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Potion preparations  Closed 

Samuel entered the study room a bit hesitantly. He hadn’t been here before but during his investigative research (eavesdropping on other people’s conversations) he had learned that this was where the other students went to study.

He had Magical drafts and potions under one arm along with a spiral bound notebook and a pencil brought from home. “I really need to start practicing with the ink and parchment” he thought to himself as he scanned the tables “I will work on that tonight, right now I’m here to study potions”  Samuel had yet to start classes having just arived at school but something about potions peaked his interest. A solitary act of creation was how he thought of it in his mind.

Stepping inside the door he just stood there quietly staring off into space while he listened. There were quite a few conversations taking place as well as the sounds of turning pages and scratching quills. Not hearing anything pertaining to potions after a minute of listening he decided to find an empty table and start reading and taking notes. Scanning the room again he almost reconsidered and left “there isn’t a single empty table he thought frantically. Taking a breath he calmed himself, scanned the room again and decided “that one will do. There is only one person sitting their and it seems they are well preoccupied with that book decision made he walked over and sat down.

Opening his book to where he left off he began to read, jotting the occasional note down in his spiral bound notebook. “These beginner level potions don’t seem to difficult, just not sure if i can keep my creations or where to get the ingredients ” he thought. He shrugged jotted down a note to figure out how to get personal potion ingredients.

“These seem do able” he said so caught up in his research that he was unaware that he had spoken out load

Potion preparations  Closed 

Anita sat in one of the back tables, hunched over 'magical drafts and potions'. Her attention span fleeting with each word she read. She loved learning new things, collecting pretty books along with it; but actually reading them and putting on any effort to learn was the difficult part. Anita new the consequences if she ever let her grades slip, even just a bit. Her father would go on and on, a speech about being triumphant and honourable to the family of 'Norwoods'. His mistake of marrying her mother would be left on her shoulders to fix, and if she failed in school how could she even think of being successful in life at all?

Hearing the chair besides her scrape back, she peaked up behind her curtain of dark hair and watched the boy sit himself down. Disturbed by the closeness of the boy she stiffened and glared. He hadn't even asked if he could sit down. Noticing every inch of him, her eyes wondered down to his 'pencil and notebook' she knew what does where as her mother's muggle husband used them. Not even the decency of bringing a quill and parchment, but her anger for the muggle softened as shame entered. Her father's beliefs where to much of an influence. Straightening up a bit she raised her hand slightly to greet him when he blurted out.
"These seem do able" she raised a brow.
"What?" She asked in confusion.

Potion preparations  Closed 

"What?" the voice was startling coming from so close by. Samuel raised his head from the page and looked around. Everything looked much the same as it had when he had entered, except the girl in the seat beside him looking directly at him with a baffled expression. "I must have said that out loud" He did that sometimes when he was engrossed in his own thoughts.

" Wow Samuel, did you really sit down right next to a girl and not notice?" He had known there was someone at the table of course but hadn't looked at them closely thinking (hoping really) that if he didn't see them they wouldn't see him. "I suppose I Should say something" he thought after a moment. "But what should I say?

Taking another moment he scanned the girls appearance. Her features seemed a bit, well, big for her like his cats paws before it grew into them. The messy black hair and pale completion was a near mirror of his own, however her hair was a bit longer. His gaze fastened on the open book in front of her 'Magical drafts and potions'. "Well that makes this easier" he thought.

"Hi I'm Samuel" he blurted out. Not what he meant to say at all shaking his head he tried again. "I haven't started classes yet but I'm really interested in potions, and I am making a list of beginner potions that I think I could do, if I had ingredients at any rate"

He was somewhat shocked. That was the first time he had spoken with a girl since he got here and didn't stumble over his words once. "I just hope she likes potions" He thought to himself mentally crossing his fingers.

Potion preparations  Closed 

Anita watched as a bit of surprise flickered through his face. The boy had a mop of black hair and a somewhat pale pallor. He was small and thin, surely shorter; that she knew for sure as this summer she had gone through and awkward growth sprout. Her height had shot up tremendously and her feet looked like flippers to her, her mother teased her endlessly and said she looked like the letter L when she stood on her side. She was practically taller then the rest of her roomates, always complaining that they blocked their view of something. She always told them to sod off.

