Caretaker's Office

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I Guess You Could Call It Hiding  Closed 

Phoebe wasn't sure if there really was a caretaker when she first saw the office. She had gone there in order to find a quiet place to eat her treats. She didn't feel like being bothered.

Phoebe sat perched on a wooden bucket in the corner furthest from the door, eating peppernuts she had made. Phoebe knew they weren't bad, but they weren't anything to go crazy over. She didn't mind, though. She wasn't planning on sharing any in the first place.

Phoebe remembered the first time she had peppernuts. She wasn't the kind of person to enjoy sweets. She was too sensitive to the flavors, and it often made her feel nauseous. Although the tastes of cinnamon and ginger were definitely noticeable, she was never bothered by it. To her, the flavors were perfect enough for her to really enjoy. Peppernuts have been her favorite holiday treats ever since.

Phoebe could definitely tell that she had become a recluse ever since she came to Hogwarts. She spent much less time outdoors than when she was in Scotland, and she had become more anxious and secluded because of that. She wished she could have her own garden at the school with all her heart. She felt so lost without one.

Phoebe abandoned her thoughts, focusing on the peppernuts. Sure, what she was doing could technically be called hiding, but at least she had something to enjoy while doing so. Phoebe set the peppernuts down, pulling out her embroidery supplies from her pockets. She continued the work she had already done, a forest of pine trees. She was in the middle of working on the flying birds in the distance.

Humming softly to herself, she worked on her craft.

The trees cry in autumn because their hearts are growing cold.
Phoebe McCrary