Platform 9¾

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"Do Not Fail Me"  Solo   Finished 

The thrill of running for the first time through that wall was exhilarating. The feeling of passing through what seemed like a solid obstacle was indescribable, and Kira Callaghan was greatly glad for the opportunity to pass that barrier and enter the wizarding world once and for all. Kira pulled her wheeled luggage by her side, while Khloe walked ahead, back straight and chin held high. Kira was not at all surprised at her mother's lack of assistance with her daughter's multiple bags. "If you can not manage those bags on your own, how could you expect to manage yourself and your magic?" Kira could already hear the rhetorical question that would likely come from her mother's scolding red lips sooner or later. 

Steam billowed as the Hogwarts Express came to a full stop, and soon the mass of children and parents alike began fumbling about chaotically. Many were rushing to enter the train and reserve a compartment for themselves, while others tried saying their final goodbyes to dear family and friends. 

Kira gathered up her belongings and bid her goodbyes to her mother with a small, one armed hug. Khloe gave a curt nod, those faded silver eyes flashing Kira a message, as if to say, "Do not fail me." 
Kira gave her mother a small smile, her lips barely tugging upwards, and the smile somehow unable to reach her peacock blue eyes. She turned away and entered the train without another look back.