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The Last month of summer dragged. Hogwarts weighed heavily on the young boys mind day in, day out. Sleepless nights were spent skimming the textbooks his parents had purchased on their trips to Diagon Alley. Now that the day had finally arrived, Oliver felt on edge. After all, the last time he had attended a wizarding school it was only as a day student. Everything about Hogwarts was different.

“Its a big day,” His father broke the silence. “Your mom wishes she could’ve made it, but her schedule with national team is just really busy this time of year.”

Oliver understood of course why his mother wouldn’t be seeing him off, but that didn’t stop him from being upset about. Though he wouldn’t let his father notice he was feeling let down. This was a big day after all.

“Can’t believe i’m excited for school.” Oliver said softly with a slight chuckle. Although he couldn’t tell who was more excited - him or his father. “I remember my times in Gryffindor, I was head boy back in my day!” His father professed proudly as the station peaked into sight.

As the car came to a stop, a million butterflies fluttered around the eleven year olds stomach. “Just be cool..” He thought to himself as he brushed his damp hands on his black joggers before hopping out of the car. Kings Cross seemed like it’s own little city in it’s own right. Small shops lined the outskirts of the stations, a musician had set up off to the side, and others were passing out flyers.

“How don’t the muggles notice?” Oliver asked his father as he gathered his belongings from the trunk. “Too busy running late for their trains,” His father explained with a soft chuckle. An explanation to which didn’t live up to Olivers standards, but he let it slide. “ Don’t forget Neptune in the back!” His father reminded him of the Barn owl.

To say he felt out of place walking with a trunk and caged owl in the middle of Kings Cross would be a huge understatement. The stares were palpable in all directions; none of these muggles seemed too busy Nonetheless his father led the way confidently until the pair stopped in front of a stone wall. “Here we are!” His father exclaimed with a head nod in the direction of the wall. Baffled by all this, Oliver just continued to stare blankly at his father.

“Just run straight at it, but most importantly don’t worry about crashing. Just trust it.” His father reassured him. Still slightly unsure, but trusting in his father, Oliver clinched his belongings and took off in a sprint with his eyes closed just in case. When he opened them a whole new scenery welcomed him. An antique scarlet steam engine stood with students hanging out of the window and the sign Hogwarts Express hanging above it.

“Someone looks excited,” A soft familiar voice rang out from behind him. The voice gave him goosebumps as he turned around with wide-eyes and an open mouth, “ MOM!” Was all he could get out as he ran and squeezed his mother. With a flushed face Oliver pulled away realizing he was embarrassing himself. “Wish I got that sort of goodbye,” His father chimed in with a laugh as he embraced his wife.

“Didn’t think I’d miss this did you,” His mother assured him. Lost in the moment, Oliver almost forgot he had a train to catch. After one last embrace and a final look back, Oliver boarded the train towards his own adventure. The aisle of the train was nearly as packed as the platform. Between the luggage, the students fighting for a chance at a final goodbye near the window, and the attendants trying to help students find open compartments, Oliver could barely walk.

Not one to fight the wave, Oliver stumbled into the first open compartment he found. “Wewh, this is nuts.” He exclaimed with a sigh. With a heavy thud Oliver managed to toss his trunk above him, and plopped down mentally exhausted from everything going on. After a taking minute to take it all in, he leaned forward with a smile and awaited if anyone would join him.
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A new adventure  open   Closed 

@Oliver Simmons

Being the anxious early bird that he was, Nikolas, hours earlier, had found the platform entrance with his parents. With tearful hugs and goodbyes, he had made his way through the wall onto the platform. After sitting there alone for a while, the people having already taken his baggage aboard, he would glance over to see people beginning to come through. Thankfully, to quell his anxiety, he had more than quadruple checked that he had not forgotten anything. He also had his remembrall in his pocket, and would check it every few seconds just to reassure himself he hadn't forgotten to pack anything. He had his books in a rather large bag to read on the way. His parents, worried that he would not have enough money, had exchanged quite the chunk of change into galleons, sickles and knuts, and that rested in his bag as well.

Now knowing he was in the right place and not late (which he now beat himself up mentally over, the train did say "HOGWARTS EXPRESS"), he would relax. He would then make his way onto the train, choosing his car. He would go a ways down, not wanting to be the silly boy who sat at the front, and sit around the middle. He would then pull out the book "A History of Magic", and start reading. And now would begin the long wait to depart, and then the long journey onward to Hogwarts.

The trolly lady would have begun her rounds, and, as she walked by him, she would stop. "Anything off the trolly, dear?" She would ask him in a polite tone. He would stand, and look. "Hmm....Give me...five of everything." He would say, pulling out a large bag of money. After some help counting it out, he would return, his car loaded with candy. He would set it away in his messenger bag full of books, and ride out the trip, reading and sucking on a sugar quill.
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Nyalah was so excited for Hogwats. Mainly just for the reason that going to Hogwarts proved that after years of thinking she might be a Squib. She turned around and looked at all 6 of her family members beaming at her with pride. Nya (as her family called her) was the youngest child. Her closest in age brother Kaizen was 18, this meant he was 9 years older than her and already out of school. Then was her twin brothers Dreyken and Drayce were 20. Her oldest brother and the one she looked up to the most was Othaniel. He was 22.

She was starting her first year at Hogwarts and all her brothers were off to bigger and better things. She did feel important that they took the them to join their parents in escorting her and seeing her off on the Hogwarts Express. She was going to make the best of this.

She eyed the wall hesitantly and turned to look at her father for further direction when she saw another child run straight at the wall and disappear through it. "Am I really expected to do that?" she asked even more hesitantly. All 4 of her brothers laughed. Othaniel was the one who spoke. "Don't be nervous just do it. We never got the chance as a student but now you do!" She nodded and started walking, then running slightly towards the wall.

She hadn't realized she had her eyes shut until she stumbled slightly and her eyes snapped open. Her breath caught in her throat as she looked at the size of the train. She drug her luggage and left her were she was told. She hugged each of her brothers then her parents and stepped about the train looking for a compartment to sit in.

Stamina: 5 // Evasion: 6 // Strength: 4 // Wisdom: 8 // Arcane Power: 5 // Accuracy:7