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As was customary in the quaint country of England, the rain was dropping from the sky in gentle patters, forming puddles along the concrete pavements while being siphoned off into the drains on the sides of the road. Cyrus sat in the back of his parents vehicle, an audi to be exact, listening to the inane splattering of rain against the windows while he absently mindedly watched the scenery change every second. In fact, he'd even developed his own game where he was imagining an invisible man running along the side of the car, jumping whenever a person was in his way. If he ran into the person, who knew what would happen?

Eventually, the car pulled up beside Kings Cross Station and afforded Cyrus precious minutes to spend with his family. "Come on, champ. Look alive." His father called out from behind the steering wheel, "Let's go get your stuff from the boot." Cyrus nodded, opening the passenger door, but not before pulling up the hood on his coat, and stepping out into the elements. Swiftly closing the door behind him he moved behind the stationary vehicle which had already been opened by Papa Langley. Out of the goodness of his heart, Cyrus wrenched a briefcase from the boot; father said it was enchanted to be more spacious inside, so it could encompass all of the clothes and amenities he would need during his time at Hogwarts.

For a few seconds, Cyrus simply stood in the rain beside his father, the weight of the briefcase overbearing on his shoulder, though he'd never confess such a thing. It was strange. To know he was going to be away from his family for such a long time. He could still contact them, sure, but it wouldn't be the same to be so far away from the animals. Out of sheer instinct, Cyrus offered his father a firm handshake, just as he had been taught to do, which his father accepted before pulling him into a hug. A useful maneuver Cyrus would remember in the future while he awkwardly wrapped one arm around him. "Make the most of it, sport." His father implored, finally releasing his grip and getting back into his vehicle as Cyrus made his way inside of Kings Cross.

Packed. That was the first thing that ran through the mind of Cyrus. How many muggles and half-bloods would he have to push through in order to get to his destination? He had no idea, but alas, he would have to find out. He started his journey with his head held high, though that was mainly to shake the hood off from his dry hair while he pushed through the crowds without so much as a murmur. He felt the briefcase in his hands banging off of a few knees, but that was their fault for being in the way. Watch where your knees are, or lose them. That was the law of the railroad.

After an undisclosed amount of time pushing through people, there was a light at the end of the tunnel. He could finally see the pillar that his father had told to him in great detail that would lead him into the promised land.

"Uhm, excuse me..", a timid voice called out from beside Cyrus. Upon further inspection, it was a small girl with a suitcase which had a teddy bound to the handle. Her clothes fit her well, yet it was clear from numerous creases and minor differentiations in the colour that they were well-worn and, in fact, not new at all. Disappointing. "D-do you know how to get to Platform Nine and Th-three quarters?" She queried, much to the blank face, yet internally astonished Cyrus. How daring of her to ask in public! Yet, unrelenting courage to ask a stranger such a question was deserving of an answer, and a proper one at that. He nodded with a pleasant smile, gesturing his head towards the side, although he was still surprised on why she had asked him of all people, "Sure thing. It's that one juuust there. I was about to go through, but I'll let you do it first so I can make sure you're doing it properly!" Cyrus encouraged, walking sidelong with the girl for a few seconds. The noise of trains, passing crowds and mixtures of language perforated any attempt the girl made at conversation until they arrived at the next pillar. He gestured forward, "Right behind you! Catch you there." He said, lurching forward as if he was about to start running. That was enough of an indication from the nervous girl to jolt forward as well, speeding along the platform until she met the resistance of the pillar.


Crashing into the pillar, the girl crumpled down into her suitcase with a cry of alarm, disorientated from the collision to ask any questions. Cyrus burst out into laughter while a bunch of muggles swarmed the girl, passing by them so that he could reach the correct pillar. People were so gullible. Holding his breath so that his ears wouldn't pop while he passed into the new platform, he charged straight through the next pillar to enter the revered platform of 9 3/4.