She watched the boy stare at her, giving her an almost funny baffled look as he rummaged through his own mind to find something to say. Muggle-borns and muggles seemed odd like that, they where always so casual with one another. Her father had showed her at a young age how to properly greet a person, depending on of course what status in life they took.

"Hi I'm Samuel" the boy blurted out. Anita blinked at him, but she gave a slight bow with her head and smiled. Her father taught her to never touch a muggle or muggle-born.

"Anita Norwood, a...pleasure" she raised a thick brow as he began to speak again.

"I haven't started classes yet but I'm really interested in potions, and I am making a list of beginner potions that I think I could do, if I had ingredients at any rate" Her eyes lit up like a fire, as a large toothy smile grew on her face. All manners thrown away, beliefs ingrained into her skull plopped to the ground.

"Potions you say?! You know my great-grandfather was a potions master, and my grandfather and my father as well. I'm going to be a potions master too." She puffed up her chest slightly, proud of that family fact.

"Potions is my favorite subject, it's easy once you know what you're doing, you get into it. All your mind can focus on, I've seen my father. He's like a robot when chopping up the ingredients." Reaching over and taking the list from him easily, she held it at an angle where she could quickly swipe it way again.

"Oh, these are very easy." She blushed a bit remembering that not everyone had to spend their weekends watching and helping their father brew potions. But an idea quickly grew in her mind, a Slytherin thought slithered its way in. A cunning look flashed through her eyes quicker then when it came

"Say...if I could get you these ingredients and help you at the same time. What would you do for me?"

Potion preparations  Closed 

Samuel watched as the girl, Anita Norwood, lite up with excitement at the mention of potions. It was clear she was proud of her family heritage of potion masters as she sat up straight and told him about it. "wow. She sure is tall" he hadn't noticed it before because of her hunched posture as he sat down.

He was taken by surprise when she snatched his notebook away and read down his list. Samuel didn't know how to feel about this, he was not used to people being interested in him and the attention made him a little nervous. He was somewhat exciting to be talking to someone who grew up in the magical world though. "I bet she knows all about potions and how I go about getting ingredients" He started to get really into the idea, then her said.
"Say...if I could get you these ingredients and help you at the same time. What would you do for me?"
The look in her eyes while she asked that last question did not escape Samuels notice. "I know that look, its the one the boys back home would get before they started bullying me" He very nearly made a snatch for his notebook in an attempt to flee, his body even started to react just that way before the thought struck him. "Why should I be afraid? she did offer to help me after all. and if she wants something in return for her help I can't exactly complain now can I, it would only be fair" he reasoned."And besides I think I will get more out of her then she could get out of me anyway. Sounds like a win to me" that thought decided the matter for him.

Realizing his body was still coiled for action he relaxed his posture. Hoping she hadn't noticed how twitchy he had gotten, even though she must have, he belatedly smiled at her. "You know where I can get ingredients? I saw they had some for sale in diagon ally" he said "but, I can't afford them yet" he added sheepishly.

Reaching out to the list in front of him he pointed at a name. "I think this one would be the most useful to practice on" he said
  • Antidote to common poisons
"As to what I can do for you" He added with a shrug "I'm 'Muggle born' I think the term is. I don't know what I could do that you already can't" He added the last comment in what he hoped was an off hand and innocent manner, although it sounded awkward to his own ears. His mother had always told him you get more flies with honey then vinegar, so he hoped the complement might soften her up.

Potion preparations  Closed 

Her smile could almost be described as malicious, devilish to the glint of her eyes, but that was just the natural way she seemed to smile. Even as she watched the boy almost coil into himself, and his twitchy hands relax. She got him tied up in her little deal.

"Oh no, we aren't getting any ingredients from old diagon alley. They've been stored away in their little glass jars for to long. I'll write a letter to my grandfather, since I'm his little chocolate frog" she puckered her lips and fluttered her eyelashes
"we'll get the freshest ingredients." She looked him in his eyes. "You either have the best or nothing at all right?'

"I think this one would be the most useful to practice on" Seeing him reach down she shifted bit as he pointed at the list. Since coming to Hogwarts she had almost never been this near children her actual age. Usually a bunch of old malicious adults blabbering on in different languages. That was on her father's side, that is. Her mother's was filled with a mix of magic beings and muggles, all wide smiles and laughter.

-Antidote to common poisons

Anita nodded. "Yes I suppose, it's a bit further into the year but if you know what you're doing you'll do it."

