Platform 9¾

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Saying Goodby  Solo   Finished 

Elzabeth was amazed at the train, this was more magic than she had seen in her whole life and it was starting to become a little overwhelming.

"Let's get you settled, the train will take off in a few minutes." Elzabeths father put a hand on her shoulder, giving her a small smile. Elzabeth looked at the train and back to her father, the closer it got to leaving the more she realized how much she was going to miss him.

"Okay, your right. Tell mom she better keep up her promise and write to me as much as she can." She sighed, hugging her father's lanky frame.

"Of course, have fun, feel free to write us any time." He wrapped his hands around her, letting go of her just in time for the warning whistle to blow.

"Let get your luggage on the train." He picked up the heavy trunk, dragging it a little. "Are you sure you don't want me to enchant it? Make it a little bit lighter?" He asked. Elzabeth shook her head, feeling as though that would be cheating a little.

After struggling for a solid five minutes, they managed to get the trunk on the train. The final whistle blew and she looked to her father, giving him a smile.

He backed up in time for the train to lurch. "I love you, dad!" Elzabeth called out. He broke into a smile, cupping his hands over his mouth so his voice would carry better. "I love you too!"

She managed to watch him until he was a speck in the distance, It hurt a little saying goodbye but she was more than excited for the days that would follow.
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