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June 30th 2019

The train whistled a second time sending Lark and her father, Eoin Flaer, rushing through the crowd at a much more hurried pace. She had told him over and over what time the train was leaving for summer. The past couple weeks since her letter arrived he had been more anxious and almost avoided talking altogether about Hogwarts. It had been strange for someone who couldn't go a night without recalling some sort of adventure he had with his friends 'back in the day.'

The leather knapsack bounced off of the girl's back as she jogged along the platform closer to where other stragglers were filing in line to board the train. At least a handful, that's good. They wouldn't be the last ones. Even for summer the train seemed to be pretty busy. Lark wondered how many other first years would be attending camp. Her father finally caught up to her, a large worn trunk in tow. She was pretty sure it had been his old trunk. Seemed a nice enough gesture even if it was more for self serving than a kind thought towards her taking something meaningful from home. Merlin knows her mother wouldn't let her bring hardly anything else. They had even fought for an hour over Lark bringing her sketching journal and art supplies. Why had her mother been so difficult? She hadn't even bothered to offer coming along with them to send Lark off.

Anger bubbled up inside Lark making her ears feel like they might burn off. The last couple weeks had been torture. Normally Lark would have loved nothing more than to stay home, enjoy the last couple months with her family... even end up begging to stay. She had never traveled anywhere outside of their little bubble her parents had created. 'Why didn't she come.' Another flash of anger rose up in the silver haired girl.

A hand set on Lark's shoulder making her turn to see her father's smiling face. An odd cooling sensation washed over the overwhelming hatred that had burned inside her so quickly. It made her feel almost nauseous. She didn't HATE her mother per say... she was just deeply disappointed and hurt more than anything. They used to be so close.

"Ye alright?" Her father's thick accent came in between breaths. He stood next to her adjusting one of the straps that held the trunk closed. Lark nodded up at him and bit the corner of her lip. Now that she was here standing just a few feet from the train there was a bit of a nervous tug at her stomach. She knew that her parents were only doing this to help her, right? They had discussed it or rather her parents had discussed it between the two of them and then informed Lark last week she would be sent off to camp. Of course they had dressed the news up nicely with a promise of packing some candies in and that she would have more time to meet others, make friends and get the lay of the land. All of those promises started to wear thin in Lark's mind as she stared at the large black engine smoke blooming and rising above it.

Subconsciously Lark's hand grasped for her father's. Feeling a light squeeze her golden eyes met her father's gaze. A huge smile plastered his face proudly. Kneeling in front of her he placed both hands on her shoulders and leaned in. Lark felt a lump grow in the back of her throat as she watched the other people around them.

"I'm going tae miss ye." Eoin pulled her in for a hug his hand resting on the back of her head, tousling her silver hair into a mess. Tears were starting to form in the corner of Lark's eyes. She wanted to plead with him. 'Don't make me leave... don't tell me to go.' Instantly she regretted not fighting her parents more about leaving so early in the year. Yet she stood frozen in place and unable to open her mouth to protest.

"It'll be great. Ye will meet so many new friends tae enjoy Hogwarts with. Just think how much better this coming year will be with 'em." More tears. His voice lowered as he leaned in closer to her, resting his forehead against hers.

"Listen tae me Éinín Little Bird...No matter what happens ye will be alright. No matter... Ye'll always be alright." Giving another squeeze to her shoulder Lark's vision blurred with tears at the sound of his nickname for her. She would miss her father immensely.

"I s'pose..." Lark's eyes fell to the concrete below. He sounded so serious all of a sudden. "At least I will be back in August." She said wistfully. That slight bit of hope made her feel better knowing that if something should go terribly wrong at camp or she met absolutely no friends... she could escape home until September. Except, Eoin's reaction was not as she had expected. He stood up quickly and brushed off the dirt from his pants.

"Ye... Well, I know we had no time tae talk about it but..." His words came slowly. Lark stared quizzically up at him. He was kidding wasn't he??? Talk about what? Of course she was coming home early?! Lark's eyes narrowed on her father as he struggled to continue his thought.

Another train whistle.
A last call from the conductor.

"Talk ta me about what Pa?" Carefully she eyed him. But instead of answering her, he began to drag her trunk towards a man who was placing luggage inside of the train. Coming back for her and taking her hand, he led her towards the train door.

Snatching her hand away Lark scowled. "Aren't I coming home!?" She was practically yelling, staring him down. Even the conductor seemed to huff and clear his throat uncomfortably. Eoin's brown eyes rested on his daughter for a moment. Just now did Lark see how tired and weary her father appeared. Normally she would consider not pestering him in this state.. but he had failed to mention that she wouldn't be coming home! 'Seriously! He waited until now?!' Cursing him out in her mind she was ushered up onto the steps of the train.

"PA!" The girl shouted. A group of strangers lowered their voices as they looked at the scene she was making. Who cares.

There was no answer.
He just stared at her.

Tears rolled down the girl's freckled cheeks as she stood in the entryway. 'How could he? She felt betrayed. He had never kept anything from her. Why now? She didn't understand....

The conductor stepped in front of her, blocking her view from her father. "You have to go to your seat now little miss. We'll be heading out."

Giving up and not sure how much longer she would be able to hold in her emotions, Lark retreated into the train hallway facing all of the cabins. Her feet felt like large hunks of cement. Behind her the conductor was trying to usher her into the hall. One last time she turned to look out of the window by the stairs into the train. Eoin was still standing there looking in at her, a hand raised this time in goodbye. She wanted to return to gesture, her hand ached as she actively fought with herself to keep it stiff by her side. Shooting him an angry look she tore her gaze from her father and shuffled towards an empty cabin.

Once inside and taking a seat she would wrench the blinds to the window shut and bury her face in her hands, tears flowing without stop from her eyes as she quietly tries to muffle her sobs.

Finished Lark POV --- Considering moving her to a cabin thread. Will link if she is.
Will be working on Eoin's POV next before this is finished.

Edit - Aug 25th Don't close out yet please! Still want to write up the father's POV just haven't had time.
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