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It was almost dark by the time Catriona got off the train. The warm, buttery light of the street lamps wasn't enough to read by, so she resolved sit on a bench and gaze at the stars to pass the time. Summer camp had been a failure, which meant in turn that she'd failed. She'd failed her mother, but at least she hadn't failed herself.

She'd owled her father that she wanted to go home and he (being the wonderful parent he was) owled her back with a ticket for a train home. Her mother knew, of course she did, but Catriona hadn't answered any of her owls. There would be hell to pay when she got home, but for now it seemed alright. Right now she was sitting on a deserted train platform, waiting while the cold metal beneath her leeched away the warmth of her skin.

She would cast a warming charm if she knew how. "Books can't teach you everything," she remembered her mother saying. Well, books can help you suck a little less, she'd wanted to say back. Well, books can make everything a bit better. Well, books can help you escape.

Catriona gritted her teeth. If her mother was so dead set on not understanding her, she wouldn't try to help. And that was that.
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"Every important thing that's ever happened to me has been in a library."
-Catriona Staverly, mom friend extraordinaire
Stamina: 5 | Evasion: 5 | Strength: 3 | Wisdom: 8 | Arcane Power: 8 | Accuracy: 6