He wasn't the first one here, that much was obvious while he noted a myriad of others hanging around the platform. Perhaps their families had abandoned them here earlier just so they could be out of their hair. That was what adults tended to do with brats, at least. The train, however, appeared to have arrived relatively early. This was most fortunate for the boy, still craning from the strain of the briefcase on his shoulders. Hurriedly, he moved inside of the locomotive and searched for a carriage most fitting of himself. He stumbled across one that was not only spacious but relatively distant from the toilets. He didn't need that smell to wafe in his direction, thanks. Moving inside of the compartment, he closed the door behind himself and went about putting his briefcase beneath him under the seat. Falling backwards onto the lightly cushioned seat, a grin came upon his face. He could get used to this. Soon after, he pulled his legs up onto the adjacent seat, fully reclining and looking out from the glass panels on the door to see who dared disturb him.
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“Too often in life, we only enjoy something when it becomes a memory.”

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@Cyrus Langley

Crystalline eyes watched the rain sliding down the car windows with mundane interest, trying to pass the time and ease her nerves. Today was the big day. She would go through the platform pillar, take the train, and be at her new home for the next several years.


A place she had heard so much about yet knew she could never be fully prepared for it no matter how much she tried to be, no amount of research could help her here. The experience would be nothing like what the young blonde had ever witnessed before, and many memories would be made from this day forward. New adventures to go on, so many new friends awaiting her, the whole deal.

“I can’t believe it’s already time for you to go to Hogwarts, squirt.” A teasing voice broke through her train of thought and caused her eyes to dart over at the shaggy golden haired and light green eyed man sitting beside her. Cedric, her older brother, was giving her a toothy grin as he wiped away fake tears. He was always one for jokes, a surprising trait for someone aiming to become an Auror, but she was glad he had a sense of humor and wasn’t as dull and lifeless as their uncle, who was an Auror.

Rosalyn gave him a gentle shove on his shoulder in response, giggling while doing so. “Yeah alright, mom.”

“Now, now you two, we’re almost there.” Came a deeper voice belonging to their father, Luke. He was a rather tall man with neat, hazel hair and the same blue eyes as Rosalyn. “Cedric, have any final advice for your sister?”

The man in question brought his index finger up to his finger, thinking long and hard about his answer. After a couple moments of silence, he raised her finger and mimicked an old wise wizard voice as he stated, “Pick a train cart far away from the bathrooms, might seem obvious but trust me, not many people think about it until it’s too late. Secondly, watch where you’re going when walking through the halls because with you being so small you could easily get bumped down the stairs or knocked over, especially with you being so clumsy as it is.” That last comment earned him another shove, to which he laughed carefreely at. “Lastly, have fun. These will be some of the best years of your life so enjoy them to the fullest, Rosa.”

“What wonderful advice sweetie! I wish we could talk more, but it looks like we’re here!” This time it was her mom's bubbly voice that chimed in, and as she finished her exclamation, Rosalyn turned her attention back to their surroundings, her eyes widening at the sheer amount of people going in and out of the station this day. Sure she knew it would be packed, but thinking about something and actually seeing it be real are two completely different things.

Their dad parked the car and the group of five went on their merry way to platform nine and three-fourths, the fifth member of the group her little brother, Theodore, who had been asleep during the car ride there.

Rosalyn adorned the typical suitcase most Hogwarts students used to transport all of their belongings, the leathery item heavy in her tiny palms. She wanted to carry it on her own even if it slowed her down to do so, it helped her accept that this was all really happening and not just some kind of dream like it felt. She also had on a small, pink backpack that she used to carry all of her personal items when she went out, needing something like it since she hardly wore anything with pockets. The clothes she wore were on the more elegant side, ones her mother forced her to get despite not really being her style. She much preferred the comfort of larger sweaters and softer fabrics, and despite the pale blue dress she had on matching one of the criteria, it was far less baggy than she was used to (since most clothes tend to not fit her). Although a part of her did admit that it was fun to dress up and look nice every once in a while, and the black cloak she wore over it helped her feel comfortable and warm in the typical rain that loved to great England many times a year.

“Are ye okay, lass?” “What happened to ‘ya?” “Should we call an ambulance for ye?”

A large bustling crowded echoed similar things as they were all swarmed around a little girl who was holding her head, tears streaming down her face. From the looks of it, she had run into something hard enough for quite a few people to worry, or perhaps it was because of how young she was. About her own age Rosalyn deduced from the looks of her and from the strewn suitcase next to her.

