Platform 9¾

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Well, I guess this is Goodbye for now?  Finished 

Kapono stood outside on of the entrances to the train. It kind of bothered him to be honest. He wouldn't be seeing either of his parents for months possibly...if he didn't get expelled first...
This world, these people, this...magic startled him very much. With him he carried nothing but his school supplies, and a extra suitcase, containing some...what was the word? "Muggle" clothes? Yeah, that sounded right to him! The train suddenly blew it's whistle. "Oh, shoot!" Kapono muttered. He was alone, so he didn't have to worry about saying bye to any family members, for his dad was busy working, and his step-mother considered this all "rubbish". He knew deep down in his heart that she was just upset that he was going away for awhile, and she wouldn't be able to see him physically.
He grabbed his big, over-sized box of school supplies, his suitcase, and entered the train, and headed for the very back compartments. The very last compartment was pretty quiet, and contained less than twenty students, which suited him just fine. He set down on one of the compartment benches, positioned his stuff right next him, and layed down on the benches.
The last thing Kapono saw that seemed somewhat normal was the inside of the train station. He closed his eyes, and instantly fell asleep...

Good, Better, Best. Never Let It Rest. Til' you good is better, and your better is best.