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All Adventures Must Start Somewhere  Finished 

September 1st 2019

"Are you ready?"

"Of course," Lorelai lied.

She didn't much like lying to her Gran, but suspected that given the slightest opportunity, her Gran would change her mind about letting her go. She supposed her Gran could see the nerves written all over her face anyway. Was it really lying if you still told the truth through another form?

Gran narrowed her eyebrows slightly, then sighed. "See those other children and their families? Hold tight to your cart, and run through the wall there. I'll be right behind you."

Lorelai's face paled further as she watched other students vanish through the wall. Was this the sort of thing she'd need to do to get around Hogwarts? Did they even have doors at all? How could one avoid crashing into someone on the other side? Would it work for every wall, or simply where the doors should be if they had them?

She decided it would be a very confusing way to build a school, then ran.

The girl very nearly crashed with someone on the other side and many apologies were said as she brought her rattling cart to a screeching halt. Perhaps that had been a little too fast. Nerves kicked her legs into gear, fight or flight, and flight had always been her choice, so run she could.

Gran came next, at a much more reasonable pace, though still quicker than Lorelai had seen her move in a long time. "Well, here we are again," the woman muttered to herself, looking up at the hulking train.

Lorelai studied the train closely, looking for any signs of magic. Nothing was standing out. She didn't have much time longer though, as her Gran swept her into a tight bear hug.

"I'll be okay, Gran," Lorelai said through muffled fabric.

"I know," came the reply. "Don't forget the things I told you. Write me everything that happens, make good friends, be careful with your magic, and keep your heart kind. Then you'll be okay."

The girl nodded with a smile, slowly pulling out of her Gran's embrace as the train whistle sounded. Lorelai was doing so well until she noticed the tears around her Gran's eyes, which started a whole slew of her own.

"Bye Gran."

And with that, the girl boarded the train.

It wasn't long before the train lurched into motion. Lorelai smeared her tears across her sleeve then went to find a seat. She pulled open a door that looked somewhat more promising than the others for some reason and stuck her head in. With her bravest smile on, she introduced herself. "Hi there...I'm Lorelai Wik, mind if I join you?"
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All Adventures Must Start Somewhere  Finished 

It had been quite the hassle to get to the train.

Stella had been run out of her hometown what seemed like ages ago, when it had really only been 3 years. A long time, yes, but not quite enough to count as forever. She had been given her letter personally, or if you looked at it in a certain way, she had subtely been hinted at the existence of Hogwarts.

Someone on the inside must have seen her do magic on the streets and she had been slipped a copy of a letter later. Surprisingly, Stella had money at Gringotts, left from an unknown persona. There was just enough to get the bare necessities: schoolbooks, robes, and a wand.

The wall thing was unnerving. Stella must have looked out of place, she didn't have a trolley to carry her things, mainly because she didn't have any. She was clutching her few, recently purchased items and got quite a lot of unnecessary stares from the people around her.

Distracted and confused, she began to run towards the wall. There was still a small sliver of her mind whispering that this was all a joke. Of course, without any parent around to explain, Stella had the right to assume this was all a hoax. Was it everyday people were invited to a strange-named school teaching magic of all things?

Closing her eyes, expecting to hit something solid and brick, Stella was surprised when she passed through. She stood there momentarily dazed. Then, snapping her out of the brief stupor, a girl almost ran smack into her side. The girl quickly spouted out many sorries, but Stella just stared at her.

She decided she didn't like the looks of this girl.

Not that Stella liked the looks of anyone besides her family; or former family, you could say.

But the girl had a big cart with many things, something Stella had never and probably would never have the luxury of. Also, a few moments later, a woman walked through the wall that the girl hugged before she boarded the train. A parent or loved guardian, most likely. A little bit of sudden hate sprung up inside Stella towards the girl, but it was mostly jealousy that fueled the emotion, nothing more.

Stepping inside the train, Stella quickly sat down, but after a run-in with boy who she decided she couldn't stand, she switched compartments, entering an empty one.

Or at least empty for the time being.

Stella looked up just in time for the girl from before to open the door."Hi there...I'm Lorelai Wik, mind if I join you?" the girl asked politely. Stella scowled at the girl and then down at her feet. She'd already made one enemy so far, she didn't need another. And the train ride would be short, right? What was the harm of letting the girl sit there?

"I mean, if you have to," Stella muttered, cracking her knuckles.

She wanted to pinch herself. Why couldn't she just have said sure and gotten on with it in a nice, friendly way?

This was not getting off to a good start. But maybe the girl would leave now, after Stella's half-insult, and make the train ride much easier.