She wasn’t the only one of her family to notice such details, and soon Cedric disappeared from her side only to reappear beside the fallen child, his long legs making quick work of the distance that had been between them. By the time the rest of her family reached him, the girl had stopped crying and taken ahold of his hand as he helped her stand, the discarded suitcase’s handle now clutched in his free palm.

“It seems Liz here is going the same direction as us, so I suggested we all go there together.” Without any complaints from the rest of the family, everyone continued towards the secret platform, the random strangers who wanted to help the girl slowly dispersing until there was no one left. “It would seem someone had tricked our friend here into thinking that was the right platform, hence why she hit her head so hard. What a cruel person they must be to take pleasure in another person’s misery. I can’t bloody believe someone like that is going to be at your school. I hope you never cross paths with them, Rosa.”

There was a collection of gasps as he revealed what had happened to Liz, the rest of her family, including herself, were just as flabbergasted as he. Her mother and father commented on how horrible that was, with Rosa nodding her head in agreement. She had anticipated as much, with so many people it would’ve been a miracle for there to not have been a rotten apple. But she hadn’t expected someone to start being cruel before school even started, and through this stranger’s actions she was reminded yet again that not everyone has kind hearts, some are misguided in their actions.

“This is the right place to be at, and this time Rosalyn here will go first to show you so you can trust us on it.” Cedric tilted his head in the direction of the nine and three-fourths platform, being discreet as he did so in order to prevent ease-droppers from getting too much information. “With that in mind, c’mere you.” He enveloped Rosa into a big bear hug and spun her around once before setting her down and letting go. Next came Theodore, who hugged her and said how much he was going to miss her. Last came her parents, who had tears prickling the corners of their eyes as they both embraced her and said their farewells.

Once it was time for her to depart, she took a deep breath before sprinting towards the platform, and in an instant she was through it and on the other side, eyes wide at the sight before her. Many students were hanging around the platform, with a few already boarding the train, and she was amazed at the sheer amount of wizards that were around. She was never fortunate enough to be in the same room as this many magical users before, so she was in awe at the experience.

After a few seconds more she snapped back to reality and noticed that Liz had gone through the platform and was already talking with a group of people. Thus with the small girl safely to the other side of the walls, Rosalyn made her way to the train, recalling her brother’s advice about getting as far away from the bathrooms as she could. Thus she walked past the throngs of people shuffling into the closest cars until she felt she was a safe distance away, and opened the door to the cabin.

A boy with brown hair, hazel eyes, and a dark coat to match was already making himself at home in the roomy space, a boy she knew all too well. Cyrus Langley, the son of the people her parents work for. She often saw him when she would go with her parents to pick up the animals from his family’s zoos or when she went to see the more exotic creatures still kept in their enclosures.

“Oh hello, Cyrus! Fancy running into you!” Came her cheerful greeting as she smiled warmly at the boy and took the vacant window seat after putting away her suitcase. She then sat her backpack on her lap, waiting for the other two members of their cabin to join them before mentioning that she had made snacks for everyone to partake in during the long ride. “How are you on this wonderful day?”
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Silence......something that wouldn’t the case for some time. While this thought was far from the mind of an 11 year old, this did not keep it from being a fact. The large state outstretched, a gentle rain accentuating the English country side. It’s visage straight from the pages of the books he’d been forced to read despite a young age. On the porch of the country home sat a young blonde boy, and his father. Standing around 5 feet, Bo sat reclined on the white wooded chair, legs crossed in the seat. His father much taller, sat similarly relaxed. Piercing gray eyes examining the grounds.

Do I have to go.........why can’t I just go home.” The boys voice was soft. The words came from the realm of defeat. An argument lost days before, with one last chance. As for his father, those eyes shifted to focus on him. The older man took a sip from his crystal before responding. His voice smooth, confident, and unyielding. pleases your mother for you to remain close.” His eyes would continue to look at the top of his sons head as he snapped his fingers. “Look up when you are speaking.” This time the voice was sharp, course. A voice that was used to being obeyed. “You will do fine here. This is our home now. Best to get comfortable.” With that, the conversation was closed, and Bo knew it.

The remainder of the morning passed quickly. His mother moving over all his supplies and items ensuring each one in its proper place. His father still sitting outside.

