Someone he could talk to at Hogwarts with all this new magic and such. Maybe he had, maybe he had. He certainly hoped so.

Then Alexander let out a sigh of relief he had not been realizing he had been holding. Now Alexander wondered 'Now what kind of things do friends do in a magical school ?'
This thought was followed by a shrug.
Guess he'd find out.

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