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All Adventures Must Start Somewhere  Finished 

"I mean, if you have to."

Lorelai didn't miss the slight scowl that crossed over the other girls' face. She didn't miss the tone behind the words either. It was a similar way that Rolen would respond to her when she's ask to play with him and his friends. He was always fine when it was just she and him, but for some reason he decided he had to be cool around his friends and that she was not cool.

A slight scowl of her own crossed her face, but she pushed it back. What had Gran told her right before she left? Make good friends, and keep your heart kind. She gave a little sigh, then a happy "Thanks," as she passed into the room.

The seats were comfortable enough. Lorelai sat with her hands folded in her lap, watching the world go by through the window. Despite the contented happy look on her face, her body language was telling a different story. Tense, muscles tight, nerves on end. She sniffed. Blinked away another onslaught of tears. She'd see Gran and Rolen and Teddy, and the farm again before long. She had wanted this, hadn't she?

Determined not to make a scene crying in front of the other girl, Lorelai decided to distract herself with conversation instead.

"What's your name?"

"Did your family see you off too? Only my Gran came to say goodbye to me, my brothers are still on the farm..."

"Where are you from?"

"What house do you think you'll be in?"

The questions came as a flurry before the girl finally realised herself and stopped to let the other speak. She gave a lopsided grin as apology. A true grin this time, for already she was feeling the nerves begin to drift away.

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All Adventures Must Start Somewhere  Finished 

Th girl sat across from Stella with her hands folded in her lap. Stella cast her gaze out of the window, hoping the ride would be over shortly. She had a bad feeling that if the girl spoke one more time, Stella would snap at her. As if her companion could read her thoughts, the girl began to spout out questions, inquiring Stella's name, what house she thought she might be in, and where Stella was from.

Stella raised her eyebrows as the girl mentioned that only her Nana had dropped her at the station because her two brothers were still at home. Could this girl get any more spoiled? Stella hadn't had any family member by her side in several years, and this girl seemed to be complaining about only having one to see her off.

Now, though, Stella was more amused than she was angry. She ran her fingers through her blue hair, considering how she would answer the other girl's persistent, slightly annoying questions. Not that she could, of course. Stella hadn't been one to draw sympathy from others, and she had a feeling this would be just the kind of person to overreact if Stella fessed up about her real backstory.

It was a sob story, yes, and after seeing the girl crying at the platform, Stella knew this wasn't the right student to confide in. If there were any.

So Stella improvised.

The best thing she could do right now was try not to be too mean to the girl. That would just make things harder, especially if she was one to stand up for herself. They didn't seem like the type to be sorted into the same houses, so if Stella could just keep a peaceful atmosphere until they arrived, she could ditch this girl as soon as she was off the train and focus on other things.

"Well," Stella started. "I'm not very good at answering questions. So why don't you tell me about yourself first? I'm sure that's more interesting than me."

Stella smiled with no emotion, letting her silver tongue do the work. All she had to do was keep the girl talking, something the girl seemed apt to do often, and she could be done with the annoying female to her front for the rest of the ride, and hopefully, the rest of her days at Hogwarts.

@Lorelai Wik

I'm not crazy about reality, but it's still the only place to get a decent meal.
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All Adventures Must Start Somewhere  Finished 

"Well," the girl said. "I'm not very good at answering questions. So why don't you tell me about yourself first? I'm sure that's more interesting than me."

"Can't even answer your name?" Lorelai chuckled. "Not sure how well you'll do in classes if you don't like answering questions," Lorelai teased. There was no malice there, just a friendly dig. Like something she'd say to her little brother, Teddy.

After a pause, she decided. "Very well. In answer to my own questions, you already know the first two. I'm from Scotland, though have been told my accent isn't very thick, though the rest of me gives it away." She waved at her freckles and long tangled red curls -- near opposite to the other girls' short blue hair.

"I lived in a little town, only three hundred or so people, so London has been quite an experience!"

She shifted, pausing again, thinking. She relaxed a bit further, slouching slightly. Not as tense as before. Talking always helped.

"As for house...I think Gryffindor would be nice. Or Ravenclaw. Hufflepuff wouldn't be too bad I suppose, though I was chased by a badger once..." She tilted her head, a frown forming creases on her face. "Not Slytherin, though. I've never liked snakes. Can't tell what they're thinking..." She then looked up with a start. "I mean, I'm sure people in Slytherin are nice and all, and if either of us ended up there, I'm sure it would still be good..."

She broke her rambling to a halt and mimicked the girl by running her hand through her own hair. The only problem was it didn't get too far before finding a tangle.