When it was time to go, it was with a curt nod and no words that he left. The prospects of a business deal kept the patriarch home, and it was simply his mother and a driver that would accompany him to the rail station. His wand twirling in his hands, feeling the instrument his mind raced to the possibilities. He’d seen his father do impressive things, his mother brew potions that did wonders, while he was forced to study and learn no maj material. It was his turn, and he was ready for it. His eyes bore into the wood, as he thought of how to beat his father......he wanted what his father had......the voice that was not disobeyed.

A tight hug, a kiss on the forehand, a wave to the driver, through a brick wall........and then to the train. His bag slung over his shoulders he made his way into the train. His robes still tucked away, he currently wore his everyday attire. A pair of white shorts with a black belt, a button up shirt, black with pink hibiscuses patterned around, and bright green tennis shoes.

Making his way through the train he saw all the other students, voices at stark contrast to what the morning had originally offered. As his bright blue eyes peaked in the different compartments it quickly became apparent how full the train was becoming. Finally he came across a car that hadn’t yet met occupancy. Ducking inside, he caught site of a boy lounging and a cheerful girl. Both looked about his age, though his mind was still on his father. Dropping as soon as he entered he’d rest his head against the glass pane. Leaving a seat between himself and the girl. He’d missed the fact they must know each-other. “We’ll all be sardines soon aye?” His voice was easy, smooth not unlike his fathers, yet tainted with youth and distinctly lacking experience. He’d offer a half smile to the other two, but his eyes moved back to watch the throngs move in the hall.

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The roar of the train horn revealed that it was time for Jacob to board, he'd shoot a glance at his father, who had for the first time in a while seemed excited. The man had dawned his old slytherin gear for the departure, exclaiming over and over again how sure he was that jacob would follow in his footsteps and become a great quidditch player. "YOU'RE GOING TO DO GREAT JAKE!" The man would call out from behind a line of parents, in a rather embarrasing display.

Jacob, wouldn't respond to it for fear of looking like a nerd. Instead he chose to flip his hoodie, and hide from the insane man bellowing his name by jumping onto the train. alright, just find a place to sit he'd think to himself as he traveled from car to car. Most of the carts already seemed to be full, because admittedly the boy had been running a bit behind. He was about halfway down the remaining carts when he heard a snivveling voice from a small kid call out to him. "We've got a seat in here"

Jacob would stop, strolling slightly back to take a peek inside the car. One boy was remarkably short and frail, the other was adjusting his broken glasses, and the last was in the midst of picking his nose. "Ew" Was all he said as he made his way down the rest of the cars, "As if I'd hang out with a bunch of nerds" He'd mutter to himself.

It wasn't until about 30 seconds of walking later that he'd run into a familiar face. Cyrus. A girl and a boy were already with him, and he'd just caught the girl asking how cyrus was doing on this wonderful day "Wonderful day? He'd ask sarcastically as he made his way into the cabin. It's rainin and gross, you ditz" He'd look to Cyrus "How's it going Cyrus" he'd as enthusiastically, before turning to the other two. "and you guys I guess"

He remained standing at the front of the cabin, blocking the entrance, and waiting for cyrus to move his legs so he could sit


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"Careful not to spill it, honey. The top has been a bit finicky lately," Felix's mother, Amita, said, handing her son a curry-filled Tupperware. "If you need an extra pair of socks they're at the top of your trunk, you have your robes there too, you have your wand, of course, and parchment for letters and some spending money and—."

"Amita, relax," the boy's dad, Harsha, interjected, clasping a hand on his wife's shoulder. "He's going to be fine. We should let him join his classmates, though. We don't want to be those parents."

Clearly crestfallen, Amita pulled both her husband and son into a tight embrace. To Felix, she smelled of distant spices while his father smelled vaguely of some type of cologne, but both scents reminded him of home. Indeed, standing on platform nine and three quarters with his family so close was a bittersweet experience. Sure, it wasn't like he would never speak with either of his parents again, but exchanging owls wasn't the same as seeing them every day.

The shrill whistle of the Hogwarts Express brought the prolonged embrace to an abrupt end. All around the trio, other families were saying their final farewells. It was time for the Morningcrests to do the same.

