Platform 9¾

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The Beginning of a New Adventure  Open 

To say that Serena Bowen was excited, would be an understatement. Her whole life, she had dreamed of going to Hogwarts, and now it was finally her time to board the Hogwarts Express. Serena was going to make new friends, hone her magical skills, and who knew what other adventures she would get up to!

But for her to do any of those things, she had to board the train. And Serena was late. She ran towards the Hogwarts Express, giving quick hugs to her mum and dad. Then she hopped on the platform with her trunk just as the train was pulling away from the station.

Serena leaned against the wall of the train hallway to catch her breath. She wished that she could have spent longer saying goodbye to her parents. Serena wouldn’t get to see them again for several months. But that was what she got for waking up late.

After a few moments, Serena pushed herself away from the wall. She started down the corridor of compartments. Serena wasn’t sure if she wanted to find an empty one or one with people already in it. But lugging her massive school trunk around made her mind up. The first compartment she found, empty or not, she was taking.

Serena came to the closed door of a compartment. She raised her hand to knock, but then looked into the window to see that it was empty. She brought her hand down to the doorknob and pushed it open, letting it fall into the pocket-door.

Serena stepped inside the compartment, hauling her trunk along with her. She walked over to one of the racks, heaving her school trunk up onto it with all of her might. Wiping the sweat off of her brow, Serena tugged at her black and white striped sweater. Maybe it would have been better for her to wear something that wouldn’t cause her to sweat so easily.

With a sigh, Serena sat herself down in the compartment. She twiddled her thumbs and hoped that someone would stop by to make the ride go faster.

The Beginning of a New Adventure  Open 

Blu had only been told about magic and hogwarts for 2 years now and could not be more excited than this very day, the day to catch the train. Everything he needed was brought and packed, he checked his list three times just to make sure that he wasn't forgetting anything behind for his new journey.

It was a couple hours drive by car to get to the train station, most the time in the car it was him and his mother singing a long to the radio and talking about what could happen and what he could see there and how this was a chance for him to express who he truly was, a wizard. They finally slowly pulled up and he could feel his heart pumping in his chest. he took a second to compose himself before he took a deep breath and got out of the car, not being able to contain the bright smile on his face.

They stood together for one last goodbye before he made his way to the platform and hat he saw before his eyes astounded him. the red train and a completely secret platform hidden from the world. This was magic!

The train blew smoke and he knew he had to get on quick before he missed it, lugging his stuff onto the train he breathed a sigh of relief as he had caught the train and not missed it like a moron. Now came the challenge of finding somewhere for him to sit. he went looking but everywhere seemed to be taken up by groups of people who were either already friends or just made friends so he didn't feel it was right to just barge in. However he came across some seats with only one girl there. He took a deep breath, bags in hand before knocking on the door "do you mind if i have a seat here?.."

The Beginning of a New Adventure  Open 

Serena eventually stopped twiddling her thumbs and turned to look out the window. Watching the English countryside going past her window, Serena felt herself calming down from the stress of trying to make it to the platform on time. Next year, she was going to get up way earlier than she had today.

Serena continued to think about how everything was going to change today. She was going to be sorted into a house. Serena would admit that she had considered a couple of times as to what house she would be. She figured that she was either going to be in Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw. Serena wasn’t particularly brave or cunning, so Gryffindor and Slytherin were out. She loved to learn, so Ravenclaw might be a good fit for her. But at the end of the day, Serena liked helping people and was loyal to the ones she loved. Hufflepuff seemed to be the best fit for her. However, Serena would have to wait and see what the sorting hat said.

Serena was pulled out of her thoughts by a knock on the door. She turned away from the window to see a boy with medium-length, brown hair, wearing black glasses standing in front of the doorway.

“Not at all! As you can see, there’s plenty of room…” Serena said with a smile. “My name’s Serena Bowen. What’s yours?”

The Beginning of a New Adventure  Open 

Rose stood out on the platform. Her petite figure was lost in the thinning crowd, and the people around her seemed to avoid her. Rose looked around. Happy children with large smiles bid farewell to their parents, embarking on their exciting adventure.

Rose wasn't here for that. She wished that she did, but it wasn't possible. Losing her father had crippled her mother's sanity, and going to school was the only way to distract herself from her problems. Rose had planned this trip weeks before, researching ticket prices and bus routes. She had used up all her allowance and almost forgot her luggage on the bus. Nonetheless, she was here now.

Rose took a large breath in and walked towards the entrance of the train.

Upon entering, Rose decided for the best to go to the first booth she found, to avoid gawking spectators, asking about her small trunk. She turned to her right and found herself beside a boy with messy brown hair, and thick, black-framed glasses. She tapped him on the shoulder.

"Um..excuse me, but do you mind if I also sit here?"

Rose stood awkwardly and waited for the boy to answer, playing with her clothes. She hadn't been much of a talker back in the village where she came from, and it sure affected her when it came to communicating with others.

The book in her hand was something that she had prepared in case of this scenario. As if on command, the book dropped to the carpeted floor with a thump.


The Beginning of a New Adventure  Open 

He smiled brightly as he had found somewhere to sit. Found a seat... now to make friends he thought as he walked only a couple steps before jumping slight to this girls voice as he turned around to see a girl as if who had funnily enough magically appeared from nowhere. chuckling to himself he mumbled "sorry for jumping.." as he looked down in embarrassment he saw the girls book and bent down picking it before standing and going to hand it to her. As he did he got a look as to what was written on there and looked up to her "nervous just like me huh?".

Smiling as she took the book he went and pushed his bags away for storage, holding his hand on the luggage before moving them away because o course it would just be his luck if everything fell. when he was sure he took his hands away and sighed in relief, sitting down on the well kept blue fabric seats, next to the girl he smiled and looked at lot calmer and less nervous than before "My names Blu Evergreen, its a pleasure to meet you" he held out his hand waiting for her to shake his back