"Now your turn," She said, eager to have an 'out' from the potentially insulting track she had been rambling down.

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All Adventures Must Start Somewhere  Finished 

Stella drifted away as the girl rambled, focusing her gaze on the passing scenery. She only looked back up when the girl trailed off, looking at Stella expectantly. Stella sighed. She guessed the only way out of this was to answer.

"My name is Stella, Stella Rose. Uhh, I lived in a ghetto in London a while back." Stella squinted at the girl, daring her to challenge.

Now that she actually looked at Lorelai, she noticed how different they were. Stella had natural blue hair that she refused to grow past her shoulders. Lorelai had a tangled mass of long red curls and a sea of freckles, while Stella's face was pale and unmarked.

Smirking a little as she thought of the girl's rambling compared to Stella's short, clipped speech, she continued:

"Ah, houses. Hm. I don't know about me..." She had caught bits of Lorelai's earlier montage, something about how evil Slytherin was, although from what she'd heard about the school, that was the house Stella wanted to be in.

She clicked her tongue and forced a smile. "Ravenclaw, perhaps?"

Stella had purposely ignored the question about who was seeing her off. No use getting into that now. Before the girl could press, which Lorelai probably would, she cut in with another question.

"What are your interests? Sorry, that sounds a bit formal, doesn't it? I mean, what do you like to do?"

Stella faked a small chuckle, trying not to lay it on too thick.

If the girl would just keep talking, things would be so much easier. Pretending to be interested, Stella smiled slightly, knowing it probably didn't look as friendly as she intended it to. She would have to get some practice.

Leaning back, Stella sighed. This might be a longer train ride than she expected.

I'm not crazy about reality, but it's still the only place to get a decent meal.
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All Adventures Must Start Somewhere  Finished 

Lorelai watched the other girl, waiting for the answers. The silence during the wait was not an awkward draining thing like so many silences could be. Lorelai could be patient. There was obviously more to the other girl than met the eye, she decided.

"My name is Stella, Stella Rose. Uhh, I lived in a ghetto in London a while back." A name! Stella. Lorelai twirled it through her mind, assigning it to the other girls' face so that she wouldn't forget. Then the other words trickled in.

"A ghetto?" The words tumbled from her mouth before she could stop them. She frowned slightly in concentration, trying to picture what that might look like. Of course she knew what a ghetto was, but she had never seen one. Never been out of Plockton with the exception of this trip, as far as she knew. Was the ghetto the reason for Stella's standofishness?

"Ah, houses. Hm. I don't know about me..." the girl continued. "Ravenclaw, perhaps?"

"Ravenclaw would be nice," Lorelai murmured in response, being whisked off into her imagination. Would it really be nice? She couldn't even imagine what Hogwarts was going to be like, so it was a stretch really to imagine anything further from the houses except the names and tiny bit of history she had been told. She was beginning to realize more and more that her Gran hadn't told her very much at all.

"What are your interests? Sorry, that sounds a bit formal, doesn't it? I mean, what do you like to do?"

Lorelai joined in with the other girls' chuckle. "It does sound a bit formal," she grinned.

At that moment, just as she was about to answer, the door pulled open and a lady stood with a cart covered in all sorts of lollies. Lorelai's eyes grew wide. "Would you like to buy anything?" The lady asked.

Everything looked magnificent. Lorelai stood up to get a closer look, her eyes taking in all the different colours. "Have you ever had any of this stuff?" She asked Stella. "My Gran never mentioned different types of lollies."

Lorelai reached into her pocket, and her mood dampened ever so slightly. After buying all of the supplies, there wasn't a whole lot left there. A small box of jellybeans caught her eye. "I'll take those, please!" She said, handing over most of the rest of her funds, counting the coins out carefully. "Here, we can share," she smiled at Stella and passed her the snack-sized box of Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans.

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All Adventures Must Start Somewhere  Finished 

"It does sound a bit formal," the girl said. Stella genuinely smiled a little bit, before remembering her pledge to herself not to make any acquaintances. She couldn't trust anyone here, let alone this girl. Just as Stella was about to continue ignoring Lorelai with success, the door to the compartment burst open.

Stella rolled her eyes at the fleeting scenery out the window. Another person come to join their awkward train car? But instead of a child's voice, an overly happy woman's tone sliced through Stella's thoughts. "Would you like to buy anything?" the sweet voice inquired.

Stella glanced up, finding herself staring into the twinkling blue eyes of a plump, gray haired trolley lady in all pink. In the woman's hands was a cart stacked high with... Stella paused and leaned forwards. What even was that? There were twisting circles of strange colors, boxes upon boxes filled with little rainbow nuggets. Were they some sort of magic thing Stella hadn't been informed of?