"Love you, guys"

"Love you, Felix."

"Love you, good luck!"

With a final kiss from his mom and his trunk already loaded, Felix took his first steps onto the train and towards the next stage in his life. Still cradling the Tupperware in his hands, the boy made his way through the cramped corridors. All around him students slipped in and out of compartments. Some wore the colored robes of their houses, others wore regular street clothes much like Felix, and all of them had a look of irrepressible excitement upon meeting new friends and greeting old ones.

Poking his head in the first compartment he came across, the boy found it filled to the brim with a group of what must have been upperclassmen who shooed him out with their looks alone. This same pattern repeated itself as Felix quickly discovered that the early Hogwarts student got the train compartment. One, two, three; he passed through three cars until he saw something that gave him hope—a compartment with a blonde-haired boy about his height standing in the doorway. Perhaps, this time, he would be lucky enough to find a place to ride out the rest of the trip.

Clutching his Tupperware closely, he advanced as quickly as his legs could take him without running, he didn't want to look desperate. Happenstance, however, intervened, for as the train lurched forward it knocked the boy from his stride and into a less-than-graceful tumble. While Felix was able to steady himself on the nearest wall, the real trouble came from the Tupperware that had been knocked from his grasp and towards the blonde-haired boy's back. Indeed, Amita had been correct in warning her son, for the yellow slop had freed itself from the container and was now on a collision course with the blonde-haired boy's back—if he did not move then he would surely be smelling like curry for days to come.
@Cyrus Langley, @Rosalyn Wolfhart, @Bo Miller, and @Jacob Brewster

"If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try."

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While Cyrus was making himself comfortable in the train that was slowly starting to fill up, he was bathing in the ambient noise that surrounded him as the other potential wizards went about their business along the carriage in order to put their luggage away, while nervously greeting their companions in the hopes they would make a friend before they were sorted into the house. Many of them feared the fabled hat that would place itself atop their heads, siphoning their thoughts and personality before it designated them into one of the four houses. It was peculiar for Cyrus to think about now that he dedicated some time to it... To have all that a person is be deduced in mere seconds by an enchanted hat, or at least he assumed that's what it was. It was likely unethical to do so though, but he would have to make a mental note to consult a psychologist on such matters.

Like a bad dream, however, something tore him away from the land of imagination. Violently he was brought back into full lucidity, almost kicking and screaming, when he saw the tiny figure of a familiar person come into view behind the door of the carriage. Inside, he screamed, wailed, even pleased with the deities that be for her to skip the carriage. For her to simply continue moving along the train to another seat, but they wished for Cyrus to suffer, and to suffer greatly. Once she figured out how to open the door, Cyrus kept his eyes fixated on her, a light smile pulling on his young features with the subsequent narrowing of his eyes. Waving his hand towards her, he stretched his legs out even further to ensure she did not sit beside him. "Hello, Rosalyn." Cyrus spoke warmly, following up soon after, "I must confess, Rosa, I'm glad it's you here and not some lowlife." He said reassuringly, immediately looking back towards the glass door in anticipation of a lowlife to walk in.

When she asked him how he was, he gave her a sidelong glance, almost out of a place of sincerity and care. Why did she think today was a wonderful day? England was wetter than the oceanfloor at the moment, and if he had not been careful, his hair would not only be damp, but ruined! His clothes posed the risk of being uncomfortable for an ENTIRE train ride, and she had the audacity to say it was a wonderful day?! "I'm doing great on this splendid day, Rosa. Just can't wait to wear that magic hat. How are you doing?"

Not long after he finished his reply, the noise of the door opening once again jolted Cyrus. There were already two people in this cabin, how many more did there have to be? A shock of messy blonde hair waltzed through the door to sit not too far away from Rosa, which was fortunate that it wasn't beside himself. The boy looked strange. Unclean. Perhaps even infested with something, but he couldn't quite put his finger down on it. Where was Jacob? He'd been waiting for the boy, yet he still had not arrived. How many undesirables would he be forced to endure this cabin with? Curling his upper lip in a grin, he nodded in appreciation of the blondes witty remark, "Bang on, you are. It is getting rather crowded in here." Cyrus replied almost in an accusatory tone.

