Platform 9¾

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A Story Worth Telling  SOLO   fin. 

Date: 1 September 2018
Time: 7:30am
Location: Platform 9 3/4
Of all the people available that morning, why did Rosalie Leblanc-Wreath have to be the one to drag her terrified daughter to Platform 9 3/4? Why would anyone think to pain Rosalie with another thing to do in her already busy days. Because, the blonde-haired woman reasoned, what if she wished to take this girl, to make sure that she did not embarrass the perfect pure-blooded lineage that she came from? Victor was a half-blood; he wouldn't care how this girl behaved. But Rosalie did care. This girl, however distantly, was a Leblanc, and she needed to learn how to behave like one.

Koko was actually behaving much better than Rosalie had anticipated. The girl was in no way misbehaving. Instead, she stood straight at her mere 150-centimetre height, wearing her dress and shoes as a queen would. It made Rosalie proud, and she allowed herself a haughty smirk. Maybe this girl would be magically adept and wouldn't embarrass Rosalie further. Perhaps she would be a welcome addition to their family one day. But for now, Rosalie would not be sentimental. She needed Koko to know that the world was a harsh place, and she had decided that this was the best way to do it.

"Mu- Rosalie," the younger girl said, catching herself at the last moment. Her hair was worn in ringlets, and it fit the mood. Her first trip to Hogwarts, the school that Henry had gone to. The beloved red-haired Leblanc boy, gone now to a plague. Gone now, but his spirit shone in his daughter. "How much longer?" Rosalie held the kid's trunk so that the girl's weak legs would not tire, but she knew that Koko would need to rest soon. "You need to make it to that wall over there, right in between Platform 9 and Platform 10. I will tell you what to do when we reach it." Koko nodded shakily.

Rosalie could hear the rain pattering against the glass ceiling of the station. How fitting. It would rain on the day she sent off someone who looked like her, who one day might match her level of ability. They passed Platform 7, where two boys were fighting. Rosalie watched as Koko eyed them, and then she - none too lightly - tugged on the girl's shoulders. "You are not to look at them. Keep your eyes up and forward, just like a proper young lady." Her natural French accent was creeping into her speech. No matter how much she tried to imitate an English accent, Rosalie always found it quite difficult to maintain.

Koko did as the woman asked although her startling amber eyes did dart around. They looked uncertain, something that Rosalie would need to work on later. She didn't need weakness in her family. Victor might not have cared, but Rosalie did. Weakness was bad; it made you do terrible things. Even if she didn't care for Koko on the outside, on the inside she couldn't help but want to protect the girl who was scared of her. So she would drill in this lesson, even if that was it. She would make sure that Koko was never weak.

Weakness came in many forms, both physical and mental. Rosalie was not worried about physical weakness at this time in Koko's life. No, it was mental weakness. The girl was always so damn scared. Rosalie shook her head, trying to get her thoughts off of the girl gripping her hand as if it were the only thing anchoring her to this earth.

"Is this it?"

Rosalie's head snapped up, her pale curls bouncing. "Oh? Yes, yes it is. Follow me." She let go of Koko's hand, feeling the little fingers tense as she lost contact. Rosalie strode forward, hearing Koko's small footsteps echoing behind her. "What you will do," she said, "is walk through the wall."

Koko nodded, stepping in front of her adoptive mother. Rosalie felt something in her heart twist. She would miss the sassy personality in her house, even if the girl did get on her nerves. Did Hogwarts even have plumbing? Rosalie tried to dismiss her worries, but she just couldn't bring herself to do so. She forced a smile as she ushered Koko forward. "Run."

On the other side, people were already boarding the train at an alarming rate. The two women picked up their pace and began walking quickly towards the Express. "Go," Rosalie told her, her brow furrowed. She handed the girl her supplies and watched as Koko took them awkwardly. "Y-yes, Rosalie."

Right then, as Rose turned and left, all she wanted was to be called 'mum' by someone who could have been her daughter.