Not that she had any money to buy anything with anyways, so there was no use wondering.

Lorelai was already digging around in her pockets, and not to Stella's surprise, the red-haired girl pulled out a few coins. She amiably handed them over, selecting a box of strange colored beans. Stella raised her eyebrows as the trolley lady handed them over and put the coins in her pocket.

"Nothing for you, dear?" the woman asked, smiling at Stella. Stella shook her head and slunk further back from the cart. "Erm, I'm fine, honestly. But thanks."

Th woman closed the door and Stella turned to see Lorelai smiling at her. The red-haired girl passed her the box of strange beans, beaming all the way. Stella immediately moved away, letting the box fall to the floor. Carefully, she picked it up, with the air of someone detonating a bomb.

Holding out the box out in front of her like it was a rattlesnake, she couldn't keep the look of disgust from crossing her face. What was it, poison? Had the innocent-looking, red-haired, Scottish girl sitting across from her seriously handed her a bag of poison? What a colorful way to die.

"What is this?" Stella managed to choke out. Her nose wrinkled like she smelled something foul. Stella could vaguely remembered Lorelai exclaiming something about 'lollies' when the trolley lady had come. Was this a lollie? Better question: what was a lollie?

Stella turned to Lorelai for answers. Why was it too much to ask for a quiet train ride with a quiet companion who would leave her alone and not try to poison her?

Maybe she should have stayed on the streets.

I'm not crazy about reality, but it's still the only place to get a decent meal.
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All Adventures Must Start Somewhere  Finished 

Lorelai almost expected the box of jellybeans to burst open as they fell on the floor. A flash descision ran through her mind as to whether she'd still eat them or not if they went sprawling home she certainly would, and the floor looked clean enough, but would it make her look weird? She'd probably get landed with some nickname like food-floor-eater or something.

Thankfully, she didn't have to discover what she'd do, as the girl picked the box back up.

"What is this?" Stella choked out, her nose wrinkling.

"They look like different coloured jellybeans," Lorelai smiled. "Never had jellybeans before? They're my favourite. Here, try one!" She reached over and peeled the top of the box open, then pulled a bean out for herself all the while leaving Stella holding the box. She couldn't help but feeling like the other girl should definitely know what jellybeans were. Did other magic types not eat normal lollies? Was she herself the strange one?

Lorelai bounced back down into the seat and popped the jellybean into her mouth.

Then frowned.

"That's weird," she said, chewing thoughtfully. "It takes like toast? I was expecting chocolate or caramel with a brown one like that...normally the worst you get is coffee."

She chewed the rest of it then swallowed it down. It wasn't too entirely horrible, but a little disappointing after spending her dwindling meager stash of coins on the box.

"You try one, tell me what it tastes like," she prompted the other girl. Not realizing how closely home to Stella's thoughts she was hitting, she continued "They can't be that bad if they're selling them on the train, it's not like they'd poison us on the way to the school."


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All Adventures Must Start Somewhere  Finished 

"They look like different coloured jellybeans," Lorelai stated, like it was everyday people on trolleys handed out rainbow poison. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A JELLYBEAN. JELLY AND BEANS DON'T MIX.

The red-haired girl selected one and bit into it. Stella's eyes widened, expecting Lorelai to drop to the floor and writhe around, screaming, but instead the girl just chewed. "It tastes like toast? I was expecting chocolate or caramel with a brown one like that...normally the worst you get is coffee."

Stella blinked, very confused. First this girl was telling her that people ate uncooked beans made out of jelly, and now she was telling her they didn't taste like jelly or beans, but instead they tasted like toast?! What kind of bean tasted like toast?! BEANS TASTE LIKE BEANS.

"They can't be that bad if they're selling them on the train, it's not like they'd poison us on the way to the school," Lorelai said. Stella just gawked at her.

Toast beans?

After a moments consideration, Stella decided it couldn't hurt to try. Carefully, she selected a dark red bean, the closest thing to black in the box. She carefully put it in her mouth, chewing slowly, expecting toast... and then spat it back out in her palm. It tasted like a worm, and Stella knew what worm tasted like. Not having food for weeks on end made you a little desperate.

Stella tried to wash the taste off of her tongue, but to no prevail. She had a bad feeling she would arrive at Hogwarts with the taste of grubs in her mouth. Perfect.

Grimacing at Lorelai, Stella stuck her tongue out at the box in a disgusted manner. "Earthworm."

Whoever was twisted enough to combine jelly and beans, and then make them taste like toast and slimy animals had- had...

