Caretaker's Office

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Caretaker's Office


A rather small office located in the North Tower, this space replaced the previous Caretaker's Office because the Caretakers often complained of the stench of fish keeping them up at all hours of day and night. A bit smaller than the previous space, the window is much larger. A large desk sits in the middle of the room, cluttered with papers and quills. There is a ledger with the misdeeds of the students who dared cross the Caretaker, it is a lengthy list. 

A large fireplace on one wall keeps the room cozy and warm during those long winter months, above the fireplace is a series of built-in bookshelves that cover the wall with mostly books but also other curiosities, some of which have been removed from student possession. A box filled with manacles, a remnant of a rather overzealous former Caretaker although there have been rumors that those restraints have been used there is no proof to substantiate that 'fact.' 

There is no Caretaker at this Present Time. This simply serves as information regarding what this space is.