Platform 9¾

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To the yellow brick road!  Closed 

Ayden kept close to his luggage once he made it through the wall to platform 9 3/4.His father was at his muggle work at the moment and couldn't come, he understood in all honesty so he didn't really mind. Especially since his father didn't stop apologizing, Ayden repeating over and over that everything was a-okay. His mother, with a hand on Ayden's shoulder pushed him forward towards the train. Encouraging him to take the first step Ayden looked around and didn't really see much aside from a lot of people his age, immediately he hugged his luggage and moved towards the back end of the train, trying to avoid people if possible. On the other hand his mother got to his eye level and started to speak.

"Ayden, remember to be good. Listen to your teachers and study a whole lot." She fixed his robes which were a little croaked "Be respectful to others and make friends." His mother touched him on the cheek with a smile "We both know you are quite the good boy. Try to open up to people, I'm sure you'll find someone there that will be your friend."

Ayden looked away in embarassement, not because of his mother's encouraging words but rather because the simple thought that he would have to interacte with others almost made him throw up. But he sighed and knew that if he was going to become a good wizard social anxiety had to go out the window. With a smile to his mother he looked over to the train and walked over to it. Right before he got on Ayden turned right around and sprinted towards his mother, giving her the biggest hug he could muster. "I'll see you in christmas." He said as tears welled up in his eyes. With that he quickly got on the train, knowing he would start crying if he stayed there. Shortly after the train started moving and Ayden found an empty place for him to sit. He knew his mother had told him to start talking with others but he didn't really have to do it now... right? He simply thought placing his lugagge above him and sitting down.
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