Like the beauty of an angel descending from the heavens into a doomed Earth, Jacob now entered the doorframe of the cabin to the great delight of Cyrus. He was saved. For potentially the first time since the girl ran into the pillar, a genuine smile overcame the face of Cyrus. The two were so alike that he was certain Brewster would be in the same house as his. It was written in their destiny. "Jacob! I saved you a seat." While he spoke, Cyrus drew his legs up across the seat so that Jacob had the privilege to sit beside his friend. Although, he still kept his legs on the seat, merely folded up against his body and his back now pressed more firmly against the window behind him. "Did you see that girl who ran into the pillar? Now that's a ditz!" Cyrus chuckled at the memory, snorting a little midway through. He couldn't recall if the duo knew one another, so he gestured with his hands between the parties, "Rosa, this is Jacob, he's my friend. Jacob, this is Rosa, she's my friend, her parents work with my families zoos. This is, uh.." He paused while his hand was focused on the blonde-haired boy like a drill sergeant scalding a private. A peculiar smell perforated the area, causing Cyrus to turn his head only to catch a brief glance at the airborne assault by an asian boy outside the cabin. Everything appeared to be going in slow motion. Who would it hit?!

“Too often in life, we only enjoy something when it becomes a memory.”

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@Cyrus Langley @Bo Miller @Jacob Brewster @Felix Morningcrest

A small smile greeted the young blonde Dhampir as she entered the train car before she even got her own welcoming words out. Cyrus had beat her to the punch, but that was alright, she didn’t mind. His words held warmth to them despite the cold meaning underneath. Rosalyn knew from experience how Cyrus deemed quite possibly everyone as beneath him, even she was no exception. They were childhood friends and he called her by her nickname, yet they weren’t close in the slightest, albeit not for her lack of trying. The brunette walled himself off to those he felt were unworthy, whether that was due to his upbringing or his own sense of narcissism she didn’t know. What Rosalyn did know, however, was that his words and face may seem kind, but they were always laced with a bit of distaste. A prime example being how just now the corners of his eyes narrowed ever so slightly and he had stretched out further to prevent her from sitting beside him.

She wasn’t as oblivious as how she might feign, although nonetheless she never commented on such actions of his, believing that one day he would become more open and sincere to those who weren’t pure-blooded. Thus she greeted him with just as much warmth as usual, genuinely meaning everything she had said. It was a pleasant surprise to find him amongst all the people aboard the train, and she truly did want to know how he was doing. Rosalyn kept the smile across her lips as he answered, happy to hear that he was doing quite well on this rainy day, chuckling a little as he mentioned wearing the magical hat. It was hard to take the famous sorting hat seriously when it sounded quite ridiculous, but she figured once they all experienced it firsthand they might change their tune.

“I’m doing grand today, and quite excited to start this new chapter of my life.” Her chipper response came right as the door to the cabin opened, revealing a tall, blonde boy whom she didn’t know. He immediately sat down closest to the train door, looking worn and preoccupied. She was a little surprised when he spoke up, making a comment about how they’d all be sardines soon. Cyrus seemed to dislike the idea of even more people joining their little cabin, but she didn’t mind it one bit. The more the merrier in her mind.

She happily gave her own reply, being the complete opposite to Cyrus, “I hope more people join us, it’ll be so much fun!”

Just then, before she could even introduce herself to him, a new voice made itself known at the door, one that Cyrus seemed to know quite well and even liked, for the boy gave off a smile she had never seen him wear before. She could only guess from that reaction that the new blonde kid, Jacob it seemed, was a pure-blood like Cyrus. It was the only logical thing she could come up with to explain why her dark haired friend would want to even sit next to this guy.

The first words out of the blonde’s mouth were rather blunt, taking her by surprise a little. He had heard her ask Cyrus how he was and Jacob uttered that it couldn’t have been a wonderful day with how rainy it was, even going so far as to call her a ditz. Rosalyn mentally rolled her eyes at the lad, not taking his words to heart for she knew deep down why the way was wonderful. They were about to begin on a new adventure in their lives, one that would be unlike anything they had ever done before. Just because they couldn’t see the splendor didn’t mean she couldn’t still relish in it.

