Caretaker's Office

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Through the castle and into the north tower, the two had wandered and picked their way. Louis had found the entire journey to be very helpful in learning the layout of the place. He did what he could to collect pieces of information regarding where specific places were. They’d chatted off and on along the way, offering nothing really important. It seemed that it was a way to test the waters between their personalities. If they could stroll through the castle without losing interest in one another, there was a chance at something that could lead to friendship. The young Gryffindor had felt that if he could find someone who was willing to endure his wild adventures, then they had to be worth keeping around. It wasn’t every day that he found a willing party.

Nearing the place of their destination, Louis turned his head toward her and flashed a quick grin. The office was smaller than he had anticipated it would be. In the center of the room, there was a large desk. Atop that was a mess of quills and parchment that seemed to have been long forgotten, or at least it mattered very little to the school then. Cobwebs had formed in some of the corners of the room, suggesting that it had been some time since the office had been occupied by anyone who really cared to tend to it. Books lined the walls of the place, giving the room a cozier feeling. Though the fireplace was not lit, Louis imagined that it did a lot for the office and would likely have made the place quite warm.

“It’s neat in here, that’s for sure,” he remarked absently, reaching out a hand to touch at the binding of one of the books on the wall. He was curious why the office was no longer used but didn’t know if it was appropriate for him to ask. Had there been an active presence in the room, perhaps it would not have felt quite as somber as it did. Even the books seemed to have taken on a fine layer of dust that would have taken some time to remove. Louis wondered if there was anyone who could have benefitted from the works that were in there, or if the office was left to be an empty shell for the rest of the castle’s days.

secrets of the castle  Pvt   Closed 

Margo entered the office and looked around. She doubted that it was within the confines of the Hogwarts student rules to be in there, but it was far from the most pressing matter on her mind. She had only glimpsed the office’s interior once before and had not had much time to look around, so this visit was something worth savouring. She gazed out of the huge window for a second before turning to examine the desk. Louis stood by the bookshelves. He seemed like a naturally curious person, and Margo couldn’t quell the warmth inside from having a person to explore with, for once. She would never associate herself with the word ‘lonely’, but sometimes she needed to talk to more people than just herself.

“Neat... well I guess that’s one way to describe it.” Margo smirked, picking up a pair of manacles from a bowl on the desk. “I’m sure it’s very neat when the students’ wrists trail blood all over the floor.” She held the manacles closer to her eyes. “This one’s even quite worn. Maybe Hogwarts has questionable morals after all.”

Apart from the handcuffs, the room could be described as cozy... or maybe, it had been cozy. The space had an abandoned feel, as if it hadn’t been inhabited for a long time. A huge fireplace adorned one wall, the ash in the grate long turned cold. Now that she thought about it, Margo didn’t think that there was a caretaker at Hogwarts. She’d heard about the caretaker during her parents time, and of course there was filch, the caretaker in the time of Harry Potter, but now caretaker prowled the halls these days. The room was mysteriously impersonalised, and it made Margo’s pulse quicken in excitement with thoughts of the contents of the desk’s drawers. Walking around the other side of said desk, she opened the top draw and peered through the rising dust to see its contents.

“Normality is a paved road: it’s comfortable to walk but no flowers grow.” ~ Van Gogh