Platform 9¾

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Dale was worried. He was worried about many things, platform 9 3/4 was a hectic place, full of families saying goodbye and parents saying their goodbyes to their children. Dales parents weren't there, they were "muggles" or non-magical people, which means they couldn't take him any further than the entrance to the platform. One of his many worries was fitting in, he felt like he was the only muggle-born person there, he felt like he was the only person there who didn't have some sort of family wishing him goodbye. He felt like he would be alienated from his fellow classmates. He was worried he wouldn't be able to make friends, he had almost no friends back at regular school, so what chances would he have at making wizards friends. His shyness had a lot to do with him not having friends but he also had very little to talk about even when people started to talk to him. He was worried he would do horrible in his classes, he knew nothing of magic, and they don't sell "Wizarding 101" at his local bookstore, he saw other kids using magic like it was nothing at the platform, that terrified him, was he supposed know spells before he went in.

But he tried not to let his worrying show on his face, he tried to keep a poker face and not break into tears while sitting on a bench. Just the thought of being away from home was a scary thing already, add that to going to a magical school where the only form of communications he had with his family would be through owls.

But Dale was also a bit excited, and that excitement was just enough to ward away all of his worries. He loved stories about magic and grand tales of mythical dragon tamers, and now Dale could actually live witch real magic, he didn't know if they had dragons at Hogwarts, but he hoped they did. The excitement of being able to learn and use magic beat out all of Dale's worries, and the fact he might be able to see a dragon only made him more excited.

So as he saw the Hogwarts express arrive, with smoke spewing out of its top, he grabbed his trunk and dragged it onto the train, looking forward to his first year at this magical school. But he was still worried.
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