Had earned Stella's respect. With a crooked grin, Stella offered the box to Lorelai. "Yum. That was great. Your turn," she said sarcastically.

Used the website too: ... vour_Beans. They have some pretty crazy flavors!
With @Lorelai Wik

I'm not crazy about reality, but it's still the only place to get a decent meal.
-Groucho Marx

All Adventures Must Start Somewhere  Finished 

Lorelai laughed as Stella stuck out her tongue and said "Earthworm."

"That's disgusting!" She proclaimed, looking at the box with renewed curiosity and a touch of disbelief. Were these things really meant to be treats? Who had invented such a thing? Did all of the students at Hogwarts eat them? Did they think these things delicious?

"My brother dared me to eat an earthworm once," she said grinning as she took the box. "I roasted it on a fire first until it was all shrivelled, then popped it in my mouth...really chewy*" She fished around the box, trying to get a 'good' one.

A green one took her fancy, so she popped it into her mouth...then spat it back out again. "Gross! Blergh!" She wiped her tongue on her sleeve and tossed the bean out the window. "Watermelon," she explained to Stella. Certainly not as strange as toast or gross like an earthworm, but watermelon had to be the worst flavour imaginable, and they had somehow perfected it exactly into the little jellybean.

Lorelai handed the box back, still trying to rid her tongue of the flavour. She'd take toast any day!

I'm happy to wrap up and have the train reach the station whenever you are :)

*True OOC story, but my neighbour, not my are weird :P

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All Adventures Must Start Somewhere  Finished 

Stella turned her head back to the window, now ignoring Lorelai again. The red haired girl said something that sounded like 'watermelon,' but it couldn't be. There was no such thing. Stella continued to stare at the passing scenery, a bit bored with this whole ordeal. Of course, it had been slightly fun at first, but if the red-haired girl thought they were going to be friends, she thought wrong.

They passed some trees, and then slowly their surroundings started to get more civilized. Stella watched as Hogwarts came into view, impressed by the large castle. There were thousands of windows, all lit up, and a lake with several boats waiting.

Stella stared down at the lanterns on the hulls of the ships, feeling a pang of longing for... for what? why did she care about lanterns?

Chattering from the other compartments seemed to die down as more people caught the sight of Hogwarts. Stella smiled slightly, assuming they were other first years who hadn't seen it before. The train pulled to a stop with a loud screech, making the smoke that had been steaming out of the top dissipate quickly.

Glad at her chance to get away from Lorelai, Stella stood up almsot immediately. She hadn't changed into her robes yet, whoops, but it would be fine. Shooting a last wary glance down at the red-haired girl, Stella quickly left the compartment with her things in hand and mixed herself with the group of other students pushing to get off the train.

If she had been worried about Lorelai following her, any notion of that evaporated as she clambered onto a boat with several other students and they pushed off across the smooth lake.

She didn't look back.

Heyyy sorry for the short, kinda lame post but I just wrote a super long complicated RP and I'm feeling lazy. So, Stella has left the thread, but if you want a part two maybe where they meet again, feel free to OWL me!

I'm not crazy about reality, but it's still the only place to get a decent meal.
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All Adventures Must Start Somewhere  Finished 

Lorelai grew silent as the other girl seemed to be pointedly ignoring her again. What had she done wrong? Did Stella really like watermelon flavour and was offended Lorelai didn't? Did Stella just think she was weird for not liking it? With these questions bubbling about her mind, Lorelai sat, puzzling.

Lorelai wasn't left with her own thoughts for very long as moments later her new home came into view.


The girl couldn't imagine how someone could come up with a name so opposite from the thing that was named. Hogwarts didn't resemble the squat 'warty' building that she had been imagining. It was a fully fledged castle. "The whole village could fit in that place," she murmured to herself. Suddenly it all seemed very much more real. It wasn't the wand shop, or buying her books. It wasn't running through a wall to get to the train platform. There was a massive castle, and that's where she belonged.

Lorelai started slightly as Stella was almost instantly to her feet and out the door. "Bye Stella," Lorelai called after her, a little disheartedly. She desperately hoped not all students would be the same as the girl. She desperately hoped she wouldn't stick out like a sore thumb if she wasn't like the other girl was more the thing.

Lorelai was about to follow out of the compartment, when she realized other students were walking past in their robes already. Lorelai rushed to change into hers, and was one of the last students off the train and into the lanterned rowboats. She couldn't see Stella anywhere. With a little sigh, she focused her attention on not falling into the water.

Old life behind.

Castle ahead.

Even if all the other students ignored her like Stella, she'd still be here learning magic, living her dream. Lorelai grinned.

With @Stella Rose

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