Hearing him complement her, made Anita feel a bit proud. "Well thank you, now for what you can do for me?" She thought for a moment, tapping her finger on her chin.
"Everyone needs an associate, so for the time being that I give you the potions, which I must say are quite high in price as they come fresh and the best quality." She placed her arm around his shoulder, like an old friend she raised her brows.
"I need you to be my personal servant, whenever I need notes you give them to me. I miss a meal, you bring it to me. Things such as that, do you understand, nothing to hard ot degrading.Do we have a deal?" But she stopped. "And I brew with you!" She stuck out her hand "you'll get any and every ingredient you need, I might feel generous and provide material."

Potion preparations  Closed 

Samuel really did not like her smile. His feeling of unease only continued to grow as she explained the...terms...of the ingredients she offered. "she wants to turn me into her toy, not her friend." he thought shuddering as her arm went around his shoulder. Reaching a hand into his school robe he fastened on his talisman against fear and harm. His fingers curled tightly around the bag of battered old tin soldiers his grandfather had given him.

"calm down for a second and think. What did she actually say?" Samuel Crocker might be a slightly timid and solitary sort by nature but he wasn't stupid, he spent far to much time reading and absorbing knowledge to have a slow mind even for an 11 year old. "I see" he said as she finished up her and extended her hand."I had heard that their were wizards that thought of muggles and muggle borns as little better then servants" He barely had to try to sound sad as he spoke. "I know we just met Anita" he said looking up at her, head bowed, through his tangled bangs."but I thought someone with your love and talent for potions would be above such things" Adding the last to play to her obvious ego again.

The safest idea at this point, indeed probably before he even started talking, would have been to make some excuse and hurry away. Samuel didn't want to cower anymore though, perhaps it was his new found magic, or perhaps he really was a Slytherin but regardless he was determined to get something out of this exchange.

"I would be willing to do all the grunt work during the potion making process" he found he learned better by doing anyway. "But I am not a servant, I'm a Slytherin" the hand holding his talisman shook slightly and he clenched his fingers tighter to stop their trembling. The feel of the figures he would one day learn how to animate felt reassuring to him, as if they were already standing guard over him.

"I must be insane she is a foot taller then me" the thought came unbidden to his mind like so many others. He pushed it back down ruthlessly."I am not just the small boy with poor parents and a sick grandfather anymore. I am a wizard."

"friends instead?" he asked extending his own hand.

Potion preparations  Closed 

She looked at him a bit confused, well friends were the same as personal servants weren't they? His father always had his friends doing his things. Carrying his cloak, writing notes. He always yelled at them, but she noticed when he wasn't around they weren't very nice, saying he looked like a big ugly crow.

Than she thought of her mother's friends; helping each other, kind smiles and jokes. They always had her back. Cringing inwardly she had to choose which she wanted most.

"I know we just met Anita""but I thought someone with your love and talent for potions would be above such things" she frowned and uncolied her arm from his shoulder looking away to think for a moment. He had a point. She wasn't a bloody pureblood ruled by ancient blood. She was a Half-Blood.

Feeling a little nudge on her back she turned and watched the boy with his hand out extended towards her.

"You don't have to do all the work, I'll help, we can do this together." She took his smaller hand in her lanky one and shaked it with a comforting strength. Though she tried smileing less excitingly, she failed and gave him a mixture of both warm and cunning.

Potion preparations  Closed 

Samuel did not miss the look of confusion on Anita's face, Nor did he miss the hesitation while she thought about his words. He could not be sure but he thought he had gotten to her as she pulled back from him. As she extended her hand to envelope his own with a strong but not crushing grip he was almost positive of it.

Her smile on the other hand, made him wonder. She had said all the right things and even made concessions, not challenging his calling out of her blood prejudice at all. Samuel could tell that this would be not only a friendship, but also a daily challenge of one ups menship to see who had the cleverest tongue. Strange as it may seem, that thought made him smile brightly back at her in anticipation. He could not deny he was looking forward to it.

"I wonder if this is what it means to be a Slytherin?" he thought idly, releasing his death grip on his bag of tin soldiers and using the hand to motion back to the potions books still between them. "I am glad we could come to an understanding" He said smiling again at her. "We might as well pick one more potion to practice before you send that owl to your grandfather, any thoughts?