Before the silvery-blue eyed girl could enlighten the silly boy, Cyrus yet again beat her to the punch and commented how the only ditz was the girl who had run into the pillar, chuckling as he recalled the event. He even laughed so hard he began snorting. It was a sight to see, made more shocking for those who knew the boy. Although it also made her wonder if he had been the one to lead the girl astray and cause her to face plant into the pillar. It did seem like something Cyrus would do, which worried her greatly. If he was able to treat their fellow students like that on day one and laugh about it, what would he do once he learned how to properly cast spells? Would he start bullying those he viewed to be lesser beings?

Yet alas, Rosalyn had no evidence against the boy and didn’t care to accuse him of leading the little girl to believe that pillar was the correct one, not when her parents worked for his and he had a comrade to back him up. She would be no match for him, and picking fights wasn’t something she could do willy nilly. Fortunately, the young lass was okay and that mattered more to Rosalyn than calling out the person who may or may not have done it.

Her eyes darted over to Cyrus’s hazel orbs as his voice resonated throughout the car, before following his hand movements as he introduced the two. She didn’t know why he had to add that her parents work for his, it wasn’t particularly a detail she felt Jacob needed to know, and could only assume that it was so Jacob knew she wasn’t a pure-blood. Despite that, she smiled as she spoke to him, “It is a pleasure to make to make your acquaintance.” Then she turned to the other blonde, whom she wasn’t able to speak much with before, and continued, “As Cyrus said, I’m Rosalyn and it’s a pleasure to meet you as well!”

Just then, as if fate would have it so she could never truly get to talk more than a few words with him, a noise was heard outside their train compartment followed by the spicy smell. She was far too short to see what had happened, unaware that the scent came from curry and that it was on a collision course for Jacob.

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Blue eyes watched the corridor as the hustle and bustle continued. A brief sigh, and before he could continue with people watching a blockage in the form of a boy appeared. Looking up, he thought the kid was rather plain looking. Certainly more athletically inclined than himself, but little else was worth his attention. Even Cyrus’s comment that clearly had a sarcastic undertone was completely missed on Bo......this wasn’t where he wanted to be, and he was trying very hard to pretend he wasn’t here.

The girl spoke directly to him however, and that made it a little more challenging to just ignore. At the mention of her name he turned, and showed a half grin. Putting on a mask of politeness and interest as his mother had taught him to do. “Pleasure...” He’d day holding out his ah d to shake hers. He noted her pale skin, the girl could really use a beach vacation. “My name is.......aghhhh” just as he was about to give his own name a warm substance hit the boy in the doorway and splattered. While the lions share was on Jacob, a fair amount had hit the back of his neck, and he could feel it sliding down beneath his shirt.

Jumping bolt upright he’d likely bump against the physical specimen of Jacob, which only caused him to fall back down ontop of Rosalyn. “What the hell?!” He’d shout standing back up, his cheeks a little red from curry and his landing. His eyes would scan the doorway, the mess of Jacob, the splatter across the train car, and the cause of it all.

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Cyrus seemed to be entertained by something that had happened earlier, a little girl had apparently run face first into a brick pillar which Jacob had to admit, did seem rather hilarious. "God I wish i'd seen that" Jacob would say while genuinely laughing before the conversation turned to a much more boring matter.

He didn't care much about either the girl, or the blond boy he knew neither and he didn't particulary need new friends. Especially those of Lesser means, which by the sounds of the girls parents job, seemed to be the case. Luckily for Jacob he was quickly given an excuse to avoid talking to them, unluckily for him however the excuse was rather disgusting.

It took a moment for what had happened to fully register him, first he felt a wet splatter on the back of his new black robes, then he felt the frail blonde child bump into him and fall to the ground... He was rather weak. Then after all this the smell of the curry reached his nostrils and he almost gagged. Cultural Food, how disgusting. He'd think to himself before his face turned red and his blood boiled with anger.

His eyes would turn accusingly to the obvious culprit, and indian boy who seemed to be regaining his balance.


Jacob would shout as he stomped towards the kid and began to attempt picking the boy up by his collar. If he succeeded he'd note to himself that the boy was surprisingly light before speaking.

"Where's your trunk you oaf, you've ruined my robe"

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